The Party Really is Over

Split within Democratic Party
by darklywise, Sat Jan 28, 2006 at 06:22:40 PM EST

I sincerely hope that a review/analysis can be taken on the split within the Democratic Party about this whole Alito Filibuster mess. Personally, I don't think it is just the Democratic Leadership in the Senate refusing to take the hardline because of the political calculus. There is also an underlining issue that certain section of Democratic population are now taking a different view than the Democratic activists who are urging on the Filibuster. When you are so devoted to your ideals and causes, sometimes it is easy to forget there are people in your camp that may choose to voice their opinions a little differently. Nevertheless, if I learn anything from this Filibuster saga, it is that if you want to achieve anything in politics, your side has to be united. Indeed, "A house divided against itself can not stand". Hopefully people on the Left can figure out a way to work together instead of constantly ceding power to the Right, eventually.

Everyone's comments here are certainly valid. However, we are dealing with a problem that goes far beyond the Alito nomination.

Democrats are not just split on this issue, they are split on all of the issues.

The sad truth is that it may be time to start think about branching off and creating a new Democratic party--a Progressive Democratic party.

We've all grown up in a culture that only validates a two-party system. It's time to change that. The American people no longer find the Democratic Party appealing because it doesn't stand for anything. The foot soldiers on the ground (i.e., us) are not on the same page as the party we have been faithful to. We have a responsibility to this country to give the people a party worth fighting for.

It's hard to think in terms of third-party politics because, as Americans, we are deeply entrenched in the notion of a two-party system.

However, if you examine polling data (this is just one recent example), it points to the fact that the majority of the American people tend to hold progressive values. These people need to be given a real choice.

The Democrats are not giving them anything to believe in. The Party continues to waffle and move to the right while we, the heart of that party, are steadfast. Why are we fighting for them? They are not fighting for us.

The grassroots and the netroots (personally, I believe that in this age of increasing technology they are one and the same) have accomplished more than anyone would have believed ten years ago--imagine what we could accomplish if we were truly organized. We have power, but we haven't been able to flex our muscles to their fullest potential because we are forced to work within the Democratic Party when it is working against us.

The world is becoming a dark and dangerous place, and our own country is falling apart. This is a time for revolution, not compromise. Soon, there will be nothing left on which to compromise. We have a duty to protect the promise of America, and despite our efforts thus far, we are failing that duty.

Let's really stand for something, before it's all destroyed.

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Re: The Party Really is Over

Two Democratic Parties = Republican Domination. Democrats need to do what the GOP did, which is to marginalize the weak, squishy centrists and let the fire breathing ideologues run the show. That is the proven formula for success.

by georgewturd 2006-01-29 11:24AM | 0 recs
Re: The Party Really is Over

Yep, cause Newt Gingrich is so powerful right now. Fire-breathing ideologues work in the short term, but a long term strategy for success means building a strong coalition that includes both the progressives and the "squishy centrists". Both sides are going to have to learn to trust each other and compromise a bit.

by bluenc 2006-01-29 04:29PM | 0 recs
Re: The Party Really is Over

Newt Gingrich is extremely powerful now. He is merely using aliases, such as Karl Rove and John Roberts. Since you haven't noticed, it is important for you to be informed that the far right controls THE HOUSE, THE SENATE, THE PRESIDENCY, and THE SUPREME COURT, not to mention THE MEDIA. Yes, Newt Gingrich won. He marginalized mushy moderates like Bob Michel, took the party hard right, and as a result reactionary Republicans literally rule the world. The GOP has become so extreme that John McCain is considered moderate, and he makes Richard Nixon look like Abby Hoffman. You may now resume your slumber.

by georgewturd 2006-01-29 06:02PM | 0 recs
Katherine, thank you for using my quote

But I guess you already know where I come down to the forming the new party issue. Laugh. I think it is not prudent to divide the political forces on the Left. However, I share your sentiment and frustration about the inefficiency of the current Democratic Party. Part of the reason is that we no longer have a clear leadership. But I hope you will take a longer view of history and government, and won't let 6 years of Bush right wing policy lead you to complete despair. Take a step back and use your reason. You will see not all is lost. Even if the Democratic party is in disarray, many people in grassroots are still fighting hard and doing the work. The pendulum is going to swing back, eventually.

by darklywise 2006-01-29 12:58PM | 0 recs
Re: The Party Really is Over

Oh please. This is just silly. The Democrats mess up the Alito nomination, etc. and you want to take your ball and go home? Instead of working our asses off to elect a Democratic majority this year, we're supposed to sit around and gripe about how bad the leadership is. They dropped the ball on Alito, without a doubt, but I think Harry Reid is doing a pretty damn good job overall. Howard Dean has been pretty amazing at building up the grassroots. Schumer and Emmanuel have both done a good job raising money and putting us in a strong position for the fall. Has the leadership screwed up? Absolutely. They're Democrats, after all. But the fact still remains that, if you want to take the country back from the Bush GOP, you need Democrats of all stripes. Here in NC, Mike Easley is very popular, and he never campaigned with Kerry and Edwards. We need folks like him if we want to keep the nuts out of power.

by bluenc 2006-01-29 04:35PM | 0 recs

I can't say I appreciate those who are "searching for a new party." That's ridiculous. I'm not sure about this blogger, but most of these folks are those who just blog and talk, and unfortunately do little else (with the major exception of those bloggers who are taking large portions of time out of their day to e-mail and call senators to support this filibuster.)

I would say to those searching for a new party and those who are dissatisfied with the performance of the Democrats that they need to get involved within the party infrastructure, within campaigns, or running themsevles for public office.

Also, you've got to be in it for the long haul. It doesn't take a few days or weeks to turn around a failing party. It takes years. It takes a while to recruit new, activist precinct captains, getting a list of regular volunteers and donors. It also takes a good deal of time to find good candidates to run for office.

In my opinion, no one should be allowed to say that there should be a new party until they actually try and change the existing Democratic Party.

I say talk is cheap, action is what will win the day.

by gatordemocrat 2006-01-29 05:15PM | 0 recs
Re: The Party Really is Over
Here's the thing--we can do all the screaming and fighting and convincing we want--it isn't working.

Democrats in Congress are getting weaker, not stronger. They are fighting back less, not more. This isn't about the Alito nomination alone, and I said that already--it's about EVERYTHING.

There's only one way to "take back" the party, and that's to vote every one of these so-called "moderate" Democrats out of office and replace them with real Democrats. That's no walk in the park. These politicians are parts of our political landscape, and we put them there, and once someone is there, it is not easy to get rid of them.

And yeah, it would mean Republican Domination. For awhile. Just like trying to vote out our own candidates and replace them with nobodies will. It's the cost of a reformation.

Either way, whether a new party is created or the existing one hijacked, we're going to take hits doing it.

by Katherine Brengle 2006-01-30 06:59AM | 0 recs


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