McCain the victim. Palin the liberator.

John McCain was a prisoner of war for five years.  We have heard McCain's story of that time over and over and over.  In point of fact, McCain's consistent reminders that he was a prisoner of war -- including his riposte to reporters that although he owns seven houses now he had none during the five years of his prisonhood -- are becoming nothing more than signs of victimhood.

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Free Sirhan Sirhan!

You would think from the seismic reaction to Hillary Clinton's musing about California and Bobby Kennedy that she would be granting a pardon to Sirhan Sirhan the moment she stepped into office.

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Marriage Equality and Gay Pride

I'm thrilled that the California Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality in that state.  I am worried that the issue will move the Presidential candidates into fractious debates on the Republicans domestic "axis of evil" -- homosexuality, abortion, and activist judges.  If that is the case,  gay men and lesbians will  once again have to hear their lives debated negatively and experience the hateful backlash.   As Gore Vidal once said, "homosexuals are the only minority it is socially acceptable to hate."

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Don't do it, Barack

"One  of the saddest episodes in our history was the degree to which returning vets from Vietnam were shunned, demonized and neglected by some because they served in an unpopular war. Too many of those who opposed the war in Vietnam chose to blame not only the leaders who ordered the mission, but the young men who simply answered their country's call. Four decades later, the sting of that injustice is a wound that has never fully healed, and one that should never be repeated." Barack Obama in Virginia talking to vets.

This kind of pandering, lapel pin squarely in place,  is not necessary to win against John McCain.

Do not place the so-called shunning, demonizing and neglect of Viet Nam vets on the backs of those protesting that tragic war.  Put the blame where it belongs -- at the feet of politicians in Washington, D.C.  They are responsible for the thousands upon thousands of dead and maimed.  They are responsible for the poor care vets received when they returned home.  They are responsible for ignoring the plight of Viet Nam vets, especially those with PTSD.  And they are now responsible for turning their backs on that aging population who are homeless, mentally ill and drug addicted -- soon to be overtaken by vets from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Your statement was shockingly ill informed and misplaced.

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Closing the Deal

Remember when John Kerry was running against Bush and he was lagging and all the pundits said not to worry, he was a "closer."

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Hillary Clinton and the Legacy of Bill Clinton and the DLC

Hillary Clinton has said that she has won more popular votes than her opponent, Barack Obama and is, therefore, more electable than he.  Some call this an outright lie and others, like myself, call this typical Clinton Triangulation, or, saying whatever it takes to win.

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Ricardson Meets With Hugo Chavez

Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico will leave for Venezuela tomorrow to meet with Hugo Chavez.  Richardson hopes to convince Chavez to help negotiate for the release of hostages being held by rebels in Colombia.   The Governor met with President Uribe of Colombia recently.

We are reminded that Richardson had the deepest foreign policy experience of the entire lot running for president.  Now we are left with two candidates, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, who have no important foreign policy experience.  She visits troops and he went to school in Indonesia as a child and that is what they point to as their foreign policy experience.   Since neither has foreign policy experience of any significance we are left choosing which candidate would better serve our interests abroad.  Obama would open communication with our enemies through diplomatic channels.  Clinton wouldn't talk to anyone and, by the way, she would bomb Iran to smithereens if they even look at Israel crossways.

As this race for the nomination between Clinton and Obama continues do you ever wonder why these two emerged as the front runners?  I do.  Some of you chose a relative newcomer and hung your hat on his calls for hope and change.  Others chose Clinton, a tried and tested insider with baggage we all knew about.  Much of our choices were driven by the media who manipulated their viewers and readers -- A Woman! An African American!  Firsts!  Fights!  Action! History In The Making! Two For One! Race! Gender! Horserace! -- and excluded other worthy candidates from analysis and inclusion in the early debate process.  

When Barack Obama is elected President in November we hope that one of the first choices for his Cabinet is Bill Richardson come January 2009.  Obama needs a great deal of heft.  Richardson has it.  

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GOP Prepares for "Bitter" Fight Against Obama

The New Mexico Republican Party is fielding an ad in rural southern New Mexico that plays off of Barack Obama's comments on April 11 about the bitterness felt by some rural Pennsylvanians over economic issues.  Obama suggested that the bitterness could lead some Pennsylvanians to support hot button issues that have little meaning to their lives.  What Obama said can be heard here.

The NM Republican Party ad can be heard by clicking here,

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Clinton Reheated

Everyone knew she was going to take Pennsylvania and everyone knew that she could only make a decent showing if she won by at least 10 percent.  As of this morning Hillary had Barack beat by 9.56 percent.  Let's just round that up.

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The Iranian and American Disconnect

Despite the fact that the only war going on in the Middle East is the one we started, the Bush administration has defined Iran as part of his  "axis of evil" and an enemy of peace in the Middle East.  In point of fact, Bush came close to invading Iran last year but backed down when intelligence showed that Iran was not the main reason for ethnic cleansing and the growth of AQ in Iraq.  With his poll numbers sliding here at home and the international community - with the exception of  Israel -- rejecting the spectre of growing American colonization of their region Bush was left with running his mouth about Iran.

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