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    Obama has consistently emphasized his years of community organizing in Chicago as central to what his presidency will look like.  His most ardent supporters point to that time to define him and his ability to solve problems among competing interests.

    Those of us who oppose Obama's position on the FISA bill are community organizers holding a politician's feet to the fire.  If he ignores us then he has, in my opinion, chosen sides rather than looked for solutions to problems -- this one being about our civil liberties.

    What goes around comes around, Senator.

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    I'm noticing some disconcerting "Slick Willie" moments since BO became the presumptive nominee.

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    I wouldn't put a march against the war in with Cinco De Mayo.  Gay Pride Parades are not civil rights marches unless you think a gay man in a leather mask and cod piece licking the boot of a motorcycle is expressing his civil right to do so. Gay Pride Marches, IMO, celebrate the stereotypical "lifestyle" that the right froths about. I think the parades are totally out of touch.

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    I don't think the parades are relevant anymore.  They used to be but no longer.  As I wrote, I would rather see all the significant resources in launching these parades in Minneapolis and NYC and San Francisco and all over the country poured into organizations -- state and local -- that are carrying the water right now and have few resources to do it.

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    Apparently you read what you wanted to read.  I would rather see millions of gay men and lesbians march on D.C. -- as I wrote -- then do isolated gay pride parades all over the country.  The California Supreme Court decision is a celebration -- as I wrote.  Dykes on bikes is not.

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    "Hall of Shame?"  Hyperbole.  There were hundreds and hundreds of thousands of troops there.  Were they all spat upon?  Come on.  Very, very few faced protestors and that was only in parades where, guess what, they were being welcomed home!
    You people bought the lie from the warmongerers.
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    One guy does not make "all the troops were spat upon."  

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    I find it disconcerting that so many here think that my critique of Obama's blatant pandering is an anti-Obama tirade.  

    I voted for him in the primary and will vote for him for President.

    But I will not keep silent when a politician panders.

    And he did it.

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    Urban myth.  A few protestors spitting at hundreds of thousands of returning vets?  Jerry Rubin?  come on.

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    You need to show me "the demonstrable facts."

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    Remember that Reagan was losing to Ford and went straight to the convention and won it.  She will either bow out on June 7th or go straight to the convention.  If Obama is unelectable it cannot be blamed on her.  He is being hurt now by GOP ads running in a number of states re: Wright and "elitism."  

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    I agree that Michigan and Florida screwed up big time.  But front loading the system also caused such a firestorm of momentum that it knocked out perfectly good candidates.  

  • Dignity?  The guy is undisciplined.  Dignity?  Getting a bj from an intern?  Sleaze bucket is more like it.

  • He dropped his first choice for AG because the Republicans didn't like her.  He totally alienated the folks at the Children's Defense Fund for buying into draconian Republican policies re: welfare.

    Get with the program, folks.  Bill Clinton was a conservative to moderate president.  His "progressivness" was the intellectual understanding of a changing America and world.  Show me what is left of that legacy outside of we all want someone in the WH with a brain?

  • Actually many liberals -- some within his own administration -- were furious about his capitualization to Republicans on changing welfare rules.  He proposed one thing, the Republicans proposed draconian rules and he went with them.  Two the architects of "ending welfare as we knew it" -- academics from Harvard who had written the policy for Clinton, walked out on him.


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