Why the Heck do I Like Obama?

Barack Obama is a "rock star."  I'm sure we've all heard the phrase which is fast approaching a level of cliché not known since "soccer moms".  A Google search for Obama Rock star returns 371,000 hits.  Few news articles go without mention of his "rock star appeal".

As I sat down to write my impression of Obama's popularity with my age group (18-30), the phrase kept popping up.  Like a post-election hangover, the word rock star haunted my inquiry into his appeal.  As I surveyed my friends, most used it to describe either why people like him or how they feel about him.

Amy, 22 - He's just so...  inspirational but at the same time believable. You know I hate politics, and Kerry was such a douche.  I'm sure he was smart and that is great and all.  But I want someone to make me excited again.  Obama rocks.

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Will Bush's Iraq Plan Sink McCain?

Trouble for McCain is brewing, and as usual Digby is remarkably prescient.  He wrote last Tuesday:

[McCain's] rationale for winning in 2008 hinges on his calling for more troops and the Bush administration not listening. (Whoever wins the Republican nomination in 08 must run against both Bush and the Democrats.)

McCain made a tactical error when he asked for a specific number recently. If they give him what he wants and it fails, which it will, his rabid support for the war becomes a huge liability.

Now comes the Saturday edition of the New York Times:

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Wingnut Exposed: Brownback in Rolling Stone

Jeff Sharlet, an expert on the religious right, has a profile of Senator Sam Brownback in this week's edition of Rolling Stone. A quote from the article to start us off:
Brownback's wife, Mary, heiress to a Midwest newspaper fortune, married Sam during her final year of law school and boasts that she has never worked outside the home. "Basically," she says, "I live in the kitchen." From her spot by the stove, Mary monitors all media consumed by her kids. The Brownbacks block several channels, but even so, innuendos slip by, she says, and the nightly news is often "too sexual." The children, Mary says, "exude their faith." The oldest kids "opt out" of sex education at school.
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