• I disagree that all of these sub-$200 donors are subverting our Democracy.  They are enhancing it -- a point that has been more eloquently stated above.

    That being said, I think all donors should be disclosed.  The campaigns have all of this data, they just elect to not upload it to the FEC since it is not required by law.

    I can't come up with any good reason to not disclose these donors.  Anyone have ideas on that?

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    Good luck.  My RSS reader will follow...

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    I'm one of them as well.  It just doesn't make sense to have a landline phone anymore.

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    Great!  I'll look forward to hearing from you.

    I really am excited to help Democratic county parties fundraise online.  The county party infrastructure is so important and yet often so awfully underfunded.

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    Many state parties are already in the directory:

    http://www.actblue.com/directory/search? q=party&state=&year=2008)

    Even in states where we are not yet active on the state level, we can raise funds for the state party's federal account.  They should already be in the directory, but please shoot me an email at nate@actblue.com if you see one that is missing.

    We already have some county parties in the ActBlue system.  These are the ones that have come to us and requested a listing in the directory.  The days of waiting for county parties to come to us, however, is about to come to an end.

    One of my projects since I was hired here at ActBlue in January has been to cull contact information for every county party in each state in which we are active.  In the next few weeks, we will be populating the directory with all of these county parties and all will be ready to accept online contributions.  In the meantime, if you have a county party you would like added now feel free to email me at nate@actblue.com and I'll get you set up!

    On a personal note, I am extremely excited to be expanding our support to county Democratic parties.  I know how hard it is to raise money for an entity that does not have a figurehead, as opposed to raising for a candidate.  Yet the county parties are incredibly important!  Often they practically run local races and they provide extremely valuable on-the-ground information to large campaigns.

    The county parties that are already using us are seeing great results from asking their members for recurring contributions.  Recurring contributions are great for the county party because they are bale to budget and build a war chest for campaign season.  They are great for county party members because they allow them to make a sustaining contribution to the party which is comfortably spread over months or years.

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me at nate@actblue.com

  • It is illegal.

    But, I personally know 4 people in the last year that have used this method to receive emergency care that otherwise would have bankrupted them.

    One of them was employed by a Democratic Congressional campaign, who claimed they couldn't afford to provide health care to their full time campaign staff.

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    It always pisses me off when someone starts jawing about how much universal healthcare would cost.  The same people argue for a "surge"in Iraq.

    This is a strong message, and one that resonates with the under 30 demographic.  A ton of my friends have no healthcare with their full-time jobs, and some were hired on a "trial" basis for a year so that the company wouldn't have to pay for benefits.

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    But look closer:

    C-SPAN (Cable Satellite Public Affairs Network) hereby grants educators associated with degree-granting educational institutions this license containing the right to tape any C-SPAN-produced program without receiving prior permission from the network, so long as the copying is for in-classroom use and not for sale, distribution, or any political purpose. As public domain material, the video coverage of the floor proceedings of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate is not subject to this license, and as such, may also be similarly used for educational purposes.

    The terms of this license constitute a liberal copyright policy that allows educators to record C-SPAN-produced programs (at school or at home) for later use. Such programs may be retained in perpetuity for future in-classroom use.

    No license fee shall be due for using C-SPAN as an educational resource so long as such use is made in accordance with the terms of this license.

    If it is on the house floor then it is Public Domain.  Seems you could do whatever you wanted with it.

    They hold copyright for anything they produce.

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    Some Facebook statistics for you:

    Largest Pro-Obama group: 26,007 members "Barack Obama for President in 2008"

    Largest Anti-Obama group: 146 members "Anti - Obama and damn proud of it."

    Largest Pro-Hillary group: 701 members "Put Bill back in the White House, vote Hillary Clinton 2008!!!"

    Largest Anti-Hillary group: 27,714 members "ANTI Hillary Clinton for president`08"

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    The availability to the media is a key part of their love-fest.  McCain is downright chummy with the press, and reminds them of the heady days of the past when the candidate would get blitzed in the press bus and not have to worry about it ending up in the papers.

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    If you are interested in "Smashing the Maverick Myth" of John McCain be sure to stop by StopJohnMcCain2008.com

    For those RSS junkies (count me in!) subscribe to the StopJohnMcCain2008.com RSS Feed

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    I don't know that Bayh bowing out really moves the field at all.

    Perhaps Vilsack, being another centrist, Midwestern, somewhat unexciting politician can pick up some Bayh supporters.

    But I tend to agree with the hilarious pringle comment above.  Not much was there.

  • Merry Fucking Christmas.

    I wonder how many of these workers have kids at home who are American citizens?

    I wonder if the owners of the Meat Packing plant will spend the holidays in jail?

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    I think Obama, simply in terms of his demeanor and his biography, strongly appeals to politicos from a new generation and a new socioeconomic class because he strikes them in some sort of gut, intuitive level as being from that class. Multi-ethnic, post-Vietnam, highly educated, raised in a major urban center--these are many of the cosmopolitan, self-creating, forward looking aspects of life for many younger professionals.

    Thanks Chris for putting words to what I feel.  I don't quite know if I like it or not, but I have to admit the feeling is there.


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