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    Nice to know the Moonies are Obama allies, I'm sure that would impress American voters- NOT!

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    41 year old Assistant Librarian (position requires Bachelors Degree- which I have in English (focusing on World Lit and Linguistics) and History (focusing on Asian and Women's History) also had areas of concentration in Education, Psychology and Sociology. Liberal Feminist since I was around 7 or 8 years old, daughter of a rank and file second wave  liberal feminist. Lived far under the poverty line from the time my parents divorced- when I was nearly 11 years old, until I attained my present job position- in 1997. Was born into Upper middle class family, so have a somewhat unique perspective of seeing how upper class vs lower class white women are treated in our culture. Some Native American ancestry on both sides of my family, making me look "Ameriasasian" as a child, and was called "little jap girl" at 8 years old because of this. I was such a liberal child I didn't read that as an insult (I knew it was intended that way) but as something to be proud of- shortly after that my lifelong fascination with Japanese history and culture (both pop culture and traditional)began. I'm a southerner from Kentucky with a tradition of liberalism- going back at least to my 4 times great grandfather on my mother's side who was an abolitionist politician in Logan County, KY. He actually won an election, and was one of Kentucky's electors in 1860 who cast his vote for Abraham Lincoln. His daughter, my 3 times great grandmother, was just as passionate in her belief in abolition of slavery, and after the war did something few women did back then- was a witness in a court case, passionately speaking up for a local freedman who had been an Union solider to get his military pension. (He won the case). My 4 times great grandfather and his family had to flee to distant relatives of his wife's in southern Indiana during the war, but they returned in 1870, and he became a highly honored man in the community. On my father's side I have 1/4 Yankee ;) ancestry (they came to KY in 1840, so even that northern connection is pretty far back) I'm descended from a brother-in-law of Anne Hutchinson, who agreed with her religious philosophies and he and his family followed her into her first exile in Rhode Island. On that side of my family there's a long tradition of religious liberalism, extending down to me- I've been a Wiccan (abet a skeptical one) for over 20 years. So on my mom's side I'm descended from a family with a strong social liberal history and on my father's one of strong religious liberals. I'm both. (My parents were too, my mother in particular. She came from a moderate Baptist background and became a liberal Baptist who refused to go to her church or tithe either when the right wingers took over the Southern Baptist Convention in the 1980's. My mother was an ardent believer in Civil Rights- as was my father. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a hero in my parent's home. My parents struggled to overcome the negative cultural messages they grew up with about homosexuality too,  in the 1990's. My father, being a religious liberal, had an easier time of it, but my mother was the one who developed real friendships with gay and lesbian coworkers. My father was already retired by then, so for him it was more an intellectual liberal awakening rather than my mother's real world liberal awakening. My mother passed away in August 2005, my father is still alive. His weak spot in his liberalism is on feminism, he outgrew the misogyny of his generation- somewhat, but still has a long way to go. I was honestly stunned when he told me last fall that he thought Hillary was the "most presidential" of all the candidates. That was the first time he'd ever said that about a female candidate. He has wavered back and forth between HRC and Obama over the months, but still thinks Hillary is the most presidential of the two. He says Obama's charisma is better and that's why he sometimes thinks Obama has a better chance against the Republican machine. But since Reverend Wright came to light he doesn't think so anymore. He's basically for Hillary, she's fought the Republican machine in really hard campaigns and won before. Obama was defeated the one time he faced a Republican opponent.  

    I'm for Hillary because of her long and strong history on women's and children's rights, first and foremost.  

  • Look at my first comment, I talked about how African American and Asian American male journalists are treated with the same respect white male journalists are, but women of any race are not- their professionalism is questioned, they are treated as sex objects, etc... just because they are female. And this dehumanizing belittlement happens all over our culture. Women and girls are treated as sexual objects, male possessions, etc... They are always treated as being to blame by the media and the courts and our culture in general when they are raped, not matter their age or race. Male rape victims are never treated as being to blame by our culture and the courts when they are raped, they are always believed.

  • Thanks for the link. Didn't see that one.

    But from the 2000 census it showed that African American men with an associates degree earned more on average than white women with a bachelor's degree. Against white men it was an even greater wage gap, White men who had finished their education with a high school diploma earned more than white women with a bachelors degree.

    In 2000 in the professional field:
    Black men earned 78 cents to a white man's 1 dollar
    White women earned 66 cents to a white man's 1 dollar
    Hispanic men earned 62 cents to a white man's 1 dollar
    Black women earned 57 cents to a white man's 1 dollar
    Hispanic women earned 48 cents to a white man's 1 dollar

  • Right, the truth is, from US government statistics  
    economically this is how it stacks up if you include all job sectors:

    Asian American and White Men- statistically even
    African American Men
    Asian American Women and White Women-statistically even
    Hispanic American Men
    African American Women
    Hispanic American Women

    So the truth is actually Asian American Men and African American Men have benefited the most from Affirmative Action.

    It shows up in cultural attitudes as well. Look at how people view journalists. African American and Asian American male journalists are viewed as professionals, the same as white male journalists.  But women journalists of ANY race- yes, including white, are belittled, treated as sexual objects, and their qualifications as professional journalists are constantly questioned. Even ones with long professional careers like Helen Thomas, are treated with far less respect than Walter Conkrite or Ed Bradley.

    The same thing happens all over, no matter what sector you look at- politics, the arts, education, even in court cases. Rape victims- a male victim is never questioned on whether it "really happened that way" or did he "do something to provoke it". A female victim always is, no matter what her age is: from 3-93. Even videotape proof of rape of female victims has been discounted in court cases.

    Our culture is revolted nowadays by the repulsive racial stereotypes that were all over the culture before the 1960's, but don't blink an eye at women of any race being treated as sexual objects all over our culture. They are incapable of seeing it's the same dehumanizing message, the same as many white people before the 1960's could not see those images we all now reject as repulsive as dehumanizing.

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    This blog explains quite well why Obama backers can't see sexism

    http://anglachelg.blogspot.com/2008/02/j ust-like-grad-school.html

    They grew up entirely under the misogynist backlash in the media. They have no knowledge that sexism is offensive as racism. You can't educate them that it is either. You try and it's a brick wall as comments to this very post have shown. You point out the examples of sexism and they will deny it's sexism. They don't want to be educated about sexism actually. If they were educated about it that would mean facing things about themselves that aren't shiny and good. It's hard for people to admit that.

    Another point is, if our culture became as aware of the wrongness of sexism as it is becoming of racism, our culture would change profoundly. We feminists know for the better, but for these children of the backlash, they have these images fed to them as children about the mean old feminists and whether they realize it or not, their reaction to feminists (or even to women who do not call themselves feminists but are strong and independent)comes right out of that propaganda they were fed as children.

    It's very like the white southern children who jeered and harassed the African American children who integrated their schools in the 1950's, or even in mid 1970's Boston- the scene of one of the most virulent racist reactions to racial integration in the country after the federal government realized they must enforce desegregation, starting with education. (racism isn't and wasn't just a southern phenomenon, the list of the most segregated cities now are dominated by northern and western cities. Southern cities and schools tend to be the most integrated now.)

    The white children that jeered and harassed the African American children had been fed racist propaganda all their lives. Even today you have a minority of white people who, even with college degrees hold  onto their racist beliefs, speaking their racism  with the same mentality these Obama backers do their sexism.

    The problem is the majority of these college educated younger adults haven't had contact with real world feminism until recently. That's not the fault of feminists- the corporate media takeover of the early 1980's shut out  the voices of feminists and there was no world wide web back then as an easy alternative. Until the world wide  web you had Ms magazine as the only popular media link to feminism, and few stores carried the magazine. (again due to the sexism in our culture)  

    Me, I lost interest in trying to educate people of any age who don't really want to be educated about  feminism by the time I was  35. (going on 7 years ago now) I realized it was pointless. It's like a person addicted to a drug, until they recognize their addiction they will deny their addiction and others like them, in any possible fashion. It's why I won't post a diary here, just comment on ones that the poster isn't addicted to sexism.

    Certainly the offensiveness of the sexism must be addressed at any time it occurs. One thing constructive that may come out of this campaign  now matter what the outcome, is that some people  have recognized their addiction to sexism and are breaking away from it. A shame it's had to have been such a painful thing, but then breaking  an addiction always is.      

  • Thank you. I think it's better to stay and fight the sexism, don't stop fighting it. If Shirley Chisholm,  Bella Abzug, Ann Richards, Barbara Jordan, Madeline Albright, Hillary Clinton and others could do it, so can I. The Democratic party means something to me and I'm fighting for that.

  • I don't need to reference what I've heard and seen for months. Go google his record and his words yourself, plenty of bloggers have referenced Obama's sexist comments, even bloggers that haven't committed themselves that strongly to either candidate like Liss at Shakesville. Quit pretending people who disagree with you haven't researched things themselves and have very valid backing for their conclusions. Obama's voting record on women's and children's issues is also available online.

    Don't be so sure Obama will be the candidate. Hillary is just as likely to be the nominee.

    And if he is the nominee, I probably won't vote for Obama because his record on women's and children's issues is hardly different from McCain's.

    Since you brought up justices- he praised and initially endorsed Robert's nomination to the Supreme Court, only changing his vote when his own chief of staff told him it would look bad on his future presidential bid if he voted for an extreme conservative like Roberts.

    Hillary spoke out against Robert's nomination and did not vote for him. I have zero confidence in Obama appointing a justice to the Supreme Court that would be supportive of women's  issues. Obama has outright said he would appoint justices like Roberts to the bench. That's no different from McCain.

    So no "hyperbole" here, research (for voting records) and my own ears for the sexist comments. I will not vote for either Obama or McCain (or Nader for that matter- while not being as overtly sexist, he has dismissed women's issues as "unimportant", so no votes for Nader from me.) Hillary is my candidate, the only one who supports the issues most important to me. Which starts with women's and children's issues but includes other progressive issues as well that Obama is the  weaker candidate on.

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    And that's without even counting the lower middle class and poor women 40 and over of ALL races that are her strongest supporters.

    And if any trolls trash women like myself (a 41 year old of the lower middle class, who lived far under the poverty line during my late childhood and youth when my parents divorced) for being a strong part Hillary's base for voting for Hillary "just because she's a woman" I will point out no one is criticizing African American voters of both genders (but weaker support from lower middle class and poor women 40 and over, especially if they were or are single mothers because they tend to support Hillary more)for voting for Obama.

    The women who are that strong base for Hillary are there because she has proven to be the much stronger candidate on women's and children's issues. Both in her Civil service sector work and in politics. Do not mock or minimize this like the media- left, right and center has done. Women's and children's issues are real issues- core issues to millions of people.

    That always comes first for me- women's and children's issues. Yes, I'm a feminist activist- and proud of it. I've been a feminist since I was   around 7 years old. It's why I was backing Hillary from the start, even though on other issues I was more in line with Kucinich and liked Edwards real life understanding of what it's like to be from the lower class in the US and his fierce determination for universal healthcare. Obama wasn't saying anything that connected with me, and when I saw his weak record on women's issues I knew he wasn't a candidate for  me. I didn't start disliking him, however, until he started making sexist attacks on Hillary and trashing the progressive activism of the 1960's and 70's. Praising Reagan didn't do him any favors in my book either. (and don't parse what he said, please- I saw the interview. Right before he praised Reagan he again trashed the progressive activism of the 1960's and 70's again. Those things are tied together.) Obama's misogynist supporters in the media- left and MSM, have only solidified this part of Hillary's base, and have turned many against voting for Obama- ever. Even should he get the party nomination and Hillary beg us to vote for him. They are going to either just not for president or are going to write Hillary in. I'm strongly considering the later.

    Every time an Obama blogger harasses a Hillary blogger you just make that Hillary blogger that much more determined to vote for Hillary and never vote for Obama. Think about that, for your candidate's sake. Every nasty comment loses your candidate votes should he win the nomination. If you stop stalking Hillary bloggers and harassing them you lessen Hillary bloggers anger at Obama bloggers- and remember, you as bloggers represent your candidate here. You want to see less angry Hillary blogger diaries stop harassing them and making them more angry.

  • Well some of us are online and are speaking of our support for HRC. But no, I don't have that much time or interest to waste with trolls. I'm a 40 something and fighting with trolls is a game for younger adults who want to battle with other younger adults.

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    Good for Mayor Nutter. MLK was a hero to my parents and he is to me as well. I learned young to judge people on "the content of their character". This is why I chose to back HRC. It is also why I have come to dislike Obama, his words and actions have shown me he does not have a good character.

    Could I vote for him as VP on a Clinton/Obama ticket? Probably. Could I vote for him as President? I don't think so. Why the difference? Because as VP  that would give him the training that Hillary has and he lacks. I also hope it gives him the time to get some therapy for his parental abandonment issues that caused him to embrace a man like Reverend Wright and to stab in the back the older female political mentors he chose- Alice Palmer and HRC, and throw his white granny under the bus to deflect criticism from himself and Reverend Wright. The thing with his granny really bothered me profoundly. His granny was not some white sheeted KKK member, but was  rather progressive for her generation (read Obama's autobiography and see how progressive that poor lady now in ill health really was). She in no way deserved being trashed that way. That was basically the last straw for me, when Obama did that to his granny.    

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    nice try New Hampster, but there are some problems in your post. And I'm a HRC backer so this isn't going to be a bashing comment like you've had from some of the Obama backers here. I'm going to address the stereotypes that unfortunately did come out in your post, but in particular those of the Obama backers that troll here.

    The IQ comment in your post was bad and incredibly false. Some of the wisest people I've had in my life - friends, family, etc... were people who never got the chance to finish high school, some of the most stupid people I've encountered (in real life or online) are those elitists with post grad degrees.

    I lived from the time my parents divorced- when I was 11 years old until I became an assistant librarian, well under the poverty line. Yet my IQ is 188 and I have a college degree (poor enough I qualified for a full Pell Grant) My mother had an IQ of 130 an worked as an account clerk for around 20 years making barely over minimum wage. Don't assume that working class or poor equals stupid, that's what the media and our culture (and quite a few Obama backers too) spout. They think that the "only" reason these working class and poor people are for HRC is because they are stupid and racist.

    They aren't racists either, no more than Obama backers are. Those working class and poor people are of all races and both genders. (This is not addressed to you but to the Obama backers who troll here and have that mindset that the media tells them- for all their education they are as brainwashed by the media and our culture as they think working class and poor people are.)

    The working class and poor shop at WalMart (and KMart, etc...) because that is what they can afford, not because they particularly like the company. They aren't unaware of Walmart's less than stellar image, particularly on the union issue, which is very important to working class and poor people. Target is too expensive for most  working class and poor people. I know that from my own years living under the poverty line, most the time if I needed clothes we would get them at Kmart- even cheaper than Walmart when I was growing up.

    The person who said shop at Costco showed class bias- $50 might not be much to you, but if you are working a job that pays barely more than minimum wage, even if you are single, that's your food budget for the month. There's little money to spend on entertainment, and a poor or working class person is just as entitled to "the pursuit of happiness" as anyone else. I hate these upper class elitists who moralize to working class and poor people about their "sins" of "buying a $9 DVD at Walmart, when if you had saved your money, you could have bought food at Costco." Uh no. Rather than bash working class and the poor, get out like Hillary did and try to improve the lives of the poor and working class. You know nothing about how we live and it shows.

    And more on that to the Obama backers- the years the Hillary was on the Walmart board were ones where working conditions improved for Walmart workers, because Hillary pushed for those changes. It's quite clear Hillary took that job to try to improve conditions for workers from the inside, rather than trying to fight it from the outside, better results from pushing from within than fighting from without.

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    It's not silly at all. I'm just surprised so many of you stayed as long as you did. Me, I'm a liberal feminist and I stopped commenting and reading Kos in 2005, when I saw how sexist Kos was in the wake of the "Real Gilligan's Island" ad and the disgusting misogyny directed toward liberal feminist and Iraqi war vet Ginmar by a number of the "Kossaks". Yeah I'm a "friend of Ginmar". I wasn't surprised considering the level of misogyny at Kos that Hillary was getting attacked there, but I got angry when I heard Hillary supporters were being virulently attacked at Kos, then getting banned for merely saying they supported Hillary, plus getting threatened to have their real life identities, phone numbers and addresses get posted online. That's the lowest of low behavior. I see a few trolls have followed you here from Kos, one name I recognize quite well as  one of the worst trolls who attacked Ginmar on Kos. He's got quite a history of misogyny online. I know he's harassed other liberal feminists on their blogs elsewhere as well.  


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