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    Ah, so you admit you worship Obama?

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    Looks like Obama is getting a little "instant karma"

  • Well, if what you said about him is correct, and I tend to think it is, he'll probably start embezzling funds from the Obama campaign now.  

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    Oh please spare me the MRA whining. The contempt for women is there every night he does a celebrity segment. The violent imagery pops up every so often too. Go google it and find it yourself, it shouldn't be that difficult.

    You know it's rather telling that in our culture  that women have to "prove" sexism and misogyny, just like in rape cases, a male victim is always believed no questions asked, but female victims never are, no matter what their age, they get called "liars" and that they did something to "provoke" it. Even videotape of a gang rape of an 14 year old mentality disabled girl wasn't enough proof, or a videotape of a gang rape of an unconscious young woman. In both cases tapes made by the rapists. Both were clearly rape and had the victim been male those rapists would have been convicted in a hot second and sitting in a jail cell.

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    Yeah, and this isn't the first time he's made that kind of attack on a woman- ever watch his celebrity coverage? Full of nasty misogynist comments showing his attitude toward women. People made excuses for that too- "Oh it's just Brittany/Paris, etc... those bimbos" More than once he made a "joke" about violence toward these young women. So yeah, at least subconsciously he has some rather disturbing attitudes about women- violent misogynist attitudes, especially toward women that don't play the traditional sexist role in our culture.  

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    Thank you, alegre.

    If they cannot see misogyny the same way they would immediately see a racist or homophobic verbal attack then they have no right to call themselves progressives.

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    And here we have a big part of the picture why these Obama backers are so virulently misogynist in their attacks. They actually believe that if feminist women run things we'll "get revenge" in a "bloodbath". Rather revealing how it shows they actually know how hideous they've treated women.

    They have no concept that it's about women being treated as equal human beings not things. They have no concept that everyone's welfare improves when women aren't treated as subhuman.

    This revenge motif goes as far back at least as far as the backlash against the 19th century's women's rights movement, starting when women were trying to change the laws that made them only the possessions of men- The biggest firestorm was when they merely tried to reform women's clothing slightly- into something that made them less helpless and dependent on men. For the historically ignorant here's a link
    http://www.galenahistorymuseum.org/bloom ergirls.htm

    The same frantic misogyny and threats of physical violence with the same delusions of female revenge.

  • Thank you for sharing that very personal emotional trauma. It's amazing that even after reading that, that the Obama bloggers here didn't get it. Those words code as a threat of violence to women, plain and simple. Pretend all you want that it was "just a metaphor". No it wasn't, it's misogyny, and at best a subconscious desire to do great violence to Hillary. It's the "subtle" version of the overt threats Obama bloggers have made against both Hillary and female bloggers that support Hillary. We live in a society that treats rape and assault of women by men as entertainment. We live in a society that 1 out of every 5 woman is raped by a man, 1 out of 3 women are assaulted by a man, nearly 80 percent of stalking victims are women being stalked by males.

    When a woman feels it's a threat of violence, it  is. It's as simple as that. If you can't get that, stop calling yourself a progressive, because you aren't. Being a progressive means taking sexism and misogyny as seriously as you do racism and homophobia.    

  • Yeah, what Olbermann did is called terroristic threatening. It's a crime.

  • Indiana and Montana polls favor Hillary, as is KY, WV, PR. Even NC is slipping away from certain for Obama. You might want to start thinking that it might just go the other way and Obama will fall short. He's already behind on the crucial for GE- Electoral votes, crucial for the DNC convention Super Delegates- despite his campaigns threatening and harassing them (As several African American SD  revealed to the press), and has now fallen behind on popular votes.

    She wasn't "alone" on any ballot- nope not even in Michigan. Other candidates were on the ballot- and remember it was early on, so all candidates had a valid chance of being the candidate- yep, even Gravel.

    Obama's campaign sent out many thousands of fliers in Michigan telling Obama voters to vote "uncommitted".

    Obama was on FL's ballot and he was the only candidate that ran TV campaign ads there. Hillary still  won both states with no campaigning in either.)

    I could also point out how many of Obama's wins were in caucuses not primaries, so therefore not a valid picture of voters choice. Caucuses  completely violate our election system of secret ballots and tend to be controlled by the wealthy elite.

  • It was also used against the 19th century feminists by the 19th century misogynist creeps. So it's a triggering code word for modern feminists as well.

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    Real "classy" Randi.

    She's not as smart as she tells people she is over and over and over.... She's always been over into irritation territory when she starts talking about herself. She's also of that "one of the boys" crowd. Bashed women a lot and pandered and gushed all over guys. It was very rare to hear her say anything nice about any woman.

    Comparing her to Coulter is rather apt, they are very similar in behavior. It's rather ironic that Rhodes so often mocked Coulter... Olbermann is the same about O'Reilly- much more alike than he'd ever admit.

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    I've been suspicious of SEIU leadership all along. In 2004 they were trash talking about the union I belong to that does help it's members in contract disputes- AFSCME. SEIU leadership has shown quite a fawning friendship with corporate over their union people.  

  • Heck yeah, I'm sick of it, because the Obama campaign has used it in a way that ends up lessening the opportunities to speak about real racism. And ignores how racism isn't just about African Americans. Hispanics, Native Americans, Asian Americans, etc... face plenty of racism every day. Hispanic Americans face higher levels of discrimination than African Americans do nowadays.

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    Wow, I can see why it took you all these years to share such a personal story. Me, my political activism has all been pretty mundane compared to yours. Scariest moments of my youth were facing off verbally with some angry counter protesters a few times in the late 1980's-early 1990's: Some fundie  antichoicers harassed the feminist group I belonged  to when we set up a prochoice table with truthful information about choice, A angry crew of frat boys   burned a pro GLBT banner on the day the progressive   group and feminist groups I belonged backed up the GLBT group's bit of fun activism- Blue jeans day (we  slapped up fliers late the day before saying "if you support GLBT rights wear blue jeans tomorrow (of course back in the late 80's anyone under 30 wore blue jeans just about all the time) The frats had been harassing the GLBT group almost constantly and the administration was dismissing the harassment. The moment the frat boys set the banner on fire was   scary, but it woke up the administration to what was going on.    


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