• Oh, this is rich, an Obamacan attacking an African American woman. Double dose of bigotry at once- racism and sexism.

  • Uh huh, and Obama wants to appoint justices like Roberts and dismissively calls women's rights "ideology". So he's no better than McCain on women's issues. Doesn't surprise me. fits right in with his sexist behavior in this campaign. So hang it up with that threat, it won't fly. Both male candidates are equally bad on women's issues. I won't vote for Obama nor will I vote for McCain. I'm voting for Hillary or if she doesn't get the nomination, I'll either write her in or vote Green- women's issues are treated with respect in the Green party.

  • Nope, just know what comes next from misogynist trolls, you whine and want a woman to show you the sexism, etc... I'm not your mommy or your teacher, and having that expectation of women is sexist. Apparently your comprehension level is lacking, no surprise.

  • Yeah, we American feminists have been trying to end this misogyny by speaking out in public for 182 years. Each generation of feminists hopes they can end misogyny for the next generation of women. We struggle and win bit by bit, in spite of all the hatred that is thrown at us (often literally). Many of us veteran feminists (that now includes founding third wave feminists like myself- 41 years old now) think the misogyny is so intense because we are so close to that victory over sexism and misogyny (especially the later, the lower grade bigotry of sexism will take more time.) All these misogynists whether they call themselves progressives or conservatives are on the attack because they know in their guts that women are sick of tolerating this nastiness and are going to fight back hard no matter what. But if Hillary wins and becomes president we'll have support against misogyny from the top office of this country, that's what terrifies them. They think women are going to unleash a revenge campaign against misogynists. Seriously, I've seen  both "progressive" and conservative misogynyist spout that nonsense. It says that for all their pretended ignorance, they darn well know that they have been misogynist. That's why call bs when some misogynist troll claims ignorance. I know darn well they know exactly what they are doing.

    It really stinks that you are having to deal with this  twinmom, we activist feminist women fight it so hard in the hope that women like you won't have to. It hurts my soul that you have had it slapped in your face. And it makes me angry and even more determined to fight the creeps.

    One more thing from my heart- Happy Mother's day!  May your children someday live in a world that women aren't subjected to misogyny and sexism! I know I'm fighting for that!  

  • I don't accuse- it's right there for anyone to see and read. If you can't see it then you're part of the problem, simple as that. And no I will not hold your hand and be your mommy or teacher and educate you on misogyny, classism, and ageism. That expectation is sexist. Look it up yourself, it's really easy to find.

  • Wrong! the only age demographic where large numbers of females voted more for Obama were females under 25. From 25-29 and 30-39, only slightly more favored Obama. From 40 up female voters favor Hillary. And that's the majority of female voters.

    That's the real exit poll numbers, and they've been rather consistent across the states, the only change with female voters has been she's gradually been picking up more females 25-39- as Obama and his campaign has become more and more overt in their misogyny, even those women over 24 and under 40 are becoming angry with Obama and his campaign's misogyny and are switching to Hillary and staying with her.

  • You have to understand, all this misogynist tripe that's been targeting Hillary and often women who back her as well, is every bit as vile as using the "n" word. But unlike racism, sexism isn't condemned but flagrantly encouraged- by so called "progressives" as well as right wingers and moderates. Don't be dismissive, that makes it look like you are in agreement with it. Think about it, had a McCain supporter said something racist about Obama would you have dismissed an Obama backer for expressing the same sentiments? I wouldn't, and I don't even like Obama- but I dislike Obama for his misogyny, classism, ageism and weak voting record on  human rights issues, and weak record on enviromental issues.

    I'm mixed race myself- part Native American, and it was obvious enough when I was a child other kids thought I was Ameriasian, I was called "little jap girl" by other kids. They meant it as an insult and I knew they did, but to me it wasn't an insult, but something to take pride in.

    I'm not part Japanese, but the interesting thing that insult being flung at me had- I developed an interest in Japanese history and culture- both modern pop culture and classic art and literature. An interest I still have to this day. I often get irritated at false picture in western media and culture of Japanese women- it's a racist sexist stereotype that needed to go away a long time ago.  All stereotypes are nasty and shouldn't be tolerated, especially by people that call themselves liberal or progressive.

    The few (and contrary to what you Obama backers probably believe, it is very few) Hillary backers that spout stereotypical anti muslim comments (I've never seen one racist comment about Obama as an African American from Hillary backers, again contrary to what you probably believe) gets me angry. I have dear friends that are Muslim and when those things are said I think of my friends that are Muslim- a woman in Turkey, a woman in Malaysia, one of my college professors, who is a Muslim feminist from Pakistan, who proudly argues  with Wahabists. The way Obama said he wasn't Muslim bothered me too, though. He said it in a way that sounded like an insult to Muslims. I  thought he could have said he wasn't with more sensitivity.

    When you have a personal connection to something it makes you more aware. The sad thing is though, liberal and progressive guys do have personal connections to women- if no one else, their mothers, but yet so many have ZERO sensitivity to misogyny and many spout it themselves, without a second thought, and attack or dismiss it, when called on it.      

  • on a comment on Mother's Day Dreams over 6 years ago

    Obama is no better than McCain on women's issues. He  wants to appoint justices like Roberts, etc... He is no better than McCain on people having the right to sue companies. He is no better than McCain on Social Security- he stupidly thinks privatizing it is a good thing. He is no better than McCain on enviromental issues- voted for Cheney's scummy energy bill and is pro nuclear. Obama is just as misogynist as McCain in his attitudes, as this campaign has so aptly shown. So heck no I'm not voting for Obama should he win the nomination. I'm writing in Hillary or voting Green party. I'm voting for a candidate that supports and has a voting record that proves it, the issues important to me. I won't vote for Obama or McCain.

  • comment on a post Dunkin' or Starstruck? over 6 years ago

    Krispie Kreme, not a coffee drinker, but here in the south the comparable places would be Krispie Kreme vs. Starbucks. On the doughnuts side I greatly prefer the yeasty Krispie Kreme southern style doughnuts to the overly sugary northern Dunkin. Southerners tend to have less sugar in their breads- period. I don't like northern cornbread with the sugar in it- makes it taste like cake not bread.

    The Krispie Kreme buyers do tend to be the nonelites in the south. The few southern elitists make disparaging comments about "lowbrow" places like Krispie Kreme, while they believe they are sophisticated- sipping their overpriced Starbucks coffee.  

    Your diary just sparked a random comment about regional differences in food tastes. This was an interesting diary...

  • As a fellow southerner (and a fourth generation  Democrat descended from an abolitionist Republican politican- yes there were abolitionist polticians in Kentucky in the 1850's- and yes, once upon a time the Republican party was the liberal one- that didn't really change until the 1920's- around the time the descendants of that politician switched parties- voting enthusiastically for Roosevelt and Truman in the 1930's and 40's. My liberal Democratic parents voted happily for Kennedy and Johnson, going  for McCarthy in 1969, McGovern in 72, and happily for Carter in 1976 and 80. I cast my first vote for Mondale in the 1984 GE, I enthusiastically supported and voted for Jesse Jackson Sr. in the 1988 primary and we all voted lukewarmly for Dukasis in the GE, we all voted enthusiastically for Bill Clinton in 1992 and 1996, and Gore in 2000. Kerry we were lukewarm about but we liked Edwards -and Edwards proved the better of the two when he wanted to fight and have the election fraud investigated but Kerry just caved- that lost Kerry any respect he had in south... he'd already disgusted the majority of southern Democrats by his arrogant dismissal of us. Now we see the same pattern from the Obama campaign but toward any white, latino or asian Democrat who makes under 50k a year. Not just in the south but all over. Hillary has and does fight for us, she and Bill came from our classes of people. Obama is from the privileged class and it shows in his contempt. I sure as heck won't vote for Obama, he's arrogant, elitist, and bigoted, plus his voting record shows he's a much weaker Democrat than Hillary.

    I won't vote for McCain, but if Hillary doesn't get the nomination I will not vote for Obama. On women's and children's issues he's hardly any different than Bush. I'm writing in Hillary.

  • on a comment on Obama on NBC, Hillary on ABC over 6 years ago

    Oh and who are the people coming in and trolling, threatening and harassing HRC supporters- you Obamacans. So yeah thugs is a good metaphor, because you are acting like thugs. Stop trolling, threatening and harassing HRC supporters and we'll stop calling you thugs. It's so hypocritical for you to whine about being called thugs when you act like ones. We know you rabid Obamacans will never vote for Hillary, and well, your behavior has made it certain most HRC bloggers will NEVER vote for Obama. You Obathugs started and continue to do this harassment and threats- you are really rich to complain when we call you on it. You must be used to doing that crap back in the Republican party that you belonged to before 2004 and winning. That apparently works for Republicans, but it doesn't for  HRC backers who are lifelong liberal Democrats and come from Democratic families. We are the heart and soul of the Democratic party, you and your candidates campaign think you can harass and threaten us you've got another thing coming.

  • on a comment on Obama on NBC, Hillary on ABC over 6 years ago

    Cheney's sleazy energy bill that Obama voted for and Hillary voted against.

  • on a comment on Obama on NBC, Hillary on ABC over 6 years ago

    Yeah, I do the same. I have a 1994 Toyota Corolla that is just now nearing 90,000 miles. (and it was a used rental car bought in 1995 to start with. I've forgotten how many miles were on it back then, but 90,000 miles on a 14 year old car is pretty good.)

  • Bwah hah hah, Kos a site for Democrats- pull the other one.
    You Obamacans, including Kos were yuppie Republicans up till around 2004. HRC supporters are almost all lifelong Liberal Democrats making under 50K- we are the real Democrats, as is obvious by the Republican like tactics you Kossaks have "treated" HRC supporters to this election cycle. We REAL Liberal Democrats don't do that kind of crap are are pissed off at you pseudo progressive yuppie Obamacans having the stupidity to say we aren't Democrats, when it's your crew that aren't Democrats. You have absolutely not one clue about what being a lifelong liberal Democrat is about. I was brought up in a liberal Democratic household, I registered as a Democrat when I turned 18 in 1984. I voted for Jesse Jackson Sr.  in the 1988 primary. Unlike Mr. Elitist Obama, Jesse Sr, very much reflected the liberal Democratic wing of the party.  
  • Thank you.


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