Hold the Bush Admin. Accountable

Early this morning, I listened to a segment on NPR about the National War Powers Commission, a group put together to study how this country gets into war and to put forth reforms for how that will be done in the future.

Common sense dictates that this commission was formed in response to the disaster that is the Iraq war, and the lingering, but never directly confronted, belief that President Bush lied, duped, and deceived his way into this war.

Yet, as was reported in the NPR story, an agreement was made among the commissioners that the Iraq war would not be used as an example of how not to get into war or even discussed.  The reporter then went on to explain that Doris Kearns Goodwin was a member of this commission to provide historical perspective and examples. So prior wars may be used, just not the Iraq war, perhaps the most egregious example of how not to get into a war in US history.  (I even exempt Vietnam because Bush had the benefit of the lesson of Vietnam but ignored it).

There is also an editorial in today's New York Times by James A. Baker, III, and Warren Christopher, both members of the commission, about the commission's findings.  James Baker, of course, is the cheerleader for the Bush family, including arguing on behalf of the president who lied his way into this war, Mr. Baker staying silent while he was doing so.

For a country fixated on a president who misled us about a private, inconsequential matter, I have never understood why this administration has been handed a wall of impunity and protection, even from scrutiny, let alone accountability, even for its criminal acts which have led to so much devastation.  And so it continues. The one war which may not be discussed by a commission formed to create stricter guidelines as to how this country goes to war, is the war that caused the commission to be formed in the first place!  The Orwellian nature of this administration's influence continues.

I do not think this country can recover from the caustic effects of the Bush Admin.'s policies, power abuses, and incompetence without showing ourselves and the world that we do not put any man above the law and hold it accountable.  The stench and stain will linger until we cleanse ourselves of the contamination Bush (and corporate America)has inflicted on so many and so much, and we do so in this country by employing the law and holding people accountable for their misdeeds.

I do not expect Sen. Obama, should he become president, to do anything either, despite his saying he will have his AG look into the actions of the Bush Admin.  His pattern of behavior indicates to me that we will be told the usual, that the past is done and we must move forward.  Sen. Obama has shown me that he is uncomfortable with strenuous confrontation that might well raise objection.

And where, oh where, is Congress?

Something is fundamentally broken when a president is impeached for misleading someone in a private civil suit that never should have been brought in the first place, over a personal matter, but a president who, through an Oedipal desire to go to war, misled Congress and the American people to start a disastrous, wrong war, and used a national tragedy to do so.

But the question at this point is: Why has he, and will he, get away with it?

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