• Booted from where? I AM ANGRY. Maybe you could try and get the point - NOONE IS STANDING UP FOR US. Let's see the Republicans will royally fuck this country up and I used to believe and actively campaign that the Democrats were really there to protect me and the American people. Now I realize they are just Republican lite - which is better than Republicans because they will really screw you whereas the Democrats will only screw you just a little. But hey lecture me on my language. Way to miss the point that a lifelong advocate and party supporter has been completely alienated not JUST by this bill but the entire way this mess and this year  has been managed. The Democrats had an opportunity to do something real for the American people; people like me that went out of my way to stand up and campaign for them and they shit all over it, us and me.  So excuse my language but I think this type of betrayel just might warrant it.  They all need to be thrown out. I am sick and disgusted over it and anyone that blindly excuses the squandering of our country and my future.

  • This bill fucking sucks. A year to get this shit and we lose political capital to boot. What a great political strategy. Let's see - we lose one of the most important elements - the public option and we force everyone to buy the health insurance company's product.  We'll see how good their rate controls work from now and the 5 years it goes into effect. How's that working with the credit card companies. We fucked up royally face it. Instead of concentrating on the economy, after 1 year and a major election loss Obama suddenly promises to concentrate on job creation.  Give me a fucking break - you just had that lightening rod moment that this is what matters to voters?  I am so disgusted right now.  My only consolation is that I know things are limping towards a recovery right now and if the Republicans were in power it would be so much worse.  However given how the political game has been so royally screwed up I have a feeling we won't have a chance to cement any sort of a recovery before they get back into power and just massacre us.  Just fucking great. Here's a hint - if people's SOL had improved you could've jammed a much more comprehensive health care bill through the WH due to the political credability earned.  And maybe people will finally shut up about the fact that Hillary Clinton wasn't able to pass healthcare reform with a REPUBLICAN dominated Congress when a DEMOCRATIC dominated congress made this such a clusterfuck and we wind up with this weak ass excuse for reform - which will probably reap results that will simply be used as an example by the GOP scumbags for why Democratic ideas don't work while they pass their version of reform to totally rape us. I am so sickened and disenfranchised. We really have noone protecting us.

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    What about the pre-existing condition exclusions?  Is this still allowed?

  • No we need the public option strengthened more - get Nelson on board and strengthen the public option. Forget Lieberman - he's not even a Democrat so stop trying to appease him.  

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    Look I hate what Nelson wants with the abortion clauses, but I'd sacrifice that over the public option.  It will be much easier to get abortion included at a later date than the public option for healthcare and without the public option this will be quite bad for us.  No contest - get Nelson on board, put back the public option end.of.story.  The bill without the public option needs to be killed.

  • The incarnation of the health care bill that we have currently had better not pass or the only people laughing will be the insurance lobbyists and the Republicans.  

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    Yes it is - it makes things worse than they are currently and the Democratic party gets the credit for it too boot.

  • You come on! I don't favor this latest incarnation of the bill one bit - think it is making an already awful situation horrific. BUT, Obama is right - if they don't pass a TRUE reform (not this shit on a stick called reform) then this will be it. And BTW we will lose our majority more than likely coming up soon so this is our big chance. And the Republicans always managed to shove through whatever initiative was on their wish list with LESS of a majority.  This party needs to do the same!

  • Which is kind of one of the main points of all of this.

    Where is the cost control?
    Where is the public option?
    Where is the elimination of pre-existing condition exclusions?
    Where is the reform that reigns in the insurance companies and benefits the individual taxpayer?
    Right now what I am hearing gives the insurance companies MORE empowerment and takes away hope of reform for the taxpayer. This is devastating! And you know what? All of this focus on the health care reform bill being is distracting from the fact that the economy has managed to bottom out and slowly struggle back towards a recovery; a recovery that will be hindered when we lose seats; a recovery that will falter because a sound stimulus package wasn't passed containing true stimulators such as extending the COBRA subsidies. God why can't the party get ORGANIZED!!!

  • Because private industry has never ripped the gov't off successfully before....

    Oh wait - never mind.

  • Without a public option this bill only makes things worse. It is a Republican and an insurance lobbyist's wet dream and they won't even get the blame for it since it is the Democratic party's handiwork.  This couldn't be a worse case scenario and the party is losing a vocal supporter in me if they go forward with this.  And that is not a statement I have EVER made or one that I make lightly either.

  • Whatever. We need to keep the public option provision and get rid of the pre-existing condition b/s that ins. companies currently use.  If we don't and couple that with mandated coverage for everyone then the party in an effort to deliver reform will have taken a major catastrophic situation and somehow made doubly worse. Anyone who can't see that is either a dishonest politician (aka Republican or Democrat in Republican's clothes) OR an idiot.  I don't want to be associated with either and the Reids of this party disgust me.

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    I'm talking about the reality that will be passed along by the TV talking heads & believed by the low information voter at the end day, who tends to just vote with who they think will win.  I'm not talking about hard core Republicans. Bottom line is the message in the MSM is that this means Obama is failing, right or wrong, that is the perception being advanced.

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    You really did just move here then. Trust me there are very middle class people having to SELL their homes b/c their property taxes have just risen at an unaffordable rate. Middle class people cannot afford to pay what amounts to salaries for some people in property taxes each year. And I know people who do, who do NOT live in mansions worth millions in the least.  

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    Look whether or not that is the reality this is the perception that will be advanced successfully.  And in the end, like much of Republican marketing campaigns, right or wrong, perception will become reality.


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