• Scare tactics?  Like the current focus/attempted diversion on the pending PANDEMIC!
  • It should also give them a taste of what will happen if they get rid of the filibuster. Frist just found out Reid has balls.  Apparently Frist has them too, he was just kicked in them.
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    More important is what crony will be put in charge of all that money?  How many buddies can he get added to the federal payroll with this new focus on America's health.  Yeah, that last bit is funny.  He cares about the people.  Oh I kill myself.  
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    I haven't been watching the news so I didn't know about this.  I knew Rosa Parks died and was in the Capitol. However, I actually considered the other day that they might just try this.  I'ld like to say its funny except its disgusting.  They are shameless.  The past few weeks have been great.  I'm glad to see they haven't learned their lesson and continue to pull these stunts.  Its a shame Ms. Parks was used in this manner.  I'm sure they found her more usefull than two Coast Guard choppers with men ordered to stand at attention in front of them and not able to go out to rescue people.  Hell, she required no vetting whatsoever.  As a lifeless corpse she carries no political agenda of her own.  Or at least thats the way they think. Question is will the black community see this stunt for what it is.  They are the ones that need to pay attention to such matters.  They can make of her what they will.  The more they do and the more attention is called to them the better.  I just hope someday the press will ask the question on air.  Is this just another shameless photo op?   Or better yet say "Some people are saying this is just a shameless photo op meant to  take the splotlight for their own twisted agenda".  In fact you can quote me as saying it and then make talking points around it.
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    YOu have to fight sometime.  All the other stuff was not winnable.  In the end they can at least point to how Republicans screwed over regular people with an illegal war and denying them the ability to take back their lives after a financial disaster.  This issue is winnable in the long run, if not the short.  If you don't use your political capital it isn't political capital.
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    You idiot, I'm not talking in specific about SCOTUS.  I'm taling about how we as a nation interpret our laws and the Constitution.  

    You will have to steel yourself to the rreality that it will cost you dearly even if he is confirmed.  It shows the radical right wing has Bush by the balls.  It shpows mainsteream America, of which Bush is not a member, that he is after their uterus, their bedroom habits, etc.  And by the way, this nomination has to get past all those moderate conservatives that were elected because they were moderate conservatives.  If they fail to vote him down on abortion aloine they face real problems in 2006...which leads to the eventual Democratic takeback of Congress and the investigations of this administration over the coming two years that will yield a new Democratic President.  The radical right has reached too far with this one.  It may very well happen, but it will not be a good thing for the nutjobs like yourself.

    Also, considering you have like 3 posts here all of them to me, and Ive been here for a lot longer, I think I'll stay and you can take your desperate talking points and sell them elsewhere.

    The confirmation hasn't happened yet BTW and whether it does or not is not up to you or me.  But I won't allow you or anyone else to accept victory until it is truly won.  

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    Its perfect.  It may never happen but if it does we are all SCREWED.  It will scare the crap out of everyone and it doesn't require sons and daughters, mothers and fathers to serve on some front line somewhere suffering and dieing for a cause that cannot be justified.  Ooh ooh, a case of bird flu was found in downtown New York today.  Could it possibly be H5N1 or some other nasty variation we have never found before?  Will society as we know it break down?  Does the President need additional authority to conduct military operations inside the United States in the event of the inevitable PANDEMIC!!!  Stay tuned to your friendly government talking points for more information and please stock up on duct tape, plastic baggies, and asperin.

    Here's the deal.  A flu pandemic is possible.  It always has been, since the beginning of mankinds existence on this earth (and before when we were but monkeys swingin' through the trees).  Should we prepare?  Of course, as we should have prepared 20 years ago, 40 years ago, 100 years ago, and as we should prepare 100 years from now.  Should we be mislead?  Hell no!  Don't fall for this new form of fear mongering.  

    Please don't let this get started again.  See this for what it really is, a diversion, a windmill!

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    P.S. and sorry this was so long.  But I don't equate Republicans with Nazis.  Not that I would be afraid to but because I don't.  That would be over simplification.  I don't want to give that impression.  I do find it completely odd that they all walk lockstep with one another following the party line.  I don't understand why even those that use to seem reasonable can't seem to form a spine and stand up against this administration.  Like Al' Qaida represents extremist Islam I feel this administration is far right extremist Republicanism.  I honestly hope they can recover their party and form a more sensible opposition...because I'm very much a middle of the roader and I don't want either side to have too much power.  Some views that are traditionally Republican I agree with (namely guns) but it stops pretty much there.  I like John McCain and Colin Powell but why in the world do those two support these guys?  Politics, getting elected the next time around, or do they believe it, or are they scared?  Oh well, enough said.
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    Yeah I remembered seeing that at Amazon.  I got the other one that I saw as a kid.  Mind you my interpretation is my own and of course the idea would hopefully be to encourage discussion.  I think it a mistake to think that because the original writer was writing specifically about how the experiment in Russia was to fail that its the only way in which these particular devices can find their way into corrupting a system of government.  The methods used work because they play on human nature and human nature exists despite the system of government.  Similar devices were used for Hitlers rise.  I see this administration as leading to a form of fascism. I recognize thats a bit extreme, but then again it has happened before and I recognize that it can happen here too.  Its all too easy, its all about human nature.  Not to mention if I'm wrong it doesn't hurt anyone, but if I'm right it hurts everyone.  So I'll keep my mind open to what is going on.  Hitlers fascism was only a form of fascism.  And I know how they like to strike out at anyone that makes a comparision (I wonder why) but I see a comparision none the less.  A few years back, I think it was, CBS had a drama about Hitler's rise.  I found it interesting that he would disolve the government, call the other side obstructionists (hmmm, familiar?), and through that and misinformation and hate mongering (in this administrations case its more of fear mongering..but underneath they are playing on racial hatreds) to the voters he would slowly yield more Nazis in power.  I don't pretend to understand the system of government at play at the time.  There was more to it as well and it isn't a pure one for one comparison, but I see similarities.  Certainly in religious extremes, where in this case its Christian and in their case it was worship of a manufactured race.      I find it humorous and dangerous that so many shy away from the comparison.  I guess its a good thing I am not an elected official.

    I say underneath they play on racial hatred.  I have an uncle that believes we should just kill all of the Arab ragheads.  Now forget that we are supposed to be there to give them their freedom, liberty, whatever.  He is all pissed off that Americans are dieing, as if somehow we are more important than the next guy.  He doesn't get it that Americans wouldn't be dieing if we weren't there.  He doesn't get it that you don't give people liberty, they must earn it, they must take it or else it has no real value.  It must be earned in blood (blood that I realize I have never spilled).  But my uncle is a redneck Vietnam vet easily manipulated by base instincts.  I love him, but hes got issues.  This administration doesn't come out and say it, and in fact they'll say it isn't Arabs we are after, or even Islam, its extremists.  But in church the other side speaks and they don't speak kindly of Islam in general.  Slowly it changes from us being there for them to us being there fighting all of them because damnit thats our oil!  Yeha yeah I simply.

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    Animated, but I only ever watched one.  I should look up the other.
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    Its how totalitarionism is born from democracy or a pure society of true communism.  The communism of the Soviet Union was not pure communism.  Its leadership took over and twisted what was suppose to be en equality of workers into a cast system.  Now obviously communism fails for other reasons, mainly that it goes against human nature to work harder for the same as everyone else, etc.  But thats not the point.  Its about how easy it is to take something pure, like everyone having a vote, everyone having an equal say in how things work, and how it can get twisted to one group having total power and the regular folks not knowing what hit them.  Its not simply about communism.  As for parallels the windmill for instance. The windmill is meant to keep the animals busy. They need to get this done because if they do it will make their life so much better.  But it never gets done.  The pigs keep destroying it and creating fear among the people (the other animals) saying others, the others must have destroyed it.  In our case our windmill is the war on terror.  A war that can never be won.  There will ALWAYS be someone that is so impotent that the only way to attack his enemies is through acts of terror.  Its easy, just pick up a gun and walk in a schoolyard.  In fact Im surprised how complicated AlQuaida has made it thus far.  The sniper, the American boy and man, caused so much fear with so little effort.  But won't the world be so much better off if we win the war.  Aren't our boys such great heroes for fighting so hard for their American brothers and sisters.  The administration keeps calling up terror alerts.  Someone is trying to hurt us. Its that old snowball maybe?  It keeps us thinking of fear and rallying around the flag instead of watching what this administration is doing.  

    This administration uses propoganda and fear to stir people up.  They give awards to one another for their grand accomplishments (the pigs that is).  Remember when Rummy and Co got their medals?   They put cronies in position to control things and they take the peoples money and resources and split it among themselves.  Dissent is squashed with a heavy hand especially if you are right (Wilson/Plame).   Here you have the likes of Brown, fired from heading FEMA but still getting paid as a consultant.  And of course you have Karl Rove, the guy stirring up all the trouble at the bidding of bigger pigs than he though wouldn't he like to be head pig.  Now I don't think Bush is in charge, but a collective of which Cheney is very powerful, could be considered head pig.  Its been a while since I read it but thats off the top of my head.  You have the people, the regular animals not paying close enough attention and forgetting over time exactly how and why we got here.  Does anyone remember why we went to Iraq to begin with?  I do, but I pay attention, it wasn't WMD.  The mule with his ever lapsing memory, knowing that things use to be different but not quite sure in what way.  

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    P.S.  I have the right to call you a liar if I like because I know that beyond the one message you started with I have a really good idea of exactly what you are.  Its not hard to figure out.   You might also note that this board has threads.  It isn't necessary to quote me as if somehow that shows you have some understanding of what I've said, you don't.  

    Judges have the right to make decisions that check the powers of Congress, Congress can check judges through advice and consent (which by the way includes filibustering nutjobs that are out of the main stream to protect the minority from the mob rule of the current majority), and Presidents get to check both of those branches of government.  You see its called checks and balances.  Its more complicated than that, but basically the judicial branch is equal to each of the other branches. Judges have the right to make decisions that impact the other two branches of government, that check their powers.  There are rules involved and those rules are being followed by judges to include those decisions you or I or any number of others may not agree with specifically.  Its idiots in power right now that try to turn people against them with talking points, lies, and little spinners like you rolling into groups like this to stir things up that are the ones doing diservice to this country and those voters not smart enough or willing enough to do the research.

    I for one believe a judge brings their values and beliefs with them to the bench.  I believe in mainstream judges, of which this person is not.  They make decisions based on the law and their experience with the law.  The Constitution is not something written in stone, nor is it particularly clear on every point.  The 2nd amendment for instance is about giving the people the ability to bear arms not to protect this country but to protect people from this country gone tragically wrong.  something we see more and more of every day Georgie boy sits on his throne.  It was written specifically to be interpreted by coming generations because the founders didn't believe they were perfect.  They understood to keep some things a bit fuzzy.  Changes in that interpretation have yielded great advances over time.  Abolition of slavery, more equal rights and protections for the common man from elitist businessmen, etc.  Interpretation requires individual judgment and yes that judgement may differ from the far right conservative nutjobs out there, or even the far left.  But in general, over time it all works out.  Roe may fall, but then again that can be fixed too in time.  The key is to understand that these are lifetime appointments and they are serious.  This judge is dangerous to womens rights.  A few pieces of private property changing hands here and there is meaningless, a few businesses losing money or not making as much as they'ld like off the backs of others and our environment is meaningless compared to a womans right to have freedom over her own body.  Not just because of what it means to her but what it means to all of us.  I love guns, I want to keep mine.  However, I'll choose a woman's right over my guns any day of the week.  So this judge, this judge gets fought each and every step of the way.  I don't care about private property rights (and I own property), I don't care about guns (I own plenty of them in case you right wingers get ideas in your heads more dangerous than those you've already carried out), I care about our basic rights of freedom and the serious threat they are under by this administration and the cronies it appoints.  This judge may in the end get approval, but its gonna hurt.  Its going to be bloody and in the end the American people are going to see this administration for the danger it truly represents.

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    Because it isnt legislating from the bench. Its simply a decision I dont agree with.  Hence my point.  I think I was fairly clear on that.  Just because I disagree with a decision doesn't mean I'm going to belittle it as legislating from the bench...which is pure crap.  Something you are full of.  

    The only thing the right wing nuts really care about is overturning abortion.  that and religion in society, something else that doesn't belong.  I don't agree with you by the way.  you see you are about taking one thing and twisting it into something else.  its what you spinners and apologists thrive at.  But since I'm not going to buy what your selling, take it elsewhere.

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    Its also a rather easy and short read.  Adults can break apart from kids and discuss the book.
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    Its a cartoon, its easy to get a discussion going, its easy to find modern comparisons, Karl Rove = Squeeler the Pig, etc.  Knowledge is power and just the examples in that story help immunize future generations from the tactics of fascism, totalitarianism, Bushism.  I'm glad I saw it when I was in school.  Im sure I read the book as well but the movie was more memorable.  I reread the book recently just to make sure that I had.  It may not be what you ar elooking for, but right now the story is all too real and worth understanding no matter the views of the audience.


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