• Communism isnt authoritarian.  Russia's implemntation was totalitarian.  Communism is a left wing ideology.  Far left.  The cases we are all familiar with ended up so far out there they became totalitarianism with an elite class.  Thats not communism.  Its possible for something to go so far left and so far right that they meet at the same point on the circle.
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    They will also need to continue to make the point of a lie of ommission is still a lie.  Bush knew all of the information.  Irag did NOT have something to do with 9/11.  Take the word NOT out and thats what Bush told everyone.  At least he did in consecutive sentences.  Their use of psychology and propoganda has been amazing.  Certainly there are cases of both he and especially Cheney of making similar statements.  They just conveniently left off the important declarations that completely spin the statement.    I think people see it but then they didn't see it before these past few months which had me boggled.  I've known this crap for years, why is it so many people are finally getting it?  Is it that the Dems finally stood up?  I hope so, and if so I hope they don't sit down again.  They certainly should pull out their guys with distinguished military records.  Its hard for the right to attack them as unpatriotic (their only card in this matter).  Its especially hard when the guy is a Marine, those people stick together through thick and thin.  Hopefully they continue to use old, now failing, tactics and people finally see them for what they are.  Fascist little twerps...yeah you too Rummy.
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    Last time I checked we still have freedom of thought.  Communism in and of itself isn't a threat to anyone.  It wasnt a threat in the 20s or the 50s.  American Communism was beaten back through horrible means when it should have been dealt with through free expression of ideas allowing those that believe in it to come back from the edge.  Communism should be allowed to live as an idea for as long as people believe in those ideas.  And those ideas should be allowed to work without outside influence. My biggest problem with the treatment of Cuba is that Commuinism as an idea isn't allowed to live or die on its own.  Any idea suffering under an embargo or trade sanctions is bound to have difficulties, capitalism certainly would.  Communism fails because it, at its extreme, goes against human nature of working more to get more.  Capitalism fails at its extremes because those that believe in it absolutely somehow think that the free market gives a rats ass about people.  It doesn't.  Business cares about shareholders and profit, thats it.  So why not let them go there way and we go ours.  The problem with Russian communism wasn't the economic or social ideology, it was the idea that communism couldn't survive if anything else was left as an option...thus the idea of exapnsion.  Not all communists feel that way, so let them be.  There is no danger in allowing people to have their beliefs.   The same goes for the right.  They can believe that pure capitalism is good all they want.  They are allowed to be wrong too.  Its in their actions that I have problems.  Yes, right now neo-conservative fascists are the real problem.  And its not their beliefs, its their actions.  There lies of ommission that take us to war for the purpose of filling their pockets.  Yes, a tyrant is a tyrant.  The dangers brought out in "The Animal Farm" are specifically talking about the tyranny that became communist Russia (though not true communism since there was an elite).  But the ideas expressed work the same regardless of ideology and this administration is using them.  The extremes of left or right or of any idea can cause problems when acted upon.  Don't take your eye off the ball.  Right now the only people to be concerned about are Bushites.
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    I dont think it wise to throw mud.  Throw the truth,  It will hurt more and there is a hell of a lot of it just sitting around.  We don't have to attack them with lies and slander.  Just stand up for the truth.  Thats what we havent been doing.  Thats what Dems and liberals alike should stand for.  Stooping to their level alienates the middle, alienates those that we might be able to pull from their camp.  We want them, they need to be educated about their folly.  If they catch us in a lie it only serves the right wingers.  But whatever happens, stand up is what we need to do.  Bush's speech tonight was over the top.  His little wench from the White House, haven't seen her before, that called Reid a liar, has to be taken down a notch.  She needs to feel the same heat as what takes place in the daily briefing.
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    Someone just made the complaint that no one is stepping up, in the political world, and admitting their mistakes.  Right no wBush can claim that Dems are in the same position as he is.  In a way they are.  So its time for them to step forward.  Each and every one of them.  I call on all Dems to come forward and repeat after me "I made a serious mistake.  I did not fully investigate this administrations claims prior to voting to give the President a blank check to attack Iraq.  I thought they were at least trustworthy enough not to take us to war over lies.  I was very mistaken.  I was wrong.  I was silenced then by cat calls of traitor and of not being patriotic.  I swear now that I will not let them do it again.  I honestly thought the President would be responsible with the authority we gave him and use all measures available to avoid war.  It is clear now that he not only did not do that, he actively sought war out.  I will not let him get away with it.  I will do my duty as an elected official and stand up for the people of this country, to include soldiers on the front lines, and I will say NO MORE"

    Yes yes, its long winded but thats what will get the politicians interested in it to begin with.  Go with it.

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    Its time to press again for Part II of the investigation.  To make a point that the investigation of the adminatriation has not been done yet.  Bush is trying to spin these previous "investigations" as having found him not guilty.  BS!  Its time for Dems to pull the trigger.  Dems were not sleeping through the briefings, they were lied to in those briefings.  Point blank, this administration lied to take us to war.  The Dems should have asked the questions then but they were cowed by talks of unpatriotic questions.  Shame on them.  Dont let it happen a second time.  Bush just laid down the gauntlet, slap him with it but quick.
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    Yeah, fight the media.  That will win over the people.  It won't hurt ratings either, which is obviously what M$M cares about more than the story itself.  People love to watch a fight and the good thing is it will be media with the last word.  The administration can falsify all the transcripts of their press conferences that they like, the press gets to tell you what they say, what they mean, and what is good for the people.  Outside of some military channels its the media's choice what to air and how to air it...to the degree necessary.  Thats been a problem for the past five years.  Things haven't changed, its still money that drives the news.  But the press now sees money, entertainment, in going after the truth.  Popcorn sales will skyrocket.
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    Since Iraq cannot be won I see no reason to stay and fight and lose lives and treasure.  Staying the course down an endless road of war is foolishness.  Terrorism is a word.  A war against it can never be won.  There will ALWAYS be someone somewhere that is impotent and angry and so angry they feel the need to use the only power they have, that of attacking mindlessly at the weakest link.  No amount of aggression on our part will better that problem.  You want to fight terrorism?  Fight the cause.  Stop supporting Israel blindly.  Stop taking resources from other coutnries and treating them as our own.  Stop belittling nations that are smaller and less powerful than we are.  Stop acting like the schoolyard bully.

    So here is a suggestion, get the hell out of Iraq and never again lie and manipulate intelligence (or downright make it up) to take this nation to war.  And when your caught dont try to say people are manipulating histroy when at the time you told them their complaints could wait until later...they can't wait...people are dieing.  This President is a fool and fools follow him.  He would like to say Dems saw the same intelligence as he did and voted for war.  That will be his coming arguments.  In fact Dems did not see the "same" intelligence.  He saw it before it was altered, twisted, and fabricated.  He saw the end result of that spin (as well as its beginnings)  and Dems saw the end result of that spin and the end result took us to war.  But to say they saw the same thing is to twist and lie yet again.  This guy is dangerous and borderline retarded, which I know offends the retarded.  Stop apologizing for him, stop trying to rally people around him like sheep to slaughter.  Its time to stand up.  Its time to see reality, its time to fight this guy before more die and this country is further weakened by his policies.

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    It seems to me that the Dems Ive heard, including this statement and that of Hillary (I know you dislike them GB), are basically just trying to hold the right at bay for a bit.  They say this stuff to bring at least some reason into the discussion.  Yes filters, yes flags, yes make it easier for people to figure out what might flash across the screen in a few minutes (I hope its a breast myself, Janet's is fine with me...but thats me.  I suspect kids can see a breast or two and grow up pretty much okay.), but no censorship.  They seem to just be trying to scare television into taking a few measures now to save trouble later.
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    How many parents are having to work harder, as a couple, to keep afloat? How much of the problems faced with parenting and youth issues today could be solved if parents had more time to pay attention?  I don't know specific statistics, but its my understanding that people are working harder now than they have in the past. If the right wants to fix social issues, how about starting by not outsourcing jobs, by paying fair wages (and not filling the CEOs pocket for doing nothing).  I found out this week my job is under pressure from our parent company to be outsourced to India.  It would be ridiculous to do so.  It might be cheaper by the programming dollar (I am a software developer) but all of the management ND design would offset that. Giving away trade knowledge to foreign individuals is crazy.  If we ever get into a worldwide war or have serious issues in communication or transportation we risk everything.  What will be left when all of this is done?  They are even talking about outsourcing McDonalds drivethu (not kidding).  Yeah Im pissed.  It may seem off topic but its stress.  Im not a parent but if I were I wouldnt have any time for kids.  Im single.  I make good money, but I pay off student loans and Im trying to be prepared for the day I wont have a job.  If the right wants to fix kids, fix the real lives of parents.
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    If you have a problem with TV and your kids...dont let them watch it.  Go outside and throw the ball around.  Its your job after all.  I'm personally glad television shows are finally able to actually say what they mean.  It was always so silly when the right word to say was ASS or BITCH or whatever and they were either censored or chose some other silly alternative that just didnt work for the moment.  Congratulations on being a parent, now do your job and parent.  Its a free market system and its apparently working.  People want the sexy banter, they want the reality.  If they didnt they would turn off the tv and ratings would go down enough for studios to change their habits.  They are competiting with cable now and if they don't offer the content people want then they will lose business.  Also, I think MTV is cable and thus immune to many of the rules of the basic channels.  But you do have the opportunity to turn the channel or better yet teach your children to be more selective OR OBEY YOU and not watch it. I certainly don't want prudes monkeying around with cable.  Don't like it, don't buy it.

    That said, flags, ratings, and filters are fine.  I know my DVR will already allow me to block shows by name.  I don't know if I can kill entire channels but I think thats possible.

  • Couldn't it still get added back in when the Senate and House meet to combine the bill?  Reason I ask is I heard the Senate passed it.

    What stinks is they will continue to fight to get access and they may eventually win.  Once that happens and once they start drilling its over.  Untouched true wilderness land once touched can never be untouched again.  We have to keep fighting and winning, they only have to win once.  True on many issues.

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    He speaks in circles.  Apparently taking lessons from Rummy.  He says we are at war and he is protecting the people.  Anything he is doing to that end is within the law.  We don't do torture.  

    What he has said is that he is the boss and something may be illegal if someone else does it but its legal if he does it in time of war.  The rules are different for him and in a post-9/11 world (B.S.) And he adds that we dont do torture but that could mean we outsource it or that he is using his own definition of torture.  I would ask him if he would want Jenna waterboarded, personally I'ld pay to see that.

    Of course he could be telling the unvarnished truth.  Which is really easier to believe at this moment?

    I find it disgusting to see them complaining about leakers instead of thanking them for exposing criminal acts.  Its impossible in an administration that has no checks by a Republican controlled Congress for someone to take action in any other way.  If the leaker had been some CIA agent they could tell their boss and have it covered up and themselves transferred, he could tell a Republican Senator and have it covered up, he could tell a Dem (that has no real power to help) and be attacked by the right.  Its embarrasing for this country, dangerous for this country and its fighting men, but not because of the leakers...because of the crimes that are being exposed.  They are acting just like they acted when the Abu Grahb pictures came out.  Lets move along, looking too closely at this can only hurt us they argue.  Thats complete crap and Dems had better continue to press.

    Why is it that Republicans were holding a meeting discussing this sensitive information and Dems didn't have the info as well?  Do the Republicans in Congress have access to what this administration has really been up to and are helping to cover it up?  I suspect so, and this sheds some light on that possibility.  Otherwise how would Trent suspect a Republican alone?

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    And if they would say it just like that it would be the first true words out of their mouths in five years.
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    Sometimes you sacrifice a pawn in hopes the enemy will make a move to take it.  Let Fitz put all his cards on the table (mixing, I know) and let Bush pardon both of them.  It would be Bush's fall (both now and in the history books) and that of his party.  Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't.  It really is a good place for Bush.


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