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    Because you spelled your name wrong, are too critical of typos, and you were otherwise an innocent bystander.  Accept them with a smile and be thankful for what you receive.  Its the holiday season after all.
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    Heres someone for you evansguy

    but if it helps you get through the day you can throw some troll ratings my way.  I'm sure somewhere along the line I deserve them. :)

  • They keep on saying that its our money, its the hard working peoples' money.  You know what, someone that is making money off of investments isn't working hard for that money.  Thats number one.  More importantly is that I give my money to the government in the form of tax dollars for them to spend it on either things that we need, advance our culture and our economy, or to pay down the national debt.  I give it to the government for them to use it and use it wisely.  I do NOT want them to give it back to me.  And as I make more money and advance in my career I fully anticipate paying a higher share.  In the end I'll be just fine and the government will have the money it needs to pay our military what they deserve, buy the equipment they need, and build and keep repaired the governments infratructure and help the poor advance their lives.  I don't believe in taxing investment gains until they are in fact gains (sold shares) (an issue at least here in Florida I believe) but I do expect when gains are made for them to be taxed as income.  The investment class must take their responsibility along with everyone else.
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    The larger danger to america is fascist little pinhead Republicans trying to spin their lies into some sort of truth.  Trying to tell people the horrible wolves are at the door, everywhere, watch your back.  When in fact the fascists are raiding the cupboard while poor little scared Americans look fearfully the other way.  Your post, and I do notice its your first post and your first comment, is intended to scare and is intended to turn attentions not on specific terrorists but on Muslims in general.  It wasn't a slip.  Terrorist are not everywhere, are not at our door, and are not a very big concern.  They killed 3000 people 4 years ago in a fluke that will not be repeated.  It was nothing close to what this administration would compare it to, Pearl Harbor.  We are better served rebuilding our infrastructure, cleaning up our environment, and reducing or eliminating our dependency not simply on foreign oil but on oil in general.  That will make us far more secure and far more wealthy as a society, both in monetary and moral terms.  What changed after 9/11 was thatthis country rallied around the wrong president against the wrong enemy.  That needs to change and with it we should start by removing fear.
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    The Muslims fully know what is riding on this war, and therefore are completely committed to winning, at any cost. We'd better know it too, and be likewise committed to winning at any cost!!
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    Read near the end he doesnt say muslim terrorits he says muslims.
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    Uhgg, I had a serious typo.  We voted for Gore in 2000 was what I meant to type. (just that the votes didnt get counted)  That name has so deeply sunk into my mind that it overshadows anything else.
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    You and me both
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    Uninformed denizens of Georgia, Florida and Nebraska?  Completely unnecessary and you perpetuate the right wing nut comments about the election by saying it.  We voted for Bush in 2000.  Counting votes is how you double check a close election even if it does look goofy when holding up the ballots to the light.  (that we, not I, voted his brother into a position to help steal the election is beside the point :) )

    Deans comments are right on.  We need all politicans to be willing to speak the truth even if it may not be politically correct.   Speak the truth until it is politically correct.  Ignore those that try to shout you down.  This is the time to watch those that speak up against him and take note to defeat them in primaries.  If the momentum of the last few months is to continmue the Dems had better get and keep their balls.  What happened to that whole filibuster until the investigation occurs, is that deadline coming up or has it passed?

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    We are not at war with Muslims.  We are at war with a relatively small number of extremists and we should be careful in how we treat them or we give them both status and sympathy as we have done in the past 4 years.  We are at war with fascist pieces of shit like Bush that push America down the throats of the world community to the point where they choak and choose to defend themselves.  We treat the worlds resources as our own and belittle other societies and their traditions and culture.  We bully and lie to get our way in the world.  Around the world cultures are being impacted by globalism, much like we are impacted by Mexicans crossing the border and outsourcing (I see it here in Florida and my parents hometown in Alabama).  When your life is in shambles and your culture is under attack you are going to find something to do about it.  

    The business class doesn't care about the effects of globalism since they are making more money, but globalism is going to cause major shakeups in the lower classes until things shake out.  Until all nations have the worker protections we do, we will suffer from outsourcing.  And until those nations have those protections their workers will feel used by business.  As businesses expand and push changes in cultures there will be resentment.

    9/11 was a fluke.  It should never have been possible to hijack a plane in that manner and it will never be possible again now that passengers know to stand up and cockpits are protected.  Simply preventing the cockpit from coming under their control is enough.  There will always be terrorists.  As long as there are people in the world angry enough, impotent enough, and have no other hope they will be willing to follow a religious nut (Bush) to their death.  America should be smart enough to recognize this and choose to live in reality.  People may choose to attack us but lets face it, we have two oceans between us and most major enemies.  We may have to deal with a few thugs from time to time but that isnt worth spending the billions it would take to attempt to protect soft targets (would be a waste of money) or attack the nations of the world.  All we have accomplished in the past few years is to raise the ranks of terrorist networks, ruin our status in the world, and waste a crap load of money.  The post 9/11 world view of this administration is twisted, I believe intentionally.  Just so you know, we are no longer a premier country in the world.  Bush squandered that a long time ago.  Terrorism will be reduced by us not supporting screwed up nations like Iraq in the first place.  We made Saddam who he was.  As their economy improves or as they fight amongst themselves we will see less of them.  And if we stop supporting Israel blindly it would help as well.  We seem to feel Iran shouldn't have nukes but its okay for Israel?  It shouldn't be okay for us either.  As long as we have them Iran should have them.  They have a right to defend themselves.  How many people actually questioned nuking Iraq before we went in?  I heard it in my community and in the press.  We should allow the  Middle East to shake out naturally.  We should recognize that Iraq is already in a civil war and will be regardless of our contrived wishes.  In the process we may not get oil so cheap anymore.  So be it, we will adjust.

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    Some lines should never be crossed and oops doesn't make up for it.
  • GB hates the DLC and the like.  I disagree with this particular diary not because he pushes his desires but because he appears to desire pure mud slinging for mud slinging sake alone.  I can disagree and he can disagree with me.  The dialogue he tends to generate is productive.  He is active in trying to get his candidates elected, at least as far as I've read.  He is combative at times...well...often.  But he cares and is coherent (where did that one person go that pushed his diaries so much but couldnt write for crap)  He clearly belongs here and calling for him to move along is unproductive.  
  • I live in Florida.  I'm well aware of who won in 2000.  I also know full well that Ohio was screwed in '04. I know how important it is to try to take back whatever we can in '06 and '08 and its only these last few months that has given me any hope that that may be possible (until they go all out with the anti-immigrant crap).  Does anyone here think that building third party candidates is the right tactic to take when elections are on the razors edge of being meaningless?  (yes maybe at the lower levels) I want the same thing.  I hate the two party system.  I want a candidate to get elected not for his party ties but for what he believes and his willingness to truly represent the people.  Not these idiots on the right that seem to follow talking points and vote the way the whip flies.  Not these idiots on the left too scared of being called names to call it like it is.  At the same time I recognize that there are bigger fights.  When fascism is rising you don't split the vote.
  • Yes, stop electing enablers.  But if you do elect them make sure they are dems so dems at least have control of congress.  My main point is, while trying to get your guy elected, understand he isnt going to get elected.  And so while you try, dont tear down the guy thats going to keep the other guy from pushing Bush's agenda.  There is a difference between Republicans and the Liebermans of the world.  It isnt specifically them, but the power their existance in a party gives all the other guys.  Don't simply throw trash at the DLC guys and gals.  Come at them with positive messages and push your candidates agenda.  And in so doing you wont be tearing them down in the process.  I mean your guys should be able to get elected with the straight truth and policies and not simply throwing out commercials and attack adds for the fun of it.  And if a candidate simply has no chance in hell, consider the greater good.
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     except that your tactics will simply yield more time for Republicans to continue to destroy this nation.  Stand together or fall apart.  Having control of Congress is the one thing that would help right now.  It would mean real investigations.  It would mean a real chance of pulling troops out of Iraq if only by cutting off the money.  It would mean that lobbyists wouldn't be writing the legislation and turning it in.  If you are going to cheart, at least rewrite it in your own handwriting.  Pushing the whole third party line candidate crap is a losing proposition.  Nader?  Please.  What a freak show!

    That isnt to say that trying to take out Dems in primaries with candidates that have a good chance of winning against Republicans is a bad thing.  We are not at the point of political parties not mattering and this is not the time to play games.  To really contemplate 30% of the vote in a presidential election as some sort of accomplishment is the same as cheering on McCain for president.  Give them 4 more years and there won't be elections in 8...that will all be quaint pre-9/11 bullshit.


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