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    For those that may be connected to the Democratic party.  I live in Columbia County, FL.  We apparently have 77% Democrats in my county yet the vote was 2 to 1 in favor of Bush.  Was there any indication that Democrats would vote for Bush in such high numbers?  Was there an exit poll for my county?  The overall exit poll numbers could average out to show a close election with favor going to Kerry.  But at 2-1 I think an exit poll would show whether these oddities in the voter shift are accurate or not.  Its one thing to get out the religious nuts to vote, its another thing if the Dems fled Kerry in high numbers.  Also, I saw no representation by the Democratic party in my county.  I know of no office and never saw anyone going around to talk to people.  Did the party completely write off these small counties in favor of the big blues?  

    • I recognize some registered Democrats can be religious nuts.
    • My county is known for being ruled politically by a group of religious leaders. They cause a fuss and things happen.

    With both of those being said it is plausible the vote went the way it did here in my county.  I'm just wondering how likely it is.

    As for giving up, what ever happened to every vote counts, count every vote?  A precedent (or correction to the 2000 precedent) needs to be made here.  Count the votes no matter what and if problems come up take a closer look.  Its too important.

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    I think its important to teach people about a lot of things, not just what it means to be liberal.  These blogs and political web sites are great.  I'm an average citizen that was willing to do research on the web to see whats going on. But most people aren't.  My brother is a small businessman and nurse.  He's smart but he has no clue how evil Bush is and doesn't care to find out.  He has a business to run.  Of course when I tell him whats going on he just looks at me funny.  I think its important to show people who really has control of the Republican party.  Right now some of them certainly see Bush for what he is, but vote for him anyway because they think he will get them what they want in the short term.  The problem is that right now the damage that is being done is long term.   Why is it people don't know what being liberal means (I don't fully)  Its because its been too long since they knew firsthand what real problems are.  The civil rights movement is history.  The problems the New Deal helped solve are history.  The Great Depression is long gone.  Vietnam was 30 years ago and some people don't like the History Channel.  People don't know why certain things are important.  How does it help the economy to give people money to get them through to their next job? You have to be willing to educate those swing voters about what the other side is doing.  And do it in a way that helps them come to the same conclusion that it is evil without seeming to be a group of fear mongers in the process.  I believe that education is what people need.  

    -I think its important to tell people how a bill becomes law. Why?  To diffuse all the flip flopper charges.  You're dealing with a population of predominantly ignorant people (especially in the South...I'm a southerner...if Florida counts)  It will also help to diffuse the attacks by those that say he voted for this and against that.  You may very well have a senator running for President but you will also need to defend incumbant senators in the future.  Their tactics will filter through all of the races, not just for President.  Attacking the attack is pointless.  They won't believe you.  But if they know up front how things work they can figure out on their own that the attacks are bogus.  In the process you can stay on the positive side.

    - I think its important to describe the tactics Bushites use in both the media and their advertisements.  They use the same keywords over and over again until people believe them.  How many times do they use the phrase, "We're making progress".  Why do they call the enemy terrorists, deadenders, anti-Iraqi forces?  Why do they use terms like "weapons of mass murder" or "homicide bombers"?  Why do they have soldiers sitting behind the President as he speaks? I know why, but a lot of people are mind numbingly stupid.  Note when they start using these words and phrases, publish their own talking points and make it clear as day that they are trying to use people.  Phychological tricks break down under the light of day.

    -Somehow explain to people just what is going on right now on capital hill.  Democrats are locked out, lobbyists create the bills and they get passed verbatim.  Sure it gets in the press but people need it drilled in their skull that this is dangerous and wrong. Where is debate?  Where is TRUE compromise and leadership?  Why is any of that important?

    -Teach people how totalitarian (and in my view fascist) governments can come to power even from the midst of a democracy.  If you yell FASCISTS! you look like a nut. I feel like one:) If you teach people what fascism is (or whatever this is that Karl Rove has going on) then maybe they'll get a clue on their own.  You don't look like a nut in the process.

    Basically write down all of their dirty tricks and expose them.  Don't do it after the campaign starts.  Do it before and make it an ongoing process.  Yes, commercials in off year are the way to go.  How to fund them is another story.  Slight of hand only works when the audience doesn't know whats coming.  Teach people the tactics.  Once they know whats going on they'll put two and two together.  

    I don't think Democrats should change.  This country doesn't need another Republican party.  Well, maybe you could drop taking peoples assault guns away (mine are to protect against this country going completely off track)  but thats another issue.  We need to teach others just what morons they really are for voting for Bush and in the process not call them morons.  It just turns them off.

    [I say "we" but I'm not registered Democrat.  I'm going to stay Independent because thats where my views are.  But at the same time, right now, I know the only salvation for this country is the Democratic Party.  If you don't get this right it doesn't matter what my views are.]

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    Its true that the right is defining the left right now.  I'm somewhere in the middle of the spectrum (pro-gun, pro-choice, progressive taxation).  I understand "liberal" isn't a bad word.   I don't think conservativism as a word is bad either.  But I do think that the current people in charge of that word are bad.  In fact I think they are fascists. Its a volatile word and hard to use it without backup.  But I believe its what we are facing.  If you disagree, a good argument can be found with a google of "define fascism" and the first link that pops up summed up my opinion of this adminsitration perfectly.  Fascism is, among other things, an overcharged capitalism and conservatism.  I know of an airline pilot that is on the terror watchlist because he refused to go along with a government policy.  He quit his job and now gets searched to the nth degree everytime he gets on an airplane.  He was apparently told hes on the list.  And he isn't alone.  There is a new black list and we all know of the tactics this administration uses to silence critics.  The thing about fascism is that people don't think it can happen here.  I mean, we've supposedly learned from McCarthyism.  We defeated Hitler.  This is America, it simply can't happen here.  But the thing is it can happen here.  We also supposedly learned our lessons from Vietnam.  You know, keep politics out of warfare, give the soldiers what they need to get the job done, define the mission, follow through, and first and foremost avoid war.  Here we are in Iraq for reasons we all know are dubious and its doomed.  At best we end up with an Islamic state that is friendly with Iran.  Woohoo!, success.  The only way to defeat fascism is to start calling it like it is.  When they use propoganda techniques call them on it.  When they use two unrelated things in separate sentences and expect you to put the two together, call them on it.  Educate people on the tactics, how they work, and why they would be used.  I honestly think Karl Rove studied George Orwell, Hitler, and others to get where he is today. I don't think its an accident. I wonder if our children are taught this stuff in school.  I remember watching Animal Farm as a kid and anit communist films when I was real young.  But nothing when I got into highschool.  I do believe they will lose their power if they are forced out of the shadows sooner rather than later. I think there is a lot that Democrats have to do to take back the majority.  The first is to realize that you are at war.

    Its obviously too late to stop the next 4 years of what we all know is going to be a disaster.  But I need to do something.  I stood by and hoped that 2000 would get corrected in 2004.  I'm an average citizen.  The most I've ever done politically is vote in every election since I turned 18 (I'm 34).  Is there anything I can do between now and the next midterm election?


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