What happens when Phase 2 is complete

I just read on CNN


Appearing on CNN's "American Morning," Roberts said his staff informed Democrats of the status of the investigation "just two days ago." He said his staff told Democrats the committee was completing "Phase 2" of its investigation.

They are completeing the investigation?  I've seen nothing in the way of hearings on the matter.  I've heard no protests of the administration yielding resources to investigators.  He says they are almost complete, how could they have even begun?

I don't believe the administration is capable of investigating itself and its clear the Republicans in the Senate and House tow the party line.  They are a bunch of robots all reading from the same talking points.  Who puts this list out, it clearly exists, and can someone tap into it?  I personally want Iran-Contra style hearings on the matter.  I fully expect a Republican managed investigation to come back saying the administration was sold a bill of goods and was in no way at fault.  They clearly setup Part I just for this end result.  But I know based on the evidence that has leaked (Downing St memos, Niger uranium issue, Leakgate, etc) and my own eyes and ears over the years that the administration fixed the intelligence (I don't get why its called intelligence if its fabricated out of whole cloth).  My question is what are your expectations?  I expect the Dems to shut down the government until a real open fully transparent non-partisan investigation is conducted. How in the world could Republicans argue against that?  Just like the filibuster, a Democrat sitting on his hands because Republican spinmeisters might paint him/her as an obstructionist is of no value.  Use it, the filibuster or policital power, or it doesn't exist in the first place.  Anything less is unacceptable.  Anything less gets your butt thrown out of office.

"However long it takes, working in good faith, we will look into Phase 2 and see what we can do and finish that product," Roberts said.

Product?  What the hell is that?  I don't want a product wrapped up in some nice fancy bow ready to sell to the American people.  I want heads on a platter...bow optional.

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