This isn't a partisan issue

Its clear this administration has screwed up in how it has mismanaged FEMA and not reacted swiftly to the known problems. They removed money from levy projects to support the war in Iraq so that we may fight terrorists over there while our citizens drown in their own homes over here.  We know they are going to be without water, we know its a big city prone to civil breakdown and in need of security, and we have advance warning of possible levy breaks (Bush said no one could have seen that but that was reported as a high probable when the hurricane was going to make a direct strike). Preposition supplies?  Yes. Is that enough?  Hell no!
This complaint isn't because this is the worst disaster ever to strike the U.S.  The problems here are solved with simple common sense and this administration has its thumb up its ass.  It might be an enjoyable sensation but right now its simply inappropriate.  They could be pumping in resources right now.  There could be helicopters filled with Marines to be guided by a New Orleans police officer to take back control of the city.  They could be landing tons of water and meal packages on the highways and ferrying people out at the same time.  They can talk about prepositioning all they want.  Its understandable that convoys aren't going to be there yet.  But to say that help wouldn't be crawling all over that place by now is inexcusable. My mom mentioned a helicopter ship to leave port late this week. Yippee! But why not go ahead and fly the choppers cross country and get them working? I ask everyone to not be partisan about this.  Because we don't have to be.  Even Republicans should be able to see the failure here.

I saw several instances on MSNBC last night where people there, including a Sheriff in the parish where they were dropping off rescued people, complained about lack of support.  The one thing I hope is that when the anchor asked on air that any federal workers watching please take note of the serious complaints that she turned around and had a producer give the government a call.  It was clear that these people are unable to get the help they need or communicate the need for that help.  The MSM should be helping in this regard.  The FEMA guy was there saying they were effectively hacking there way into the city.  Thats B.S.  A convoy of trucks may be hacking its way but the aid can fly right over.  Helicopters could be used to distribute supplies.  Just drop them wherever you see people.  Will there be some waste?  Yes, but better more than not enough.  There should be troops crawling over New Orleans by now (I'm not watching the news yet today so maybe things have changed), should have been there yesterday.  Concern about military control can be alleviated by havintg a local authority take command.  If some mistakes occur in the process then its better than nothing at all.  Marshal law should be in charge in New Orleans right now.  This is ridiculous. I swear, this disaster is nothing compared to those that await us in our future.  This is the response we will get out of private contracted emergency services.

I just read that they have refused support from foreign governments including Canada.  If true and its kept secret it will make people think the world isn't willing to help.  The purpose could then only be to make Americans no longer care what the world thinks.  And of course that plays right into this administrations hands.  I'm not saying the refusal of support is factual.  But if it is I'ld like to hear more about it.  Until there is too much water, too much food, and too much medical care we should not be turning away support of any form and the only people that should be allowed to turn it away should be the people still yelling for HELP!

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