Now Who'll Run Against Joe in '12? Chris Dodd?

As of this afternoon, Connecticut Attorney General Dick Blumenthal is officially running for Senate. Folks who've spent time in Connecticut may remember that Blumenthal was famous until today for almost running for higher office every cycle but never pulling the trigger. For comparison's sake, Elliot Spitzer used to be mentioned in the same breath as Blumenthal as a rising star Attorney General destined for bigger things. In the time Blumenthal's been Attorney General, Elliot Spitzer went from government attorney to private attorney to Attorney General to Governor to Slate Columnist. It's good to see Blumenthal step in to run for Chris Dodd's now-open seat. It does raise the question though of who will run against Joe Lieberman if Joementum tries to test his luck again in 2012 (there was a rumor Blumenthal would run against Lieberman in '12, although then again they said the same thing in '06). I suspect Ned Lamont will take another go at it, assuming he doesn't become the Governor of Connecticut first. That would be fun. More outlandish: A restless Chris Dodd, figuring the sheen of scandal has faded, unretires himself to run for the other Nutmeg State Senate seat. After all, Joe Lieberman makes most anybody look good. Even if Joe ran as an Indy and not a GOPer, I think he'd pull more GOP than Dem votes. An outlandish scenario I guess, but a fun one to ponder.

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Are there any hints that Joe Lieberman will run in 2012?

It seems to me that unless his approval numbers will start to rise in time, Lieberman will retire to avoid an embarrassing defeat in 2012. I would love to hear the opposite though, I so want to see him lose.

by GermanDeaniac 2010-01-07 06:08AM | 0 recs


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