Paul Krugman: View through the lense of an admirer and critic

Paul Krugman is great economist that I admired. He earned my respect on how prescient he was in predicting how the Bush Administration would use the 9/11 attack to pursue his reckless economic policies. Here's an excerpt of an article he wrote three days after the 9/11 attack:
"After the attacks, I found myself wondering whether some politicians would try to exploit the horror to push their usual partisan agendas. Then I chided myself for such an uncharitable thought. But it seems you can't be too cynical; sure enough, the push is already on to sell tax breaks for corporations and a cut in the capital gains tax as a response to terrorism.
One hopes that the White House will distance itself from this disgraceful opportunism, that it will deliver the bipartisanship it originally promised. But initial indications are not good: the administration developed its request for emergency funding in consultation with Congressional Republicans -- full stop. A Democratic contact says that his party received ''no consultation, no collaboration, virtually no information.''
I didn't want to mention this, but now is the time to draw the line. This tragedy will only be magnified if it is exploited for political gain. Politicians who wrap themselves in the flag while relentlessly pursuing their usual partisan agenda are not true patriots, and history will not forgive them".

I read this article for my International relations class at UF on how politicians use crisis to implement their pre-existing ideologies. I was amazed how accurate he was on that point. However, I am very disappointed in how he is going after Obama. In many ways,his recent  attacks seem more payback than intellectual reasoning as noted by Matthew Yglesias in his blog at
I still respected him but I think he needs to stick to what he does best, i.e., in being a clear, and prescient progressive voice in the New York times.

Here's his wonderful column after the the 9/11 attack: .
Please comment and recommend this column. We can agree to disagree but stay on topic.
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