States are leading the way in creating renewable energy resources

I've been doing a lot of research related as to how the United States uses energy and the sources that we get it from.  We're the richest nation on earth and we use the most energy.  We can't fully supply our own needs so we have to look elsewhere - that's obvious.  

A partial solution to that problem is for us as a nation to invest in renewable energy resources.  Things such as wind power, solar power, hydroelectric power.  There's a bill right now before congress that is calling for just that.  It calls for 15% of our electrical needs to be satisfied by renewable resources by 2020.

So far, states have been taking the lead in this.  Right now half the states - 25 exactly - have instituted what is called RES programs.  That is Renewable Electricity Standards.  And there's some good news regarding them...

States that have RES policies are effectively creating and using more and more cleaner energy.  The 25 states that have RES consume about 54% of the overall energy used.  But when one looks at the nonrenewable energy used, those same states account for 75% of energy used.  That shows us that RES programs work.  The 25 states without RES use 45% of the electrical energy and only 25% of the non-renewable energy used.

This also translates into economic development.  About two-thirds of the renewable energy generated was generated within states that had a RES...meaning those states are also creating jobs via renewable energy facilities.  

The future looks bright for more jobs in these same states.  That's because 38% of planned capacity additions in states with RES are from renewable resources.  That's compared to just 12% in states without RES.

We need more energy sources.  We need cleaner energy.   We need jobs.  Jobs that have a future.  25 states get it.  25 don't.  The energy bill takes it national.

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