When it comes to policy positions, how "united" are Obama and Biden?

The Democratic Party's buzz word for the 2008 convention is "unity." But when it comes to the important policy decisions a President must make, how united are Barack Obama and Joe Biden?

A brief overview of eight domestic and foreign policy positions shows that they are indeed united on those issues that will be on Americans minds when they pull the lever in November.

Offshore drilling - United
*    Biden agrees the US should drill in existing offshore resources
*    Obama is now willing to support limited offshore drilling

Iraq War - United
*    Biden voted for the war, but admits his vote was a mistake
*    Obama says he has been against the war from the beginning

Troop withdrawal from Iraq - United
*    Biden, in 2007, wanted to withdraw the troops by summer 2008
*    Obama supports a phased withdrawal upon taking office

Health care for all - United
*    Biden believes all US citizens have a right to affordable health care
*    Obama will make a national health care plan available to all Americans

Abortion - United
*    Biden was against Roe v. Wade, but now believes it is one of the better options
*    Obama supports a woman's right to choose

Privatizing Social Security - United
*    Biden is against it
*    Obama agrees with Biden

Immigration - United
*    Biden voted for the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill
*    Obama also voted for it

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) - United
*    Biden thinks it is broken
*    Obama does not think it has been good for the country

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