Why Ohio needs a Democrat

Last week, I pointed out the latest example of Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell's unethical behavior. His Republican primary opponent in the 2006 gubernatorial race, Attorney General Jim Petro, has complained about Blackwell. Yet, as Petro attempts to provide GOP voters an alternative to Blackwell, he better watch what he says. People in glass houses, as the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported Sunday, shouldn't throw stones:

Two prominent Republican lawyers said their law firms lost virtually all of their state legal business after they refused to donate to Attorney General Jim Petro's campaign.

One of the lawyers, Jack Morrison, said Petro personally explained that his firm would be punished for donating to Joe Deters, who briefly challenged Petro for the 2002 Republican nomination for attorney general.

After Deters dropped out of the race and cleared the field for Petro, Morrison said, he did a fellow lawyer a favor by attending a fund-raiser he hosted in Petro's honor. Morrison said he bought no ticket to the event but did bring one of his law partners to help boost the crowd size.

"I'll never forget it," Morrison told The Plain Dealer.

Petro accompanied him out of the party and said, "'Jack, you're going to be very unhappy with me next year ... because I have to be loyal to those that were loyal to me and you supported Joe Deters,'" Morrison said.

"You're going to lose your work, but you'll have a chance to get back on board if you make contributions. But you're going to have to sit out a year."

The second lawyer, Ray Weber of Akron, said his firm lost millions of dollars in university patent work - and lost it to Akron's Roetzel & Andress, a politically wired firm that had to scramble to assemble a patent law department.

No one ever explained to Weber why he lost the work.

No one had to, he said.

"I'm sure we lost the University of Akron and Kent State because we did not pony up with Mr. Petro," Weber said.

If this is the kind of behavior Ohio's Attorney General exhibits, isn't it time for a change in Columbus?

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Re: Why Ohio needs a Democrat

We  need a Democrat, because Ohio hasn't had a Dem majority for a long time, and it is costing us elections.  It is still a libertarian state but it leans republican and it is due to the lack of Dem officeholders.  So, if Ted Strickland wins the gubernatorial contest, it will instill in Ohio the return of its libertarian roots and not be governed by the elitist in Dublin, Oh, or CVG, OH and be ruled by the Cleveland, OH, and Columbus, OH, and the Youngstown, OH, like it was doing in the 1960's and 1990's, until GW Bush changed it to its more traditional values like it did during the late 1890's during the McKinnley and Taft era.

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