CA-32: Judy Chu for Congress! Get Involved!

I just wanted to let people know how exciting the race for the 32nd congressional is getting!  The atmosphere in the Chu campaign office is up and pumping and nothing is slowing us down.  People across the district are getting hit left and right from our campaign and I'm sure from others too.  I can't help but say we need someone from the 32nd Congressional District that knows and cares about the issues we as residents in the SGV care for.

I started off in the campaign walking in my own city for Judy, and then later I started doing little things here and there that office staff wanted me to do.  I even have 50 campaign signs in my trunk ready to be distributed to those who requested one!  However, the best part of the campaign is to see the candidate!  Just the other day I was working and Judy Chu sat right next to me to do some phone calls!  What's really strange is she happens to get more lawn sign confirmations then us?  I wonder why?

This is my call for action to all of you in the San Gabriel Valley and East LA area who was recently represented by Congresswoman Hilda Solis to pick up your walking shoes, and a bottle of water and meeting me at Judy Chu for Congress Campaign Head Quarters!  Meet me at 4153 N. Maine Ave, Baldwin Park, CA 91706. Also, you can call HQ at 626-430-3601 or sign up to volunteer at Judy's website.

Signing Off and Ready to Rock!

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