MI-09: Skinner vs. Knollenberg Within Margin of Error!

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Joe Knollenberg (R): 44%
Nancy Skinner (D): 40%
Margin of Error 4.9%

Great news for Democrats everywhere: Joe Knollenberg is in trouble. Knollenberg has amassed an impressive war chest, in part due to over $50,000 in contributions from the oil industry. But a new poll shows MI-09 is now a toss up! Knollenberg is no longer safe, and can't dish contributions out to GOP buddies across the nation. He can no longer take the voters of Oakland County for granted.

Nancy Skinner is one step closer to bringing New Energy to Congress.

In a new Skinner for Congress internal poll released by Lauer Research Inc., voters gave Joe Knollenberg a lowly 35% approval rating. When asked who they would vote for if the election were held today, voters put the race at 44% to 40%. Democratic challenger Nancy Skinner is well within striking distance given the polls +/- 4.9 margin of error. A statistical dead heat!

Nancy Skinner has been running on a message of "New Energy". Skinner has stated her first legislative goal will be repealing $6 billion in subsidies to oil and gas companies, and instead using the money to encourage automakers to develop fuel-efficient vehicles. Gasoline prices are at an all time high, and voters no longer want a Congressman who is taking contributions from the oil lobby.

Skinner's campaign has been fueled by the blogosphere and readers like you- who have  contributed over $60,000 via ActBlue!

MI-09 is proof the 50 State Strategy is working. Knollenberg can no longer take the voters of Oakland County for granted. He can no longer afford to dish campaign contributions out to his GOP buddies across the nation. A seat usually considered safe is now in play. Nancy Skinner has put a dent in the GOP Machine. She will be even more of a thorn in their side once she's on the floor of the House of Representatives.

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Is this poll accurate?

I mean as we all know, you can only take insider polls with a grain of salt.  

However, I'm excited about this race.  Knollenberg is too conservative for the district and if Skinner can get some attention, she has a great chance of winning.  This is one of those races the blogs should be given more attention to.

This is a district Kerry won and is growing more Democratic with each passing year.  This is exactly the district we need to win if we want to take over Congress.  

by Eric11 2006-08-24 12:29PM | 0 recs
Re: Is this poll accurate?
The poll was conducted by Lauer Research Inc., on behalf of Skinner for Congress. Skinner has released her internal data, Knollenberg has not. He has been polling himself vs. Nancy since before his "tough" primary (which he took with 70%). Knollenberg opting not to release any polling data speaks volumes right now. If Skinner's poll is a fluke, he should prove it wrong.
by JordanLFW 2006-08-24 10:23PM | 0 recs


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