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    The results released already for absentees were for AV ballots cast before today.  They may have a different partisan breakdown than the ones cast today.

    Interesting that the GOP was gloating that the initial absentee ballots had 10,000 more R's than D's, which only translated into a 3000 vote lead for Bilbray.

    One explanation is certainly the independents; another is that a lot of R's are defecting from Bilbray.

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    Actually, I'm pretty sure that sending fraudulent faxes is explicitly illegal, and maybe even wire fraud (call in the feds).  But I couldn't cite the statute.

  • Today, we evidently had Pat Robertson hating on Bush over the Phone Records Scandal.

    Robertson's an evil loon.  But that doesn't mean we can't use him to hurt the GOP, and I applaud Dean for trying.

    Many of these people are among the most easily-confused people in the country, and the reason they vote so solidly pro-GOP is that they never hear anything but one message.  Throw another one into the mix, and it's like scattering sheep.

  • a vote is a vote.  We all talk about how we don't want such and such on our side, but on election day, the only thing that matters is how many votes we get, and how few they get.  No, I don't think Dems should be willing to do anything for a vote.  But I hardly think going on the 700 Club and courting the few more moderate types who might be watching counts as "being willing to do anything".  And yes, I personally know of a 700-Club-watcher type who votes Democratic.

    Furthermore, I disagree strongly that Dean going on 700 Club stirs up the GOP base.  If he can sow confusion among a lot who never hears anything but the GOP message, then that will help us, not hurt.

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    I'm glad he clarified, too.  But for the record, if Dean can convince certain of Bush's nutcase base not to care about going to the polls (because "they're all the same"), then more power to him.  It's high time we undercut the GOP's ability to motivate religious loons into voting to save the country from "the gay agenda".

    From what I've seen of him in the past, I've never felt Dean was against equal rights for gays.

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    He's talking about a common problem that's been leading to Democratic losses for decades.  It needs to be discussed and dealt with if the Democrats are going to start winning again.

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    Did he attack the Democrats while doing it?  That's what we're talking about, not his stands on issues.

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    ...that the right wing has, for years, controlled the Party's electoral machinery.  By contrast, Democrats are in the grips of consultants that get paid and get work win or lose.

    You don't change such a situation by abandoning the party.  You only change it by working from within.  The election of Howard Dean as party chair was a spectacular example of effective change.

    However, Chris is absolutely right: if the Right Wing were to actually abandon the GOP, the GOP would move to the left instantly.  That's just common sense.

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    That's a common malady among the hard-line left (and right, for that matter).  It's the same sort of thinking that led to Nader 2000.

    None of this is an issue of differences in philosophy -- I would imagine most of us here are ardently pro-choice.  This is an issue of strategy.  And I think you're absolutely right on about this, Chris.

    One of the main reasons progressives have been losing over the years has been a clear inability to match a good philosophy with good strategy.  Too often, that good philosophy went along with an attitude of moral purity and conceit, instead.

    To your excellent writeup above, I'd add that if you're going to change a party that is in the grips of consultants that get paid and get work win or lose, the last thing you want to do is to try to "teach them a lesson" by helping them lose again.

    There is one, and only one, way to work to change the party:  1) push for party electoral success and 2) work to change it from within.

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    But if given a choice between voting against a pro-life candidate and voting for Democratic control of Congress, I'll take the second one every time.  That's how you promote progressive principles.

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    There are several ways of compromising progressive principles.  One is to hold your nose and vote for the lesser of two evils.  A worse one is to help, actively or passively, the GOP retain control of Congress.

    Because as bad as you seem to think Bob Casey is, he'll vote for a Democratic leader of the Senate.  and that does far more to promote progressive principles, including a woman's right to choose, than a protest vote against Bob Casey.

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    I realize this is writing for news purposes (substantial fair use aspect), but would failure to credit another news source wholesale be grounds for a lawsuit?

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    Right now, we have a fair number of people pushing for impeachment of the President.  A good idea, IMHO, but more important is to start clearing out the judiciary.

    We really need to give some thought to an organized impeachment movement as regards Antonin Scalia, to start.

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    Scalia has done this before: prejudged cases.  It's blatant judicial misconduct, and it's grounds for impeachment.

  • "Conservatives defend plaigarism of conservative blogger -- 'what's the big deal?'"

    They're going to find very, very quickly that this is a mistake.


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