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    In my dictionary, most of the time when people ask for data for a comment on blog on something meaningless (like DKOS), they portray wing nut attributes.

    Asking for data and backing is a wingnut characteristic?

    Your experiences with wingnuts is substantially different from mine :)

  • ...that 2006 was an excellent test case.

    I'd also argue that, for many years, Democrats dominated electoral politics precisely because they didn't leave things uncontested in any area.

  • ...of the "sub-prime" thing, I actually agree with you.

    The idea of contesting all states and all congressional districts, which Obama is using, is a shift to a new strategy (actually an old strategy) that is designed to change from "eking out victories" to winning large majorities for progressives.

    It's an idea promoted by both Markos and Jerome, by the way.

  • Thanks, Jonathan.

    I've tried, again and again, to drive home the point that we're going to win this thing regardless of who our nominee turns out to be.  Tough to get purchase with that idea, though, in the heat of an acrimonious primary season.

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    I'd be very surprised if McCain got more than 200 electoral votes, regardless of who gets the Democratic nod.

    Think of it this way: this guy has a basically unimpeded path to his party's nomination, and the other party's primary is sucking up all the media oxygen.  Yet, McCain's campaign is still, managing to screw up and get press about it.

    In fact, IMHO we should just chuck his nomination, and have the general election between Clinton and Obama.

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    'nuff said.

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    How would one measure visit length?

    Seriously, it's kind of difficult to do.  Generally speaking, you'd need some sort of client-side script to determine how long you stay on a given page.  If NOT, then you'd have no means of determining the length of stay, if a second page weren't selected.

    So, I suspect "visit length" is one of the more unreliable stats at which you could choose to look.

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    There seems to be some disagreement about who and what is hurting the Democratic Party (or even if such "hurting" is taking place).

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    Read by wingnuts?

    Well, I'd like to see some form of data backing that up.

    Just because you disagree doesn't mean you need to go THAT far.

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    It's all so confusing.  I thought Rezko was going to sink him, and he had to drop out!

    Oh, wait!  I thought the plagiarism thing would be his death knell!

    No, no, I remember!  It was NAFTA!

    Obama must have more lives than my two cats put together.

  • This is true.  Of course, it's also true vice-versa, as a MyDD poll from yesterday indicated.

    I rather think that most Dems, when push comes to shove and after several months of Dem vs. GOP'er campaigning, will vote the ticket.

    Hopefully, Obama's work building party apparatus would be available to Clinton if she got the nod, and hopefully, Clinton would make good use of it.

  • See, I'm not sure I agree with those sentiments.  While I think some of Clinton's current "kitchen sink" strategy is poorly thought out and is not in the best interests of winning in November, I think she is simply a "to the death" campaigner who wants to win -- and that's not a bad trait in a Democrat.

  • In my opinion, Bill Clinton won the presidency in 1992 not because of the "swing-state strategy", but in spite of it.

    Clinton is a rare politician, with rare political skill.  He was also facing a dud of an opponent in 1992, who himself was facing a divided caucus thanks in part to Perot.

    I believe Bill Clinton was able to overcome a strategy that overall has been a loser for Democrats for nearly 30 years.  But it's not a ticket for long-term success.

    We simply cannot depend upon the strength of political skill and personality alone to win power.  And no matter what some Obama supporters seem to think, I believe he's doing as well as he is not primarily because of his oratorical skills (which are, indeed, formidable), but rather due to the ground-game, contest-every-state electoral strategy his campaign is running.

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    I know there will be disagreements on this, and I know some will take this the wrong way.  I'm not hating on Clinton -- I'm disagreeing with her strategy choices, and would like to see her change up.

  • Between Obama and Clinton, they have more than 1.25 million donors, the vast majority of whom are nowhere near tapped out.

    What's more, even as Obama and Clinton are raising buttloads of money, the Democratic congressional, senatorial and national committees are also badly outraising their counterparts (well, except for the DNC/RNC, but everything else more than makes up for it).


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