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    No doubt Dems face a turnout issue next year. But would withdrawing from Afghanistan (or deploying fewer new troops) bring the Dem base to the polls?

    If it did, I certainly think that any increased turnout in Dems would be far outweighed by the hawks of the Republican base - a thus far unanimated part of the GOP, and distinct from the birther/healthcare crazies that are already frothing to vote for Bachmannites. In other words, Dems would face minimally increased turnout, but the GOP would be able to gin up a huge amount of enthusiasm in a thus-far untapped part of their base.

    Of course, I don't think that FoPo decisions should be based too much on public opinion. But any analysis of the politics of Obama's Afghan decision is woefully (- irresponsibly?) incomplete if it ignores the repercussions of whatever alternative choices are/are not on the table.

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    It's not my sense that hard-line opposition to troop increases in Afghanistan extends far beyond some corners of the blogosphere and Congress. Am interested to see the roll-out and how it's perceived in the ensuing months.

    My guess is that if Afghanistan is going to hurt Obama politically, it takes at least 12 months.

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    Rudy only leads 49-43

  • via the DM Register website:


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    One of the best introductory ads I've ever seen. Far too many "I'm Running" vids are 6+ minute, musicless snoozefests.

    And it's clear she's got a positive pro-jobs message...which is what every Democrat, Republican, challenger, and incumbent should do if they want to get elected next year. Lessons learned from Deeds.

    But where's her campaign website? I'm not finding it on teh google.

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    Why would you cite Harris? It's an online poll. And it's pretty drastically out of step with every other poll in the field.

    Surely you know that. You undercut Jon Walker's valid points by doing stuff like this.

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    Moran or McAuliffe would have been formidable, if not favored to win, in a general. (Not sure if you agree about McAuliffe.) Deeds is remarkably uninspiring.

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    I do have to point out the irony of making fun of Huck for flubbing her first name after yourself flubbing her last name. Sotomayer is an Anglicization of Sotomayor.

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    I can see that - I like him, but his TV appearances last season showed that he can convince himself the sky is yellow and the grass orange.

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    This post was weird. The mention of the fact that McAuliffe has supported losing presidential candidates seems irrelevant. Perhaps meant as pushback against the narrative that he's likely to win this primary? Still, seems like a gratuitous lowblow.

    I must say, though, as an Obama supporter, Terry was the one Clinton guy that never bothered me because he was exclusively focused on the positives of his candidate. I'm not sure if you were criticizing Terry for the "kiss my ass" quote or for taking credit for helping Obama win, but as is obvious to most, the "kiss my ass" quote bothered exactly zero people (a very harmless joke), and working for four months to help Obama win is indeed part of his resume. Where's the beef here?

  • I admittedly haven't done my research, but Harvey was a guest lecturer for one of my courses at Harvard, and I found him to be quite progressive (and genial to boot).

    Are you suggesting that calling college behavior codes oppressive is anti-progressive?

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    Who will that person be? We don't know yet, because the primary hasn't taken place. Look, in all probability should the person who ultimately gets chosen by Democratic voters be supported by the Senate appointee? Yes.

    But we don't know who that is! William Jefferson won a primary in his district. He sucks. So does Bob Kerrey. Wasn't David Duke a Democrat at one point? My point is, it's just stupid to endorse someone who doesn't exist.

    If this is your reason for disqualifying her, I would offer that you reconsider.

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    All I care is who Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild is voting for.

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    Just going by this:
    http://www.demconvention.com/democrats-a nnounce-2008-convention-chairs-2/
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    As far as I know, there are not "many" co-chairs - just three: Sebelius, a Texas state senator, and Shirley Franklin (mayor of Atlanta). Seems pretty normal that Sebelius would be prominently quoted.

    I'd be fine with a Sebelius nomination, but I don't think this release suggests anything.


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