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    There is actually a civil debate about DNC Chair here. Hadn't seen that in a few weeks. It is nice for people to actually debate rather than name call and "pile on" candiates whom they do not favor.
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    "The MyDD poll gives Frost 3% support for DNC chair, and word is he doesn't like us either."

    Why do you say that. His campaign had a blog ad on Kos, Talking Points Memo, Atrios and the Burnt Orange Report. He also gave interviews to the BO Report and Off the Kuff.

    So why do you think a candidate who bought blog ads and gave blog interviews hates netroots?

    Is it because Anna, who obviously has a personal gripe with Frost, says so?

    Whether you are for Frost or not, spreading that he doesn't like netroots and taking freeze frames from his ads out of context is not right and cheapens your cause of free flowing information. The blogs lose credibility when they are not credible.

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    "Good, a Democratic wing of the Democratic Party leader. The first thing Emanuel should do is to pick a new strategy to get out of the minority and into the majority, because the old one has failed five elections in a row."

    You seem to favor a winning startegy yet you dog on Frost, the last chair of the DCCC to pick up seats -- 14 to be exact.

    I like Emanuel - I like Frost - I like winning.



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