• It's not actually free...

    Arizona is one of just five states without a governor's mansion. And unlike Arizona State University President Michael Crow, the governor does not get a $50,000 annual housing allowance or money for a pension plan.
    Just wanted to pass that on.
  • A couple of things.

    Congressmen can feel genuinely for an issue like bankruptcy reform. Even if you don't agree with their position -- and I probably don't, either -- it's very possible that a number of these Representatives truly believed that bankruptcy was too easy.

    The second thing is that it does not always make sense to malign the business community, especially when you represent a very right-leaning district. Now again, I probably wouldn't have supported a measure like the bankruptcy reform bill, but then again I don't represent a district that voted 60-40 for Bush in 2004. That factor cannot be underestimated.

    You think the vote was only about money. While it might have partially been about business money, that clearly was not the only factor in these Reps' decision. So maybe cut them a little slack so they can stay in office and Nancy Pelosi can become Speaker in 2007.

  • Roll Call 2 -- the vote for Speaker.

    As much as we wan't party unity, the most important goal for the Democrats right now is winning back the House, and for this to happen they will have to be able to maintain the 41 seats the currently hold that Bush won in 2004. This means allowing those who represent heavily red districts to actually represent their constituents, even if it means defecting on almost every vote other than RC 2.

    Once the Democrats can win that vote, we can discuss unity all we want. But until then, maybe we shouldn't bust their chops so much...

  • To answer your question, there are a couple of ways I get interviews. One is doing the legwork to contact the people with a good pitch (and I've developed a relatively good pitch over the last few months). Never underestimate the power of persistence.

    The other way I get interviews is by talking with a number of people who come to speak at my campus (we draw a number of important people here on a regular basis). For instance, Paul Breme is speaking here tonight, and I might try to score an interview with him.

  • I suppose my point in the question was not that the left had taken them out of context but rather the right had. Does that clarify at all?
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    Just a note...

    I understand that we all have strong feelings on issues and that it's important not to trample open dialogue. That having been said, I hope not to see any lascivious or non-germane comments. Dialogue is extremely important, but it cannot occur if people are not respectful of one another. I would sincerely appreciate your cooperation.

  • The point isn't that Grassley is against privatization, because he's not. The more important point is that the Finance Chairman is willing to publicly admit that the plan is dead.
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    In no particular order...


    NY Times
    * The Hill * (Great coverage of Congress; free)
    The Portland Oregonian
    Portland Tribune
    Salem Statesman Journal
    Forward (America's Jewish weekly newspaper)

    The New Yorker
    The Economist
    Washington Monthly
    National Journal (as long as I'm on a  four-week free trial)
    Downbeat (the best jazz magazine)
  • Thanks! I'm working to line up some other major interviews and will most certainly pass them on to the MyDD community if and when they happen. Otherwise, check out my other interviews with notables such as Gary Hart, John Anderson, Bill Keller, and others over at my blog the list of interviews is on the right).
  • I suppose my reply would be that this is an ongoing problem for the Bush administration, not an isolated event. In light of recent occurances -- namely Armstrong Williams, but also Karen Ryan (the fake medicare reporter) and other such minor "scandals" -- I think the onus is on the Bushies to prove that they have done no wrong.
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    While this was a good and clean win for President Bush and Republicans, it was hardly the transformational election that some are making it out to be. If, as the Almanac of American Politics' Michael Barone wrote after 2000, the country was a 49-49 nation two years ago, this election made it a 51-48 nation. This is an important shift but hardly a massive one.

    this and some more analysis here

  • By no means did he get a pass last time. The real issue was that Bill Bradbury--who is a great candidate--and his $2,104,194 spent couldn't compete with the $5,651,098 Smith spent during the campaign. If he's still around in 2014, though, maybe I'll run against him.
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    Oregon Senate Democratic Leader Kate Brown ran the state campaigns on this platform and picked up 3 of the 30 senate seats. [link]
  • Much credit must be given to Secretary of State Bill Bradbury for redrawing the districts just over two years ago to enable the Dems to retake the state Senate this year--and probably the state House in two more years (then-Democratic Governor John Kitzhaber vetoed several redistricting efforts by the Republicans in the legislature, so the courts left it up to Bradbury).
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    for complete election night coverage in a smaller, less formal environment, come over to my blog, Basie!

    (sorry to blogwhore)


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