• That's right. Look, I don't think PA-12 means everything -- but how can it possibly mean nothing. Republicans thought they had it. They had a compelling candidate, they spent a great deal of money using the strategy of their choice (attacking Nancy Pelosi), and they were playing in a great district for them -- and yet they not only lost, they lost badly. How can that possibly signal nothing about the midterms?

  • Have you read her administrative law article? Because it's not really about foreign affairs/unlimited executive power in the way envisioned during the Bush administration.

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    Can you talk about the differences, if any, between your stance on healthcare reform and that of Dan Mongiardo?

  • Right. Not the former Republican Senator from Colorado. Hanks apparently confuse me.

  • Was P&O owned by the British government? Because DPW is owned by the UAE's sovereign wealth fun.

  • It's not nativism not want a foreign government to control major American ports.

  • Clearly irrelevant to an article about how the politics of healthcare reform impacts Democratic AGs...

  • I mean, look, I understand where you're coming from. On the other hand, if a candidate is going to pander, at least they might want to do it well.

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  • No. My point is that covering 30 million Americans, along with the other reforms, is a big part of the reason why liberals appear to be coming home.

  • You hit the nail on the head here. I'm not particularly optimistic about Democrats' hopes in November. I don't think Ds are going to win seats. But it's just ridiculous to say that they have effectively already lost the House 8 months out. I just don't get how a responsible analyst could claim such a thing.

  • Yep!

  • And that doesn't even account for post-Citizens United corporate expenditures.
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    Off the top of my head...

    1) Name the 14th state admitted to the Union. Vermont

    2) How many men have served as President? 43

    3) George Washington did not let his Vice President, John Adams, sit in the Cabinet setting a precedent that would last for over a century. Name the President who first welcomed his VP into the Cabinet and name the Vice President. Carter/Mondale

    4) The first comprehensive immigration reform legislation was passed and signed by which President? John Adams

    5) Name the first President to be born an American citizen. Van Buren

    6) Delaware was the first state to ratify the Constitution but the Constitution wasn't considered binding until the ninth state had ratified. Which was the ninth state to ratify the Constitution? New York

    7) The Seven Years' War fought between 1757 and 1763 is considered the first global war. The North American portion of that war is also known by which another name? French and Indian War

    8) Which historic event took place on March 5, 1770? Boston Massacre

    9) What are the Federalist Papers? Who wrote them? Hamilton, Madison, Jay

    10) Who was the only President to also later become a Supreme Court Justice? Taft

    11) What is meant by the term "Accidental President"? Who was the first? Bonus if you can name them all. Veep who becomes President. Tyler was first, followed by Fillmore, Johnson, Arthur, TR, Coolidge, Truman and Johnson

    12) Name the state that has been the birthplace of more Presidents than any other. Bonus if you can name them all. New York

    13) Name the first President not born in Virginia or Massachusetts. Hint: he was born in North Carolina. Jackson

    14) Which state did not send any representatives to the Constitutional Convention? Pennsylvania

    15) Barack Obama is the first sitting Senator to be elected President since John F. Kennedy. Name the previous Senator to be elected directly to the Presidency. Harding

    16) The case of Marbury vs Madison established which important principle? Judicial review

    17) Though Washington has the capital of the United States since 1800, eight other cities have served as capitals of the United States. Name them. Bonus if you can identify the one that served as the US capital for only one day. Hints: Three are in Pennsylvania, two others are state capitals today. Philadelphia, New York City

    18) Which battle proved to be the decisive battle in the War for Independence? Ticonderoga

    19) From 1781 to 1788, the United States was governed by another constitution. That constitution went by what name? Articles of Confederation

    20) Who coined the phrase "We The People"? Jefferson

    21) What is meant by the Connecticut Compromise? Who offered it? Hint: It was the topic of a previous post. Bicameral legislature; two Senators, House apportioned by population

    22) Elbrigde Gerry is unique among the Founding Fathers. Why? Drew his own district

    23) George Washington is considered to the "Father of his Country" but which founder is considered to be the "Father of the Federal Government"? Who is considered the "Father of the Constitution"? Hamilton and Madison

    24) What is meant by the "separation of powers"? Delineating powers between the three branches of the federal government

    25) The United States has what type of electoral system? Democratic Republic

  • Watching the Bush tax cuts being phased out in the current budget as a result of their having been passed through the reconciliation process, which gives a finite rather than infinite window for the legislation, I'm still not convinced as to how reconciliation is the answer.


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