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    Pepsi's rebrand seems to have very little to do with Obama's logo.  It is an update from their old logo which in some manner has existed since 1991.  Further Obama's campaign never used the logo to replace the "o" letter form.  The firm creating their logo proposed something in that direction but it was not selected.  I will give you the IKEA advertising is a rather straight association to the election theme.  However I need a little more support to back the theme of product advertising ripping off the campaign.  

    http://www.underconsideration.com/brandn ew/archives/the_new_pepsi_challenge_gues s.php

  • I haven't seen anything confirming his withdraw.  As of 2:20 PM;

     "Domenic is out of the race," said Assemblyman Vito J. Lopez, the Brooklyn Democratic Party leader who is a major part of the decision making on what candidate the party will endorse. "He is no longer a candidate for personal and family reasons."

    Mr. Recchia, however, said that he has not made any decision to drop out of the race. "My situation is this: There are other Democrats from Staten Island who are interested in running," Mr. Recchia said. "We're trying to work things out. To have a primary with elected officials running against each other is not in the best interest of the party."

    Looks like he is on the way out for sure, but he has not said for sure.

  • Recchia lives in NY-08, Rep. Nadler's district so it doesn't look like he will be able to run for that seat any time soon.  

    As for Recchia being the stronger candidate I don't know how true that is.  He does have the money lead but Harrison has picked up every political club endorsement that has happened so far.  He has also picked up DFNYC and PDA.  I believe Recchia has only shown up to one endorsement meeting.  So one has money the other has club support.  Not sure how anyone is a clear favorite at the moment.

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    via the Observer;

    "I have had a relationship with Laura Fay, with whom I have a three year old daughter.

    "My personal failings and imperfections have caused enormous pain to the people I love and I am truly sorry.

    "While I understand that there will be many questions, including those about my political future, making any political decisions right now are furthest from my mind.

    "Over the coming weeks and months, I will to continue to do my job and I will work hard to heal the deep wounds I have caused."

  • This is straight from Harrison's issue page;

    Steve believes in women's unrestricted reproductive freedom.  Nobody is better qualified than the involved women to make decisions concerning birth control, maintaining or terminating a pregnancy or any other matter relating to a woman's physical and mental health.  

    "Abortions should be safe and rare," says Steve, "and experience shows that making them illegal does not make them safe or rare."

    Steve believes the best way to prevent unwanted pregnancies and reduce the need for abortion is through age appropriate sex education in our schools and increasing the options available to women i.e., contraception, pre-natal care, child care and nutrition programs, and adoption programs.

    Steve supports funding to increase access to reproductive health care.

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    Thanks Todd for the coverage.  I write the NY13Blog listed above as well as the new VinoFossella.com site.  I was hoping to have a little more time to roll that out but all this resignation talk has really pushed up my schedule.  To cover a few questions;

    Harrison vs. Recchia
    Both are from the Brooklyn portion of the district, with Recchia actually living outside of the district by a few blocks.  Neither candidate has outraised Fossella, but Recchia does have more cash on hand than Fossella by $100k ($350 v $250).  On the other hand Harrison has wrapped up nearly every imaginable endorsement; DFNYC, PDA (national and local), SIDA, Dem. Organization of Richmond County and American Heritage Dem. Club.  

    Recchia for whatever reason has decided to not campaign and has yet to officially declare.  He was skipped almost every endorsement meeting and multiple debates/forums with Harrison.  Recchia thus far has not set up a campaign site, office or even put together any staff.  He does though have the support of Rep. Nadler (NY-08) which is helping with cash flow.  

    Staten Island Dem. Candidates
    There are only a handful of potentials here.  Sen. Diane Savino who holds a crucial state senate seat and is in charge of senate candidate recruitment which makes it hard to give up to run for Congress.  She represents the north shore and brooklyn, large democratic areas.  
    City Councilmember McMahon who many believe has his eyes set on the borough presidency race in 2009.  His wife is getting a judicial position and he has little interest giving up working at his law firm and earning the additional income.  He represents a very democratic North Shore.
    Assemblyman Cusick is the best of them.  His district is mid-island and the most conversative of any Democratic held position.  He has a lot of cross over support and easily wins re-elections.  The nomination has been his if he wanted it but he shys away from giving up his seat and campaigning hard.
    Assemblywoman Hyer-Spencer and Senator Titone are the other two dems on the island and both are freshman.  Titone has his seat for as long as he wants and Hyer-Spencer is up for a very challenging re-election this fall.  She squeaked out a 1% win for this seat in 06.

  • The bar is actually in Logan Circle area and yes DuPont does have a large gay population.  I would not infer anything.

  • Daily News coined this with their headline and now it is a nice chronological list of the events since his arrest.

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    Recchia is a City Council member from Brooklyn member not a city commissioner.

  • my post below, should be a reply to this thread.  Great discussion by the way.

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    While I agree choosing a candidate from the minority borough portion of this district is not the best strategy, I am not 100% convinced someone from Brooklyn can not win.  I think had Harrison had Barbaro's money this seat would have been decided by 1-2%.  If we get a self financing candidate from Brooklyn similar to Ron Klein of Florida I think they would have a strong chance.  Barbaro was out fund raised nearly 4-1 and Harrison 12-1.  Also remember Fossella was forced to leave the House Financial Services committee, so a large portion of his previous donors no longer have reason to financially back him if he is not on the committee voting in their interests, nearly $400,000 in the last cycle (out of ~1.3million total).

    http://ny13.blogspot.com/2007/01/fossell a-dealt-major-committee-and.html

  • That city council election was first a special election in February, and secondly for a South Shore seat, the Republican stronghold of the district.  I think getting down or calling it a landslide is a bit strong.  South Shore will be difficult for Dems to win in almost any race, so I would not use it as an indicator for the district, just as the Republicans almost always forfeit races on the North Shore.

    There are 53 City Council seats, Republicans control 3 (one represents the South Shore)

    There are 63 Assembly seats in NYC, Republicans control 1 (representing the South Shore)

    Cusick's seat by the way is mid-island, an important district to carry.

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    Sorry I am coming to the party a little late.  I covered Weiner's psuedo endorsement of Cusick at the NY13 Blog, you can read two of the latest relevant pieces here and here.  I have him rated as the number two choice in terms of momentum right now, behind State Senator Diane Savino, largely due to her union background and how that will translate into fund raising numbers.  Barbaro drew in more money from unions than Harrison did altogether in 06.  That being said, I have serious doubts the state party will let her give up a state senate seat when they are so close to taking control of it.  The positive points for Cusick is Schumer support and money and DCCC interest.  Schumer easily wins Staten Island.  In 04, he carried all four Assembly districts with his lowest percentage being 64%.  So SI'ers do embrace him.  Secondly the DCCC did some polling for this race back in '05 looking at match ups with Cusick, McMahon (city council member) and Savino.  All indications are that McMahon has his sights on the Borough President seat in '09, leaving Cusick as possibly the only remaining former DCCC favorite potential candidate.


    also a new arrival is this site;

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    Thanks.  Just to be clear I don't harbor any bad feelings towards SEIU, I just found the dynamic interesting.


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