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    josh marshall, honest broker?  you're kidding with that.  just another sexist frat boy throwing his man love at BO and hatred at hillary.  how sweet he's had an ex post facto rethink.  and obama's campaign against hillary was reprehensible.  full of right wing framing and playing of the race card fanned by his fan boys in the media just like josh marshall.  one of the many reasons this hillary partisan and life long Dem believes obama is a disaster for the party.

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    olberman is a vapid, loud mouthed idiot.  one of Obama's worst frat-boy sexist supporters.  bob sommerby in the daily howler points out if we stand for this type of propagandist on the left, then we have no right to complain about fox.  olberman is fox on steroids.  check out the front page of the NY Times today.  there's an article that addresses the sexist coverage that slimed hillary (bsnbc being the worst of all) and guess what, keith and chris and their corporate overlords think they did a great job covering hillary and don't intend to change a thing.  bsnbc is a toilet and keith olberman is it's primary attendent.

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    obamaphiles still bashing hillary.  yawn.  unity much?

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    but, but, but, he has judgement.  not so much.

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    as a hillary supporter and a lifelong and potentially former Dem, I didn't think his speech was all that.  same ole, same ole.  some of us just don't here his dog whistle.  it's about process, and how we can all get along, and a bunch of hot air.  no policy, no partisanship, a very thin gruel.  his foreign policy is jejune, he health care policy is cowardly, his social security policy is right wing, his supporters act like thugs, his media hand maidens are repulsive and his speeches don't inspire the way hillary's actions do.  no why am I supposed to vote for this guy come november?  I mourn for my candidate and my party.  

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    Viva Hillary!

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    what does hillary's personal wealth have to do with anything?  if that isn't a typical Rethug kind of comment I don't know what is.  Hillary represents working class people through her policies.  standing up to the right wing maniacs.  defending social security from phony claims that it is in crisis.  trying to provide health care for all despite right wing attacks from BO.  giving us a gas tax holiday.  your guy is running on process and that's what appeals to his comfortable supporters.  they just don't get Hillary's focus on the economy because I guess things are just dandy for them so they can concentrate, broder-like, on the partisanship (a good thing) in DC and how politics is broken because of both parties.  working people know that republicans are what are broken and we want somebody who will fight for our economic interests not cave like a house of cards (see BO and Trinity Church).  so while you might think I have a "schtick" (typical Obama supporter with your personal attack), and you can plug your ears and hum all you want, my views represent a wide swathe of the party which can't be replaced and without whom an election can't be won.

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    for this Hillary supporter and lifelong Dem who has never voted for a Rethug in my life, it's too little too late for BO.  I'm am so shocked and repelled by what goes on in that "church" from the disgusting mockery to the veneration of Farahkhan, that the fact he sat there and nodded his head for 20 years, is just beyond the pale.  I have so many other issues with him, from his right wing framing of health care and social security to his "bitter" diatribe against working class people to his fantasy that Rethugs will ever be fair with him or Dems in general, to the toxic playing of the race card against Hill and Bill and their supporters to the positively stalinist behavior of his supporters (he who may not be criticized), just don't believe I'll be able to pull the lever for him come November.  what Obama supporters don't seem to realize is that their false, sexist and positively vitriolic attacks on Hillary have driven away half the party.  your demands that we fall in line behind BO are so filled with entitlement that it just ain't gonna happen.  it ain't over until the lady in the pantsuit says it is.  until that day, I am a staunch Dem.  after that, not so much.  what I, as a working class Latino with pressing economic concerns, have in common with rich kids and their elitist parents is zilch.

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    do you obama supporter understand that every time you insult hillary and her supporters, you harden attitudes against your guy?  he has run a campaign against traditional democrats and the democratic party.  now if you want to remake the party in the image of repulsive kos and his vicious minions and toxic media hand maidens, good luck with that.  your guy might have won the battle, but he's going to lose the war because of his right wing framing, his jejeune foreign policy, his obsession with process and the nasty and brutish attitude of his supporters.  I suggest you stop attacking Hillary and start making nice or you're in for a very sorry November and it will be of your own making.

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    further it's quite stalinist to tell Hillary to drop out.  what you Obama supporters want is a potemkin election where he's coronated not nominated (sound familiar)?  I checked into Kos on the day of the Kentucky primary and he called it meaningless.  a forty point blow-out is hardly meaningless.  do you get that half the party doesn't like or want your guy?  Kerry 2.0 is an understatement.  Hillary should fight this all the way to the convention in my opinion.  the future of the Democratic Party is at stake.  If it's given over to the likes of Obama and his supporters, many lifelong Dems like this one will be heading for the exits.

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    the narcissism of the Obama campaign and its supporters is breathtaking.  and their hatred of Hillary knows no bounds.  the world doesn't revolve around your guy and everything that comes out of Hillary's mouth doesn't mean she's thinking about him all the time.  you're like freak republic devotees from tbe 90's.  unity much?  the faux or imagined outrage is tiring.  among the many reasons not to vote for Obama is the nasty attitude and toxic tirades of his supporters and media hand maidens.  

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    lowering taxes, especially regressive taxes like a gas tax, is always a good idea.  funny how Obama supporters just parrot a bunch of elitist (yeah that word) economists and rich folks rather than people who are shut out of the discussion, oh like working people who are hurting and are looking for a break any place they can get it.  this argument against a tax holiday is the very definition of elitist.  we know better.  thirty bucks is nothing.  this is why we will lose in November god forbid Obama is the nominee.  give the working people a break.  Hillary pays for the cut by taxing the oil companies.  what's so hard to understand about that?  and the whole hundreds of thousands will lose their jobs meme is classic right wing framing (no wonder the Obama campaign is using it).  are we to believe that the infrastructure work will stop across the country if this tax is suspended?  talk about fear mongering.  said it before and I'll say it again, as a working class Dem, I don't want children or rich people choosing my candidate.  

    BTW, according to the Hill campaign what she said on O'Liarly was "Rich people, God blessed us..."

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    going forward, it's hard to see how Obama supporters maintain any level of enthusiasm knowing their candidate is damaged goods, loves right wing framing, is less progressive, is more divisive and is a sure loser in November.

    Go and read today's Thank God For Paul Krugman...

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    Wright's Farakhan comments blew me away.  are we supposed to pretend that after 20 years of sitting in that church, Obama had no clue about the jew hating?  because that's what Wright preached today at the press club.  Zionism is not racism!


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