I Guess Obama Cut Those Classes at Columbia

There were so many other ways to respond.

Today, when 95 year-old Charles Edwards gave Barack Obama a maple walking stick, this is how the senator responded:

"And, if members of Congress don't pass my health care bill, I'm ready," Obama said wielding the stick as supporters laughed and cheered.

"I'll whup 'em," he joked. "They better not mess with me. I'll have that stick."

http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/200 8/06/05/obama-on-congress-ill-whup-em/#m ore-7637

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Ohio and Missouri

How does Barack Obama propose to win the general election without winning Ohio and Missouri?  No president has been elected since 1900 and well before who has lost both of these states.  Since 1960, every president has won both.  

This electoral pattern applies to Democrats and Republicans.  Lyndon Johnson won both in 1964.  Carter won both in 1976, but lost both in 1980.  George Bush (41) won both in 1988, but lost both in 1992.

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You Women (Jews, Negroes) Did Ask For This, You Know?

I'm male (goy, white).  I didn't vote in 2000 or 2002.  I lived in Wyoming at the time.  Voting for Gore or Joyce Corcoran wasn't going to matter and I knew it.  At least, that's what I told myself at the time.

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Startling New Pictures Suggest Life on Mars

Lowlife -
But life nonetheless.

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Is It Time to Write Off Obama?

I'm through.

Today's events have convinced me that I will not vote for Barack Obama.  Even though I have posted diaries since the North Carolina and Indiana primaries saying that Obama was the nominee, even though I said that I would support Obama in the fall, it was never enough.  Clinton continued to be painted as the Great Satan and her supporters his minions.

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What Happens If Obama Loses in Oregon?

I am curious.
What happens if Obama loses in Oregon?

I know the likelihood is small.  I know that Obama polls well in the West and poorly in Appalachia.  I know that ARG tends to overestimate Clinton's support.  But what happens?


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We Don't Need Yer Steenkin' Votes

A disturbing trend has emerged within the Obama campaign and among his supporters.  Apparently, many believe that Obama doesn't need working class votes in the general election.  Not only will he not need them, but there is almost a palpable pride in refusing them.  How, you can say what you will about the hypocrisy of the Republican Party - and there's ample hypocrisy to talk about - but Karl Rove & Co. always were ready to take any and all votes.  That's how you win elections.

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I'm Going to Laugh My Ass Off

I'm going to laugh my ass off when Hillary wins West Virginia.  I hope she wins it by 40 points.  Hell, if it's 50 points I'll pee in my pants.  "But why?" asks the fearless leader of the Thermians.

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With All Due Respect - the Race Is Over

I am a Clinton supporter and donor, but it is time to face some basic realities.  Barack Obama won big in North Carolina last night.  Hillary Clinton barely pulled out a victory in Indiana.  Clinton has clearly lost the nomination.  For her to have continued she needed a big win in Indiana and a close call in North Carolina.  Instead, it was the exact opposite.

It's time for Al Gore and John Edwards to endorse Obama.  We really do not need to have additional primaries where Obama may lose and where media pundits will keep blathering about working class white voters.  It is time for Hillary to concede.

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Hurricane Rita - Two and a Half Years Later

I recently completed a bicycle tour from the Georgia coast through southwest Louisiana to west Texas.  For years I have looked forward to cycling through the marshlands of coastal Louisiana, a remote region of unique beauty and Cajun culture.  This is the story of Cameron, Louisiana.

What I saw stunned me.  I had long known of our nation's failure to address the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  The impacts of Hurricane Rita were just as severe and remain largely ignored two and a half years later.

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