• Can you help me with the definition of "stalking"?

    Because it sure has pejorative implications.
    Is it stalking for a bona-fide reporter to follow a public official and ask difficult questions?  Gee, I thought that was one of the gripes progressives had with the Bush administration, embedded reporters in Iraq, pre-screened questions, etc., etc.

    By your definition, then the actions of Shekar Sidarth following the Allen campaign in 2006 could also be defined as "stalking".  You can't have it both ways.  You cannot demand that your opponents be subject to public scrutiny, but your own candidates be shielded.

    And as to the specifics of the press conference at Rep. Cohen's house - since he called a press conference in relation to his capacity as a public official - even if at his own home - he made it a public venue.

    PPS - And I say this as someone who was glad to see Allen defeated and who believes that Cohen is the far better candidate.  But I believe there should be overarching principles and a higher level of discourse.

  • Because he worked for a Republican congressman?
    He may be a Republican - but an operative?

    Because he wants to see Cohen defeated?
    Very, very few Armenian Americans want to see Cohen reelected.
    Perhaps like African Americans and Jesse Helms.

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    Purple - Lupine
    Yellow - Balsamroot
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    Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming

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    Thank you.

  • Redefining the 13th Amendment -

    Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime where of the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

    As LIMITING freedom.

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    Nader was right about one thing - -

    Gore would have been president if he could have won his home state of Tennessee (which Clinton did twice).  Gore would have been president if he could have won New Hampshire (which Clinton did twice).

    The Al Gore of 2000 ran an awful campaign and has a terrible campaign manager.  Remember - "Alpha Male"?  That had Joe Sixpacks all over the country laughing so hard they were crying.

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    Your bigotry is showing.

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    And more meh!

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    Who needs a whole Constitution
    when half will do just fine?
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    The Dems didn't cave.
    The Dem leadership did just what it intended to do.
  • Yes, I was in a situation for more than 12 hours and felt lucky to emerge alive.  I was also in Wyoming during the murder and funeral of Matt Shepard and the trial of his killers.

    So, yes, I think that joking about beating someone into submission is inappropriate.

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    The humor in violence is bad enough - - but - -

    The first African American major party candidate and he uses a metaphor which brings to mind the caning of abolitionist Senator Charles Sumner.  There may have been a few other bumps and scrapes in the halls of Congress, but the beating of Sumner is, far and away, the most famous episode of using a cane in Congress.

    Not to mention that Obama doesn't have all that much political capital as yet.  So to talk about "whupping" is an open invitation for snickering in the back benches.

  • Know anybody since Reagan who has used it?
    If you want to join the Teddy R. Imperialist Club, then use it all you wish.
  • Was absolutely trollworthy -
    But I chose not to troll your "f--- off"
    even though it is clearly in the site guidelines.

    As a survivor of violence,
    I believe that it is NEVER acceptable to make jokes about beating people into submission.  You take this "joke" to any Domestic Violence Center and see what they say.

    Was it off the cuff?  Yes.
    Is Obama exhausted?  Yes.
    But it's still inappropriate.

    I grew up in a time when n----- jokes were considered appropriate after dinner conversation among the well-bred.  I went to college when f----- jokes were oh-so-funny.

    You don't joke about race.
    You don't joke about sexual orientation.
    You don't joke about violence against others.

    Especially for an African American when African Americans have been the victims of the most obscene violence to coerce their "cooperation" throughout history.  It boggles my mind.

    I don't see what's so difficult to understand about that.

    If you can honestly tell me that there are appropriate times to make n----- or f----- jokes, then I will pull this diary forthwith.


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