My letter for Financial Support for the Netroots

I decided, after the pleas from Matt and Chris, to get off my ass and do something about getting money into the progressive movement.  I wrote the letter that follows, which to summarize, just outlines a few of our achievements, and that we are an extremely valuable ally and asset to the Democratic Party.

What I want from you, besides comments, is what organizations or candidates I should send this to.  Also, if you follow up with a similar letter, we can have more of a say in this.  We made some serious headway in the use it or lose it campaign - now we're asking for a quite a bit less.  My letter is as follows:

This email is a plea for your support.  But don't worry, the support you give is not a handout, but instead an investment.  What I am asking is that you support the progressive movement, specifically through financially helping the netroots through blogs.

The netroots has helped numerous candidates directly in the 2006 political cycle, and the rewards are being reaped by the Democratic Party.  We helped elect 30 House Democrats, 6 Senators, 6 Governors, and delivered 10 new state houses to the Democrats.  We cannot claim credit for all of these victories, but we had a heavy hand in many of them, including the Virginia Senate, Montana Senate, CA-11, CT-02, and many others.  The synergy between the netroots and the Democratic Party has produced these massive results.

The netroots has obviously not contributed only through monetary means.  One of the most important achievements we have had were through putting specific races on the map, including the races I mentioned above, and many others.  In addition, the manpower supplied through volunteers, including the enthusiasm that the blogs have given us and organized us through, deserve your recognition.

So I am writing to ask you to help supply this alliance.  In fact, it may be the most valuable investment you can give.  By allowing the netroots to continue to operate, you will put a movement behind you that can help win an election at costs far lower than a single ad buy.  The progressive movement is vital to maintaining control of the Senate, House of Representatives, and critical state majorities.  Furthermore, the media narrative about the Democratic Party is in part shaped by the netroots and blogs.

My suggestion to you is that you donate money, through an outright contribution, or through an ad buy, to blogs and netroots machinery.  Chris Bowers from has posted a similar plea  on his website, which faces many monetary problems, but serves as a critical anchor for the progressive movement, and therefore the successes of the Democratic Party in the near and long term.  My suggestion and hope is that you provide an ad buy at, and/or donate to BlogPac.  BlogPac serves to support bloggers at national and statewide blogs.  Local blogs, such as, have been influential in local races, helping Jim Webb win the Senate race in Virginia, and the same can happen in any state.  BlogPac is working to create a 50-State blog network to support these local blogs and keep them solvent.

Please then, I ask that you help us, and therefore help yourself and the movement that supports you, buy donating or buying an ad, and keeping the Democratic victories that we have seen maintained and expanded in 2008.  A small donation should be announced, and will provide you a direct personal boost in support, as well as indirect strengthening of the progressive movement.  You will not be disappointed if you contribute to help the netroots survive and expand.

John Nicosia, Progressive activist and donor.

Website to Donate to BlogPac:

Matt Stoller's Plea for support: 1/23/18375/2834

Chris Bower's plea for support: 2/3442#readmore

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Re: My letter for Financial Support for the Netroo

What organizations are you a member of?  That's where I'd start.

by Matt Stoller 2007-01-25 11:11AM | 0 recs


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