Calm down, all of you!

So this is my very first diary, after reading MyDD for four years and being a  for two years. Why do I finally write a diary?
Because I'd otherwise consider not reading Mydd anmore. What has the athmosphere become here.
You hardly find thoughtful arguments in the comments and many diaries anymore. There's hardly any analysis left, that is not intended to discredit either Clinton or Obama.
The only thing that is going on is namecalling in either direction, saying that one or the other should finally drop out, and threatening that one would not vote for the other.

Now granted, I'm in Germany and even though I watch American TV and read a lot of American blogs I'm not there and do not experience charged athmosphere there. But hey come down, take a deep breath: If you are a Clinton supporter, is Obama really worse than McCain, is it really true calling him a racist, bigot, etc., if you are an Obama supporter, is Clinton worse than McCain, doesn't she suppose a pretty good healthcare plan, is she really that neoconservative that you make out of her.
And all of you ask yourselves if it is really worth engaging in these petty accusations that the campaign have against each other. Is that really how you want elections to be decided.

Both of them are Democrats. There will almost certainly be a democratic Congress coming November. If there's a democratic president this will be a situation that has not existed for 14 years. There's so many things a democratic majority could get done whether the president's name will be Clinton or Obama.

Sorry if this sounds presumptuous or arrogant. It's not what it's intended to be. I hope you can see it as a view from somebody who 's really interested in the campaign, but isn't right in the middle but rather has the chance to see the race from a different perspective.

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