IN-06 Barry Welsh Official Blog Debuts

The Barry A. Welsh For Congress  campaign today unveiled the new official blog on their website, located at The new blog will feature posts from the candidate himself as well as blog team members, communications staff and the occasional guest post from friends and allies of the campaign. The blog will be used to make regular posts with items of interest relating to the campaign, recent podcasts, interviews online and more.

The blog also has links to our various social network profiles, enhanced communications for the public to contact the campaign and constantly updated news from the LeftyBlogs Indiana Blogwire featuring the latest posts from the Bloosiersphere, a term used to describe the blue Hoosier blogosphere. We hope that readers find the blog user-friendly and informative.

The blog currently has entries posted from Barry Welsh and myself, but will soon feature posts from members of the blog team that includes:

  • Bob Hertzog, a blogger for the Richmond Palladium-Item newspaper and Democratic party activist from Richmond, IN. Bob will be blogging about Richmond area matters, as well as issues of state and national interest.
  • Matthew Neville, a student at the University of Evansville who hails from Columbus, IN, one of the cities in the district. Matthew will be blogging about Columbus area matters, as well as education, student and youth issues.
  • Sam Hasler, an attorney and blogger from Anderson, IN where he works in a private practice. He also writes the Trifles In Anderson, IN blog at and will be covering legal, state and national issues.
  • Sherri Welsh is an analyst with a software company in Cinncinnatti, OH and is the wife of Barry Welsh. Sherri has been blogging at DailyKos regularly under the name Congressional Candidates Wife for a couple of years now and has agreed to post on Barry's Blog as well with her unique inside the campaign perspective.

More team members will be joining us soon and you all are invited to join us as well. We are putting together a team of Barry's Bloggers who will help us spread the message of hope that Barry brings to the 6th District of Indiana. If you would like to become one of Barry's Bloggers send me an email expressing your interest to and I will add you to the roster.

For more information please contact Joh Padgett via email at, by phone at (317) 352-5066 or by instant message on AIM at barrywelsh08, on Yahoo Messenger at barrywelsh_08 and on Google Talk by adding to your Gmail contacts.

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Re: IN-06 Barry Welsh Official Blog Debuts

Can't wait!! Pence is going DOWN!!!

by paddykraska 2007-09-12 12:40PM | 0 recs


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