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    There is a big difference when a white man called women "ho", and a black man called women "ho".

    It's not the same.  If you listen to it carefully, it's not the same "ho".  It's not the same crime.

    So conveniently, Obama can pardon his friend.

  • From what I can see.  Murphy is more of a democrat than Backtrack O.  She is fighting for a democratic value & the constitution; One man, one vote: Separation of Church & State: Freedom of Speech.

    Backtrack O. flipped on the FISA bill, he will expand Bush's Faith Base Program, his minion flagged anti-BO blogs as spam and had them shut down.

    If Murphy is a Republican, Backtrack O. is a communist.

  • Backtrack Obama lost my vote when he said Clinton administration was as bad as Republican.   He is a Democrat who doesn't show respect and gratitude to the only 2-terms Democrat President.  Unacceptable.

    Now it's a typical of him to backtrack and said Bill Clinton was a good president.   That disgusted me.  If he believe Bill was bad, stick with it.   He is pandering now to get my vote.  Never!

    He's a jello man.  He doesn't have any character of a leader.

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    Take action so there will be NObama.

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    She earned me vote.  But he has not.

  • I don't think they can end sexism because they don't see it as sexism.

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    The rules said Superdelegates cast their vote at the convention.  And rules are rules, right?

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    I had Obama supporters infected our blog and spreading rumor that Hillary will close down her campaign.

    One person suggest that we should all vote for BO.  When I said that I can't vote fore him because he's inexperience.   That person then said HRC can get the first 4 years but should agree to step down after 4 years, and let BO have the second 4 years.  BO supporter hated the dynasty and wanted to pass the presidency like it's a throne. LOL.

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    LOL.  Not a single particle in his body has crossed the finish line yet.  

    We are witnessing the last 100 meters of the 10klm marathon race.  The front runner is losing steam and doesn't have any people power left to push him over the top.

    The second runner is fresh and full of energy with the wind of people power in her back.  

    They just made the turn at the last corner and enter the last 100 meters.  The supporters of the front runner just wish that if there is way they can run down the stadium and push the second runner out of the race, their man can crawl into the finish line.  

    But sorry,  it's not going to happen.  Go Hillary Go.  We are going to celebrate.

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    His favorable rating is LOWER that HRC.  And his unfavorable rating is HIGHER than HRC.   The number is worse against McCain.

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    Gracia to the Hispanic community.  They are the swing vote in this year election.

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    LOL.  Everything is not his responsibility.   His decision to go to the hate church for 20 years is not his responsibiility.  

    He chose Wright rant to be his uncle is not his responsibility.   He chose Father Freak to be an advisor of his campaign is not his responsibility.  

    He lied that his parent met, had sex, and conceived him 4 years after he was born also is not his responsibility.

    He has nothing to do with everything that happen in his life.

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    I will not support anyone that I know for sure will ruin the country.

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    BO stole 4 delegates from HRC and got 55 more for free.

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    Lousy excuse.  Only 6 years old kid buy that crap.   Oh let's spilt the Christmas present 50/50 with your sibling.  It's fair.


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