My Love-Hate Relationship with Hillary

When Bill Clinton came to the Whitehouse, I can tell you that I didn't find his wife charming at all.  She didn't fit an image of the First Lady.  She ran around trying to save the world, the healthcare, and other stuffs.   And I was like "wow, control yourself girl."

Then she caught my attention again during Bill's impeachment.   Media was debating whether she should leave Bill and all.  And my conviction was, as a strong-head woman as she was, she would definitely dump him.  Then to my surprise,  she chose to stay.  I chewed at her everyday.  At some point, my mom had enough and said sometimes family requires a lot of self-sacrifice.  Well, I shut up but still hold the grunt.  My enlightenment day came when I heard Hillary answer to the question why she keep the marriage. She said that "She made her choice".  Exactly.!  It's her choice, her family.  I don't know their whole story and their marriage.  I'm not there in their house, and their bedroom.  I don't have a space in this argument, why would I judge her on that.  

Then she ran for the NY Senate.  And I said "no way she' gonna win".  NO Chance.! I would have bet a million dollar that she will lost.  But then she won the senator to my surprise.  My conclusion was that it must be a fluke.  It's because Giuliani dropped out.

Then she won the second term for NY senator and won decisively.  And I went "huh?!,  she did?  Again?" Well, she might have something.

She earned my complete respect when she made her speech at the senate explain her vote for the resolution after 9/11.  I was in limbo myself.  On one hand I know that Sadam can be a real danger, but going to war cannot be the answer.  We got to do something to squeeze Saddam if he had anything or not.  Be listened to her full speech (I doubt many people did), she explained all the details, I understood the situation and the choices we had.  I understood her vote.  And I thought we had a good solution.  Then stupid Bush ruined it all.

Then came the big question "Would she run for the president?" I didn't know.  And I waited for her decision.  I thought "why would she want to risk it?" she was doing great as NY senator.  I don't see any reason she would want to go through all the scrutiny again.  All her old scars will be pieced again.  Would she?, I wouldn't do it.  
What if she lost?  That will be so humiliating.  Nay, she wouldn't do it.

Then, Oh GOD!, the girl will run.

Then came the campaign, the scrutiny, the media bias, being the punching bag in the debate surrounding by the old-boy club.  She has been on the receiving end, but she stands her ground, explains herself, explains her policy.  She earned my respect.  

Then the media bashing is getting out of hand, she earned my sympathy.

She hold her grace in the line-of-fire.  She is right on the point every time in the debate.  She is confident about her policy.  She put her neck on the line, her senate legacy, her husband's legacy.  It all can go wrong, she might lost and has to craw back to the senate.  But she risks it all.  Why?  Does it worth it?  Then the answer come in NH.  She told me why she do this.  There is only one explanation that can explain it.  I wonder why I have never seen it before.  I was too ignorant.

She said she's doing this because she cares.  Because she cares so much about the state of the country.  She's really worry about us.  Can we afford our house, our healthcare, our children education?  Can we keep our job?  On that day, she won my heart and soul.

Thank you Hillary for standing up and fight for us.   Thank you for showing grace under unfair treatment and bias.  Thank for making me believe in a politician again.   I believe in you.  You will be a good President.  

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Re: My Love-Hate Relationship with Hillary

Thanks. This uphill battle against the media has been challenging and frustrating. They may yet succeed in their campaign against her, but I know Hillary Clinton will fight tooth and nail every last step of the way.

by OrangeFur 2008-02-03 06:52PM | 0 recs
Yes, her courage and endurance are most obvious

And a large block of our party wants to nominate a Senator with two years of experience prior to running for the Senate who doesn't even have the courage to take questions from voters during appearances.

by lombard 2008-02-03 07:49PM | 0 recs
Correction. Prior to running for president.

by lombard 2008-02-03 07:49PM | 0 recs
Re: My Love-Hate Relationship with Hillary

Hillary is a class act.

So many family values people cut and run when things go wrong and then throw mud at her for sticking to the till death do we part thing.

She is also a class act in keeping her word and not being overly personal in her attacks unlike the obama team.

by sonofdonkeykong 2008-02-03 11:58PM | 0 recs


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