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    From my perspective in Texas, Paul has the right stuff to be a superstar on the national political stage.

    If he's planning his long term political future, I think he should run for Governor next, serve two terms, then run for president.

    Who was the last Ohio governor to become president, Wm. McKinley? I think the next should be Paul Hackett.

    The guy is a natural, he has the charisma and the rhetorical skills to electrify the electorate.

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    Your post mirrors my own framing of the differences in philosophies. Many of these distinctions were also cleverly outlined in Garrison Keillor's book Homegrown Democrat.
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    I volunteered for Frost campaign and would support him again to represent our district. He has proven to be an excellent representative for the citizens of Dallas.

    I don't support him for chairman of the DNC. I support Dean. The DNC needs Dean to transform the party away from the old power/money structure of which Frost is a key component.

    DO NOT UNDER ESTIMATE FROST. He is a shrewd and ruthless politician and will tenaciously rally the Any Body But Dean crowd behind his candidacy.

    If you want Dean to succeed, redouble your efforts to show your support for his candidacy.

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    His performance on television this morning was pitiful. His skills might be suited to his new position, but my first observation of him as a spokesperson was extremely disappointing.

    His obvious lack of preparation and complete lack of a coherent message is a disturbing sign that the democrats' congressional leadership still doesn't have their act together.

    I think this is more evidence that an individual with strong organizational and communication skills needs to be head of the party structure and Howard Dean is the best candidate.

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    Up early this morning to check on polling places to fill in any missing campaign signs. Each poling place had LONG lines that had already formed an hour before the polls opened.

    BIG turnout today.

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    Today will culminate in a watershed moment when technology and activism merged and made history.

    This is just the beginning. We have reached critical mass and now are a force to be reckoned with. There is nothing we can't accomplish now.

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    Kerry 51%
    Bush 48%

    Kerry 296 EV's

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    The rally is at Moody Coliseum at SMU. You can get the details at dallasgop.org

    A protest is being organized by the dallas democrats. Here is the information posted on dallasdemocrats.org

    President George W. Bush will be in town on Monday to speak at SMU.

    There will be a public rally starting on Monday, November 1st at 6:30PM on the west side of Mockingbird and (75) Central Expressway. Near the shopping strip located next to SMU.

    If you have any questions please call Jennifer at 214-728-3541.

    On Monday Nov.1st wear your Kerry gear and bring a sign!

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    I feel fairly confident that three of the Texas 5 are going to win.


    I'm friends with Sandlin and Frost so I can speak with a little more authority on them than I can on Edwards.

    Max Sandlin has consistently been ahead of his challenger in the polls. He is a candidate that transcends party affiliation. His constituents love him and the support from the portion of his old district and the rural areas of the new portion support him strongly. Max appears to win by as much as 5 points.

    Frost can never be underestimated. His campaign has been one of most efficient and organized grass roots campaigns I have ever seen. Frost is a shrewd politician. Over the years has earned the respect and trust of every constituency in the community, including business AND labor.

    Remember Dallas County is very moderate. The current and previous mayors were liberal democrats and TX CD-32 is entirely in Dallas County.

    Bush is coming to Dallas tonight because they know Sessions is in trouble. I feel like Frost wins on turnout by 1-2%.

    As for Edwards, what I'm reading and reports from my friends is that his opponent's campaign has been so negative it has actually backfired and Edwards appears to be slightly ahead.

    I have no intelligence on the other two races. The burntorangereport blog has the best news on the races in TX.

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    Just a reminder.
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    Yes it is only available through cable or satellite. I have DirectTV. If the Sundance Channel is not part of your subscription, I would strongly recommend that you at least sign up for a trial period.

    I have seen all of these documentaries and they are very powerful and need to been seen by a wide audience. In particular, Bush's Brain should be seen by every American to understand the power behind the throne of the Bush administration.

    If you know any undecided voters that aren't voting until Election Day. Host a party on Monday night and invite them over to watch these films. Nobody should vote before seeing them.

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    HELP. Go vote at this poll and post reasons to vote for Kerry.

    Detroit News Poll

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    Spread the word. On the Sundance Channel tonight is a great documentary. The Sundance Channel is playing some important documentaries as the election approaches including a documentary marathon on election eve. Please send this information to everyone you know and have them check www.sundancechannel.com for show times.

    Wednesday (10/27)
    Uncovered: The Whole Truth About The Iraq War.

    Thursday (10/28)
    With God On Our Side: George W. Bush and the Rise of the Religious Right in America

    Monday (11/01)
    Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election

    The Whole Truth About The Iraq War

    Unconstitutional: The War on Our Civil Liberties

    Bush's Brain

  • I think you are confusing Dallas county with Highland Park. In 2000, the vote breakdown in Dallas County for President was Bush 52% - Gore 45%. For example, Ron Kirk and Laura Miller, who are fairly liberal, would have never been elected as mayor if Dallas was very conservative. My opinion is that Dallas is politically moderate and Frost appeals to the same base of support that has elected our mayors.

    I live in Highland Park and yes, it is conservative but being Republican is more of an identity instead of an ideology. I know of many Republicans in Highland Park, especially business owners, who plan to vote for Martin. Here is the common theme among their reasons for voting for him.

    He is business friendly and has a reputation for getting things done.
    He is Independent. Many of the older Republicans don't want to be represented by one of Delay's soldiers.
    He puts the issues of his constituents first, before party loyalty, etc.
    He is fiscally conservative
    He has clout in the Congress, even more clout if and when the Democrats retake control of the House.

    They all say they want someone seasoned and tough so that our influence isn't diminished.

    The DCCC has started stepping up the GOTV effort this week. The polls show the race tied which means it will come down to turnout.

    I have been analyzing the early voting and based on limited data we have regarding party identification from primary voting, it appears that the early voting is fairly evenly divided between the parties. Historically in Dallas county, early voting is usually won by the Republicans. So the trend this year is good news for Frost if on Election Day the Democrats follow their historical pattern of turn out in higher numbers.

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    Good Update. But I disagree on your prediction about Frost. I'm a precinct chairman in CD-32 and have been working on the Frost campaign all year. I think the race is a dead heat and Frost may win it on turnout. I agree that Max and Chet are good bets to win another term.


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