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Here is the other side of the story. That Anthony changed the password changes things a bit, but I still think he should be compensated for the amount of work he has done. Hopefully, negotiations on that front will continue. Also, I don't like the "we are making this up as we go along" part of the explanation--Chris

I won't have time to post today, but you should read this post from TechPresident. The account written here does not quite accord with what Micah reported--Matt

Hi, I'm Joe Rospars and I'm the New Media Director at Barack Obama's campaign. There have been a lot of questions and comments in this community related to our MySpace profile, and so I wanted to come by and clarify how we got here and answer questions.

Our campaign started quickly. People around here say that this has been like building an airplane in mid-air, having already taken off. This is especially true of the New Media operation. While the campaign in general is going from zero to sixty, our team is at the same time charged with exploring the new ways we can build relationships between Barack and his supporters, and foster relationships among supporters themselves.

When it came to MySpace, we decided to take a leap. We decided to make the attempt to combine the organic support and community-building of a grassroots effort with the official campaign outreach efforts.

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Dean: Why Bother to Fight on Roberts?

Governor Dean weighs in on the debate about whether and why to fight John Roberts -- full text of email to Democrats across the country after the bump.


[H]ow will we win any battle if we don't stand up for what we believe and speak the truth? More importantly, how will Americans know what to expect from a Democratic Congress and Democratic president if we don't fight for our values at every opportunity?

Democrats can disagree with Democrats in good faith -- and many do on this issue. But when political calculations silence our conscience, we have abandoned our true values. We cannot let that happen.

Meanwhile, ordinary people are putting up a fight -- nearly 75,000 letters have been sent to editors of newspapers across the country opposing Roberts. For background, see Dean's verdict on Roberts -- both his message to Democrats and his op-ed on Roberts that appeared last week.

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Howard Dean's Verdict on John Roberts

Governor Dean came out full force against John Roberts today in an email to the grassroots, and sent everyone a preview of a nationwide op-ed that will run tomorrow.

Full text of both after the bump.

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Dean: 'I Agree with George Bush'

From the diaries--Chris

I know we're all political people, and one can't help but smell blood in the water with this Rove stuff. But as hapless as the move and the White House handling of it has been politically, you really have to step back and ask the broader question: "Is this really what the White House operatives are doing?" And let's not forget the even scarier, "If they're capable of this, what else are they willing to do?"

This is serious, scary stuff -- and this administration really needs to come clean immediately about what happened here. It's not about politics -- it's about our security and our trust in government, and everyone should be able to agree on that.

Full text of email Dean just sent after the bump --

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From the DNC: Dean, Staff Calling Grassroots Donors During Glitzy GOP Dinner

From the diaries--Chris

While the Republicans are schmoozing corporate lobbyists and other special interests all over town today, Governor Dean and his staff will showing the difference between how the two parties do business by spending today calling grassroots donors.

In case you missed it, the GOP money for influence machine is in high gear:

$10 million is expected to come from lawmakers' fundraising and a Washington program aimed at K Street

(In addition to where their money comes from, it's also worth noting which big Republican donors may be under the radar tonight.)

Below is an email sent just now by DNC Finance Director Lindsay Lewis, who has worked for Governor Dean for a long time and is a driving force behind doing things differently.

Of course, Governor Dean and the staff won't make it through tens of thousands of phone calls today -- but isn't it refreshing to know that there's a political party interested in trying?

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You Asked For It: DNC Responds on 50-State Strategy

From the diaries--Chris

In response to this, this, this and lots of other requests, you should really check out this.

An email from Democratic Party Executive Director Tom McMahon after the bump.

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Message from Dean on 50-state Strategy & Organizing

Governor Dean just sent this message out -- it's an update on the letter he sent Monday about the 50-state strategy and putting our money where our mouth is.

The new state rolling out is Kansas; four more can be ready to go next week if the resources are there.

Full text below the fold.

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