FL-25: Co-Host Joe Garcia Event in New York/Netroots

Please visit the Act Blue Page and tell Diaz-Balart what you think of his attacks.

On April 21st (next Monday!), Joe Garcia will be attending an event with Rep. Charlie Rangel in New York. Joe’s opponent, Bush rubberstamp Mario Diaz-Balart is trying to divide the South Florida community with the event, calling Joe and Rep. Rangel “left-wing extremists.” This of course is sticking with the Diaz-Balart campaign theme. When Joe announced his campaign, he was called a “Castro-sympathizer” and Diaz- Balart said Joe’s run was an attempt “to overthrow him from Congress.” Except the facts are that Joe has been standing up for Democracy in Cuba his entire life and he opposes the Bush/Diaz-Balart restrictions on travel and family remittances, which have taken power away from the Cuban people.

Mario Diaz-Balart on the other hand has made hypocritical attacks. He’s taken over $80,000 in campaign contributions from special interests and PACs with ties to the Cuban government, many of them who have lobbied against the embargo. At the same time Diaz-Balart continues to call powerful members of Congress "communists," partisan rhetoric that makes it difficult to get anything done for the 25th district. This is part of the reason the district ranks 407th out of 435 in the US in terms of performance from their representative, even though it's one of the poorest districts in the nation and could use significant help from the government.

Help fight back against Diaz-Balart’s rediculous hyprocrisy and red- baiting by co-hosting Joe Garcia’s event in New York. Together we can show that we support a politics that rejects special interest groups and embrace one that moves the country forward on combating challenges like protecting the Everglades and taking on climate change, expanding health care coverage to all, and bringing a responsible end to the war in Iraq.

Help get the fundraiser off to a start at the Act Blue Page with even a $5 or $10 contribution, really that’s all it takes! If Republicans are going to use misleading and McCarthist attacks, we need to show our numbers and make them pay for it, every single time.

There will also likely be a virtual event, either a live-blog or townhall, with Joe Garcia before or after the event on Monday, so we truely will be co-hosting!

Thank you for your support!

Shane Markowitz

Joe Garcia for Congress

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