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    But I suspect that condition is independent of the clothing choices...

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    that the troops in the conflict in the war that these uber-Patriots 'support' need to be spelled and that it is highly selfish and unpatriotic to be hiding in classes instead of getting out there and REALLY showing their support for our dear leader and his little conflagration.
  • yeah, the hubris is thick enough to cut with an axe.  And the funny thing is that other than cars and bad policy, we don't make anything here anymore - we outsource it all to China and put our brands on the cheap, shoddy shit that they made for us.


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    The widening gap between self-described conservatives and liberals has less to do with our political philosiphy than media access (bombardment).

    I will try to find the study and will post once I find it.  This study determined that most people, after significant time listening to personalities like Rush, Insannity and Scarborough (the Mayor of Looneyville), would begin to identify with the views and values of said personalities.  (I think it boils down to a hero-worship-lite sort of thing or more specifically the 5th level of Maslow's heirarchy - belonging.)

    Anyway, we have a good start with Air America.  The good thing is that I rarely hear anything on it that isn't the unwashed truth.  And the truth is pretty hard to beat once its out there side-by-side with the lies and distortions from the other side.  For too long we have allowed the other side to out gun us with media access and bloviating.  It's high time we start beating them down with honesty and facts.

    Hopefully, I'll have more later.


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    I would like to see a co-chair arrangement with these two.  They both have strengths that are badly needed in the DNC.  Dean can be the can-do, ass-kickin' mofo that puts the wood publically to the repugs.  Rosenberg is an organizational dream with his knowledge and experience with the machinery.  He also admits readily to the failures of the DNC and is hell bent to not repeat them with the NDN.  

    I hope that is an option worth consideration.


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    Fair and Honest.

    Which side are you on?

    The Dems want things to be fair and honest.  Things like elections, education, taxes and govenrment.

    If any Republicans rail against a Dem candidate, ask the voters why that repug doesn't want things 'fair and honest'.  When we push for transparent, verifiable votiing machines and they block it, shout from the rooftops: "THEY DON'T WANT THINGS FAIR AND HONEST!!!!"

    Your thoughts?


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    to insure that the system can again be trusted.  I currently cannot trust the U.S. election system and believe that disenfranchisment was specifically targeted to communties that would tip the balance away from blind (deaf and dumb) faith to thoughtful engagement.  Think about it - in adjoining precincts in Ohio, one (very white, conservative and blindly loyal) precinct had 1 voting machine per 176 voters.  The adjacent (minority and very pro-change) precinct had 1 machine per 1000 voters.  Losing that state was not only inevitable, it was pre-planned.

    We now need to work to effect lasting change in the system that will always insure fairness regardless of the party in power.  The fact that the voting system cannot be trusted strikes at the very heart of democracy.  We need to continue to put the kind of work we put in for this past election to totally revamp the voting machines.  Verifiable and auditable machines with paper trails that can be easily generated and accessed when needed.

    It is truly shameful that men like Karl Rove and Tom DeLay would prefer to break trust with that system in order to gain and retain power.  What amazes me daily is the piousness of the Bush supporters yet they seemingly have not a clue to the absolute absence of morality that their 'leaders' have.  It's kind of like supporting a priest that you know has commited shameful acts over the years.  You can still forgive and love the man, but get him the hell out of a position of influence and power.  And if some sort of legal punishment is appropriate, let the laws do their work.

    I now hope that the D.A. in Austin starts handing out indictments to DeLay and the rest of his corrupt Texas crew.  Seeing him in an orange jumpsuit will go a long way to restoring some trust in me.  Oh, and by the way, it will poison the Republican power structure for a few months while they try avoid him during the process.  And if by some way we can regain  the house and senate in '06?  No deals to avoid jail for EVERYONE at the top of this foundationless pyramid...


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    Maybe not a spammer, just to cheap to part with $300 and willing to alienate some people in the process...


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    and he would be a great dark horse choice.  He has been behind the scenes long enough to both understand the machinery and to understand the shortcomings issues that McAuliffe seemingly represents.

    He also knows that we need a fresh approach as liberals/progressives and that we need to 'sell' our story to the rest of the country rather than let the right continue to define us.  Our infrastructure is in its infancy compared to the right and we need to continue to grow it.  Morally, we are on the right side of the ledger, i.e. we walk the walk whereas they only talk the talk.

    Now is the time for us to focus on the mid-terms.  The real upside in this loss is that we now have the very real opportunity to impeach and convict if we can get our house in order in '06.

    Simon would be a huge step in the right direction for us progressives to counter the right-wing infrastructure.

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    I hope that we can use this info to "run up the score".  

    Nothin' would be more enjoyable than double digit wins in the battleground states, sorta like beating them 43-7...



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