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    I've yet to get in to cover Obama over here on the eastern side of the state. We have three regular front pagers at Show Me Progress, and three of you have had a shot at it. My turn next.

    Good photos, Michael.

  • I hear repeatedly that Clinton will motivate otherwise sluggish Republicans to get out and vote.  She'll be a drag on the down ticket races.  Obama not so much.  Edwards would be the most help in the down ticket races.  I don't know whether that's because he's Southern or whether it's just that he isn't Clinton or Obama.

    Oh, and by the way, thanks for the kind words.

  • I hear repeatedly that Clinton will motivate otherwise sluggish Republican voters to get out and do their civic duty.  She'll be a drag on the down ticket races.  Obama not so much.  Edwards would do best here as far as helping the downticket races.  I don't know if that's because he's Southern or whether it's just because he isn't Clinton or Obama.

    Oh, and thanks for the kind words.

  • Byron DeLear has been debating making the run.  He's in his mid forties, progressive, intelligent, articulate, sometimes witty--even good looking.  Keep an eye out at Show Me Progress.  As soon as he announces, we'll do at least one posting about him.  Meantime, you can Google him.

  • Good questions.  I don't have the answers, but I'm sure I wouldn't like them.

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    So it isn't just too much money we'd like Blunt to get rid of.  It's money from a scurrilous S.O.B.

  • I wouldn't be raving about vouchers as I do if I thought that most of its proponents were, like you, objecting to having to choose their house because of this situation.  My son's family just moved from Hazelwood to Wildwood for exactly that reason.  Now the grandkids are 35 minutes away from us.  So I understand people who want vouchers for the reasons you cited.  I'm still not convinced that, even in those circumstances, vouchers are a good way to go, but, as you say, there are no simple solutions to that dilemma.

    But what is going on in Missouri has nothing to do with setting up the kinds of programs you suggest.  It's just a way to get more state welfare shunted to middle class and wealthy people who don't need it.

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    I'm not familiar with Ron Clark.  Could you describe that school?

    You said:  "[L]imit the voucher to the variable cost of providing a public education to an extra student for those that don't meet poverty standards and there won't be a problem."

    That's another point where I'd like further explanation.

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    With chagrin, I admit to listening to NPR for years and only contributing once.  But NPR doesn't represent me the way you do.  So I've contributed twice now, and I'll do it again when you ask--as long as it isn't next week.  Got to.  I mean, what kind of scumbag would I be to use info and ideas from you guys a couple of times a week on my own blog and then tighten the grip on my credit card when you need help.

    I'm glad you met your goal easily.

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    Most of the country has come to wince at the very sight of Bush's frat boy grin and Cheney's sneer.  Time to add another face to the rogue's gallery, McConnell, the Oily Ole Boy.  (Ooh, that's hard to say.)


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