May 28, 2008 - Peace and Human Rights Rally in Utah to protest Bush / Romney visit

A lot of people might recall then Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson's speeches the last two times Bush came to Salt Lake City. (2006 speech) (2007 speech)

Well, Rocky is planning an even larger demonstration when President Bush and Mitt "double-gitmo" Romney visit Utah again next week.

Since leaving office in Jan, has formed High Road for Human Rights Advocacy Project, which is sponsoring the event.

Rally for Peace and Human Rights.

If you're in Utah next Wednesday, May 28th, take an hour from 5:30 - 6:30pm at Washington Square in Downtown Salt Lake City (451 South State Street) and lend your voice to this protest.

Even if you're not in the Salt Lake City area next Wednesday, High Road could use a a little help with money to help defray costs. This is a very expensive undertaking and High Road is a non-profit still in its very early stages. You can help out HERE.

The Official Language and a note from Rocky Anderson

For Immediate Release
May 23, 2008

May 28th - Peace and Human Rights Rally

For More Information:


Rally for Peace and Human Rights. A gathering of active citizens saying "No More" to: disastrous war, deceit, domestic spying, unconscionable and illegal kidnapping and torture, flagrant violations of the Constitution, and crimes against humanity.


Daniel Ellsberg
Legendary voice of conscience who disclosed the lies that led to the Vietnam War. Author of Secrets - A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers. Founder of the Truth-Telling Project.

Marshall Thompson
Iraq veteran and peace activist who walked the entire state of Utah calling for withdrawal from Iraq.

Kathy Snyder
Mother of serviceman who was killed in Iraq. She wrote "Not Another Mother's Son Should Die in Iraq."

Rocky Anderson
Former Mayor of Salt Lake City; Founder and President, High Road for Human Rights Advocacy Project.

EMCEE Troy Williams / MUSIC BY Rich Wyman


Wednesday, May 28, 2008
5:30 - 6:30pm

Washington Square
451 South State Street,
Salt Lake City, UT 84111


FROM: Rocky Anderson

Hello, everyone!

We need volunteers! We need to get the word out. We plan to meet at noon on Saturday, May 24th, at the Ibarra-Brito Centre, 438 East 200 South, to distribute posters and fliers and coordinate how they will be placed. Everyone please bring staplers and/or tape. Call 801-364-3564 ext. 119 and let us know if you can make it.

Please send out requests for volunteers to your email lists and ask people to join us promptly at noon on Saturday. Also, please ask everyone to let us know if they will be here. We're trying to get a fix on the number of volunteers willing to help.

In addition, sending a copy of the materials posted at to news outlets, blogs and your own mailing lists will really help us in our efforts.

Finally, we need money to help defray costs. This is a very expensive undertaking. Cash and checks are welcome. Also, credit card charges can be made at

Thanks for all your help!

Best - Rocky

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