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    I think its pretty clear why RINO's and DINO's have a hard time winning.  

    When a RINO or DINO is put up against a Real Democrat (in the case of a RINO), or a Real Republican (in the case of a DINO), people are going to naturally vote for the real McCoy.  Not the guy who is trying to sound like the real McCoy.  

    So when Harold Ford tries REALLY hard to sound like a Republican, at the end of the day, why not just vote for the actual Republican, instead of the pretend Republican?

    Its the pandering, stupid.  :-)

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    just. not. funny.

    I can laugh if Dennis Miller makes his once in a decade jokes.  

    But that...not funny in the least.

    And those 2 actors.  Their careers are over.

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    Obama may not blog, but he does do an almost weekly podcast.  I don't know if he's going to switch from discussing policy/senate issues to campaign issues (haven't listened in a while), but he's clearly comfortable with the podcasting.

  • unfortunately, I suspect that its decentralized.  Angry limbaugh listeners sitting at their computers screaming the most vile shit they can come up with through semi-anonymous yahoo email accounts.  No intent to follow through, of course.  Until, one of these days, one of them does.  And someone ends up being attacked physically.  

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    lets not be like them.  let the man rest in peace for a few days at least before reminding the world of his low-lights.

    Remember how offensive it was/is the way that the right wing circled over Senator Johnson when he had the aneurysm a coupla weeks ago?  We should always strive to be better than them on issues of basic humanity.  

    So, if possible, please delete this diary.

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    Lets also not forget that prior to the invasion and occupation, radical islam was pretty much non-existent in Iraq.  And now, its just one of a number of different ideologies guiding the various sects of shia'a, sunni, and kurd.  

  • If he officially joins the republicans, he loses his power, and Joe's all about Joe.  I very much doubt any republican is going to give up his/her leadership spot to accomodate Joe.  And, a Joe flip would suddenly open up a chairmanship on the Dem side of the aisle, which could be used to woo Susan Collins or Olympia Snowe across the aisle.

    But Joe is insane, so who's to say?  I think it would be suicidal for him, though.

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    that's an old video, but still offensive.  

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    I decided to dive into the "Catholic" League website so you don't have to.  I think this bothers me quite a bit because I come from a Catholic background, and I'm actually a non-practicing Catholic.  I live in a Catholic town (Chicago).  Bill Donohue is not a Catholic.

    Here's a few gems from their doctrine they have clearly abandoned:
    "We are not trying to impose Catholic values on our Society or to promote Christian ends, as such." (clearly in violation in their desire to end abortion and gay rights)
    "The league wishes to be neither left nor right, liberal or conservative, revolutionary or reactionary. We have done a number of things to try to assure this stance by not associating with or disassociating from groups or persons who want us to fight in these internal wars." (umm...yeah, right)

    "We do not have any political officials on our Board of Directors. We do not want to be identified with any political party. We do not align ourselves with any political candidates or elected public officials. We are not engaged in the support of any particular legislation that is not related to our civil life. The struggle to maintain that neutrality, of more accurately expressed, that fidelity to purpose, has not been easy." (you're failing - you're more and more identified with the far right of the Republican-American Party, and you've clearly abandoned "neutrality".

    Here's the names I recognized on their Board of Advisors:

    Brent Bozell III http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L._Brent_Bo zell_III

    Linda Chavez
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linda_Chave z

    Dinesh D'Souza
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dinesh_d%27 Souza

    Alan Keyes

    Lawrence Kudlow
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lawrence_Ku dlow

    Thomas Monaghan
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Monagha n

    Kate O'Beirne
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kate_O%27Be irne

    No prominent liberal Catholics on the Board.  Kinda surprised that Bill O'Reilly isn't there.

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    also, pastor dan did a write up on it at street prophets.

    Here's a few linky's:

    http://archpundit.com/blog/2007/02/06/pa stordan-on-middleclassness/

    http://www.streetprophets.com/storyonly/ 2007/2/6/17436/85727

    http://archpundit.com/blog/2007/02/06/da ily-dolts-pavlovian-press-corp/

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    Go to http://www.archpundit.com for the full story on the attack, but it basically started with a little trafficked far right wing Illinois politics site called Illinois review.  

    Anyway, this nutcase, Fran something or another reads a little about his church on its website, misinterprets it, and starts calling its pastor a "black supremacist".  Somehow this filters upwards to the Chicago Tribune, which didn't do its homework (coulda talked to the pastor, coulda just googled the church's name and read about what got Fran into such a tizzy - and come to the sane conclusion).  

    Anyway, Archpundit has the full story.

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    The Catholic League is not a part of the Church, and Catholics out there should let their Bishops, Priests, Arch-Bishops, and Cardinals know how they feel about this Bigot claiming to speak for their views.  

    A homophobic anti-semitic sleaze should never be allowed to claim he speaks for the Catholic Church and faith.  

    If actual leaders of the Church were to distance themselves (if not condemn its hate speech) from the "Catholic League," it would do a great deal to harm Bill Donahue.  

    Furthermore, complaints should be made to the IRS that the Catholic League may have violated its 501 c(3) tax exemption.  

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    Anyone else notice that the Catholic League is not actually associated with the Church?  Its a lay organization.  Clergy can join, but the League itself is not an official arm of the Church.  Not only that, but their board of directors does not feature any prominent liberal catholics, though it includes numerous hard-right wingers of prominence.  

    Seems to me that the Church should take steps to demand reorganization of the League (since it bears the Church's name) or forcibly disassociate itself (make the League change its name).  Does the Church really need Bill Donahue making its already damaged brand look any worse?

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    drank some cocktails during the SOTU, and still only made it through half before my head was ready to explode.

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    and check out his platform.  it sounds like a laundry list of things that would excite a lot of people here, again per wikipedia:

    Campaign platform
    In both races, Jackson ran on what many considered to be a very liberal platform. Declaring that he wanted to create a "Rainbow Coalition" of various minority groups, including African-Americans, Hispanics, the poor and working poor, and homosexuals, as well as white progressives who fit into none of those categories, Jackson ran on a platform that included:

    creating a WPA-style program to rebuild America's infrastructure and provide jobs to all Americans,

    reprioritizing the War on Drugs to focus less on mandatory minimum sentences for drug users (which he views as racially biased) and more on harsher punishments for money-laundering bankers and others who are part of the "supply" end of "supply and demand,"

    reversing Reaganomics-inspired tax cuts for the richest ten percent of Americans and using the money to finance social welfare programs,

    cutting the budget of the Department of Defense by as much as fifteen percent over the course of his administration,

    declaring Apartheid-era South Africa to be a rogue nation,

    instituting an immediate nuclear freeze and beginning disarmament negotiations with the Soviet Union,

    giving reparations to descendants of black slaves,

    supporting family farmers by reviving many of Roosevelt's New Deal-era farm programs,

    creating a single-payer system of universal
    health care

    ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment,

    increasing federal funding for lower-level public education and providing free community college to all,

    applying stricter enforcement of the Voting Rights Act, and

    supporting the formation of a Palestinian state.

    With the exception of a resolution to implement sanctions against South Africa for its Apartheid policies, none of these positions made it into the party's platform in either 1984 or 1988.

    (emphasis added)


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