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    ah, nothing beats throwing the biggest, bestest progressive leader in Chicago under the bus because of a lost cause presidential campaign, huh Jerome?

    Michael Pfleger has done more for progressives than you can imagine.

    He is one of the absolute best anti-gun violence advocates out there.

    He pisses off those in power because he speaks the truth.  And he's white.

    He is more hated by conservatives in Chicago than Jesse Jackson.

    Michael Pfleger said some dumb things near the end of that speech, but his real crime was he spoke of white priviledge.  He denounced white priviledge.

    Michael Pfleger is a thousand times the man you are Jerome.  

    Go f* yourself.  Nice way to throw one of the countries great progressive advocates under the bus.

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    wow...could you be a bit more sexist?

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    Right wingers are truly whacked out.

    Huckabee is by far their best candidate, and they want nothing to do with him.

    If we were stuck with another republican for 8 years, and god I hope not, Huckabee seems to be the least bad.

    Still bad, just the least bad.

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    I don't think he can stop it.

    It was brought to the floor as an amendment to another piece of legislation.

    He can block legislation from going to the floor, but once legislation is introduced on the floor, anyone can offer an amendment, even a totally unrelated amendment.

    Not much he could do to prevent this.

    Now what to do about the "democrats" who stabbed us in the back on this one?

    I recommend donating to moveon here:https://pol.moveon.org/donate/donat e.html

    then printing out the receipt, and mailing it (yeah, snail mail) along with a brief letter letting these spineless oafs know how you feel.

    I intend to inform them that my donation is in their "honor".

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    Enjoying the news that Weller's retiring.  

    It's about time that someone wiped that smug grin off his face, and it was Tribune of all people.

    Betcha he's on the first plane to Guatemala.  He won't be coming back.

    What a sleezy piece of crap.

    Its gonna be a big year for Illinois Dems running for Congress...3 open seats, and we may be able to take out Lipinski.

    I hope that Dick Versace runs for LaHood's seat.  And that Debbie Halvorson runs for Weller's seat.

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    Ray LaHood did something similar after he announced his retirement.

  • oops, IL-11 is the most union intense district in the state from what I hear.  Not Kankakee necessarily.  

    Here's some interesting discussion on Weller from Rich Miller's thecapitolfaxblog.com.
    http://thecapitolfaxblog.com/2007/09/19/ weller-under-siege-may-not-run/#comments

    Miller is the best political reporter in the state, in case you're wondering...

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    Its not western Chicago suburbs, its fringe southern burbs, including part of Joliet.  Most of the district is rural, and it snakes all the way down to the west-side of Bloomington, which is the only Democratic stronghold in that town.

    It also contains Kankakee, a very distant increasingly exurban area.  The area is reportedly the most union-intense in the state though.

    Weller kept winning because he brought roads money into the district, which won the unions over.

    Here's a map:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:IL-11 _congressional_district.gif

    Very little Chicagoland there, except for the area around Joliet, and some exurban development snaking toward Kankakee, and along the Indiana border.

  • I hope Halvorsen runs, but some think she won't as she has an opportunity to become the first ever female Senate President.  Emil Jones isn't very popular these days, so she has a an opportunity.  Plus, her role in the mess in Springfield could hurt her in a campaign (guilt by association, mostly).  

    That said, she is probably our best candidate at this point.

    Interesting that the Tribune took Weller down, as the Tribune is a Republican paper, and I'd bet has a long history of endorsing Weller, no matter how vile the man is/was.

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    Its a weird place to be, since I seem to recall taking shots at you over Obama.

    Or at least going "what the fuck's his problem?!?"

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    I should add, I'm leaning Dodd.

    Nothing's set in stone.  

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    Dodd won me over.

    I officially decided against Obama with his neo-con light foreign policy speeches lately.

    After the YouTube debate, when Obama said he would meet with hostile foreign leaders without precondition, I was ready to jump on board.  Seemed like a drastic change to a broken foreign policy, but then old Barack said he would unilaterally invade Pakistan, risking undermining the stability of government there, and he made some other baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad foreign policy speeches.

    He lost me, to Dodd's gain.  I had to jump into Dodd's corner, from his New Orleans bill, to his passionate speeches on the Constitution, he won me over.  And, unlike Obama and Clinton, he's trying to do something about it NOW.

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    Jerry Weller ups the sleaze factor.  Again.

    Shady land deals.  

    http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/chi-w ellersep07,1,3817044.story?page=1&co ll=chi_tab01_layout

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    I'm at work.
    On labor day.

    It sucks.

  • Grawey's official announcement is to come today.

    Here's the story:
    http://www.pjstar.com/stories/090107/TRI _BE7UL3QO.028.php


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