• Like you, as disppointed and as angry as I remain at what the DNC did, at their petty jealousy of the Clintons; willing to label as racist, two people whom everyone of them knew were never racist, were never anything but two people who worked for minority communities, not only here but throuhghout the world where people of color have been hurt and cheated by imperialism.  How low can people get?

    But the pettiness of the DNC came through.  I fear for our country.  Obama may have made a great president in 16 years....but now????

    I met an African American woman in Denver the week of the convention.  It was after the parade of 18 million voters. I had my Hillary shirt on.  We were both sitting trying to cool down and began to talk.  She had been at the democratic women's caucus.  She was from Chicago.  I told her that while I was disappointed I was most likely going to vote for Obama/Biden.  She looked at me and said sadly, "I don't know if I can get there.  I'm from Chicago. I know too much."  I never asked.  I honestly did not want to know.  I feel I have only one option.  But I am not happy.  We had the best candidate and Dean, Brazilled, Pelosi, Kennedy and Ketty were too damned petty to let the people have their candidate.  

    Sad for all of us.

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    nor telling you to.......I can respect a person and not respect their decision.  But in the long, my experience has shown me that people tend to get out of their funk when you let them have it.  Not 100% mind you but pretty close.  My cousin and her partner were livid, so angry, I thought I would never get them to reconsider.  And guess what, just listening to them and then calmly reminding them of how much four more years could hurt them, along with Palin and they are on board for Biden. I am betting my neighbor will be.  

    But I guarantee you, people tell her she's selfish and stupid or old and bitter and she won't.  That's my point....

    I usually don't bother with trolls but when NOT TROLLS join in the troll attack, I have a problem.

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    if you really are sorry, it is easy.  Recognize that all of us are different.  There are some that are so angry, they may never get to where they should be to end the republican reign. I am not one of those, but I know one. My neighbor, a college professor, knows in her mind that she needs to vote Obama she is just not sure she can...that is how angry she is.  So she and I talk. I never chide her, or accuse her of being selfish or anything. I simply say "I understand."  Now she is saying to me, "I am working on it."  

    People heal emotionally and physically at different speeds.  The so called PUMA's are a small group....I went to Denver and went to the park where they were meeting the night of Hillary's speech.  Of the women that were there, a few were so angry, they will never vote for Obama and WILL vote McCain.  The others I met simply will not vote top of the ticket.

    But of the other women, many of the women who attended the women's caucus in Denver, and many who marched, were angry but most likely voting for Obama/Biden.  
    I just think most of us do not want to be told one more time by anyone to "get over it" or that we are selfish.  Those of us in our fifth and sixth decades of life have been told that more often than we want to remember.....those are hot buttons.
    So I recommend to people who really want to pull us in, speak out when trolls post "nasty stuff" instead of joining with them in their finger wagging.

    Just a suggestion.

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    Calling women who are angry "selfish."  I don't know about that particular poster but I know women, women of a certain age, who are being called selfish for not "getting over it."  These are women who gave up their education so that their "man" could get his. Or gave up her chance at a job for the kids.....or moved and left her job because HIS job wanted him to move.

    Many of these women spent their lifetimes giving up their dreams for their husbands, their children, their grandchildren.  And the one time when they wanted support, wanted to be rewarded for their hard work, even if by proxy through Hillary, they were told, "No it's not your turn..."  
    And so they got angry.  

    Instead of saying, "It was a hard choice and women were sacrificed for the sake of youth and that must hurt" they are told they are "selfish."

    Think about it.

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    blame you or any one person in particular. I recognize trolls and mostly ignore them but I have been blogging long enough to recognize familiar names too.

    Simple acknowledgements work best.

    Let me explain.  
    So far two people have called me from my local party to work for Obama.  The first, a young female, was open and listening when I explained my frustrations.  She did not tell me "you shouldn't feel that way..or demean my anger."  She thanked me, and she understood.......because of her I already have an Obama/Biden sign.

    A few days later a young man called asking me to volunteer, and when I explained I was not at that point yet, and why, his tone changed to one of a sneering, chiding.  His tone, not his words, said "get over it."  
    Because of him I have not yet put out my Obama/Biden sign.

    Women like me, in my age group are very emotional about this BECAUSE for many of us we believe we will NEVER see a woman in that role in this country.   It is hard because so many of us believed for so long it could happen.

    I understand how AAs felt about Obama because I felt that way about Hillary.  But the feeling extended to minority communities, the feeling of "will we ever get there" has not been extended to women.  

    As long as people demean and diminish what this meant to so many women, to 18 million of us, we will have a hard time getting past it.   That does not mean we will not vote for Obama.  It means we have lost our desire to work for a party that has, in our minds, betrayed.

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    I have spent a lot of time with my friends, colleagues and relatives that were Hillary supporters.  Most of them will not only vote for Obama/Biden (a few needing a pep talk from me to do so), they will probably work to get him elected.

    But that has nothing to do with the anger we all feel.  And frankly I am sick and tired of being accused of any and everything because I am being honest about what I feel.  
    Once again it's the old, SHE (the old woman) should put her feelings, her dreams, her life's work aside to make sure they (the men, the kids, the future generation) get what they want and need.
    Well, we are doing it just like we always have but dammit, I am sick and tired of being told to "get over it".   I really am.

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    The diarist and commenters posed a question. I answered it.

    And you want to preach to me, like you have some moral high ground?  Wow, the sanctimony never ends here.

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    about "how long does it take to get over it?" So I answered and tried to reasonably and honestly explain WHY it is hard for some of us.  Your response: ATTACK.

    Why are you saying I am throwing away anything.  Are you blaming me for the mess made?  Are you honestly expecting the "falling in line, paternalistic mentality of the right to work with women who have been fighting that for decades?"  

    Read my posts from the past several years, here, on dkos, anywhere. I alway said I would VOTE for whomever the dem nominee is.  I said and still say I have never, will never VOTE REPUBLICAN.  Which part of that don't you get?

    The diarist wants to blame Clinton supporters for something.  You want to attack me for my feelings.

    How does this help us?  Maybe people should not ask the questions if they do not want the answers.

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    Diary after diary here, on dkos and huffpo said Clinton was Bush lite.  Hell some are still saying it.  

    So now suddenly you are telling me that if I supported Clinton, it is the same as supporting Obama on the issues.  Yet not so long ago, supporting Hillary Clinton made me an evil, racist, right wing war monger.

    So which is it?

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    some of you have spent months belittling and denigrating women who supported Hillary.  Some of you have referred to us as racist old white women, bitter knitters, or dead enders.

    Now, I give credit to Bill and Hillary for getting past it.  It does not mean all of us can do it so easily.  If you are a person who marched for civil rights four decades ago; a person who worked for women's rights, for issue always considered democratic issues for working people; if you are someone who walked picket lines, lost money during strikes, and watched family members lose jobs during strikes because of the right......and then, the democratic party surrogates, the young bloggers, blame you, call you racist, do you really think that is easy to get over?  

    The Clintons are amazing if they truly have gotten past being labeled racist by the community they helped more than any other politicians in the last four decades.  I cannot imagine anything being more hurtful than that.

    And still, people like Chris Matthews, Clarence Page and Gene Robinson are still playing the blame game.  Page is saying the Clintons have to do more to get African Americans to "forgive them."  And Matthews and Robinson go on and on about why aren't the Clintons doing more....you can hear their afterthoughts..."If Obama doesn't win, it's all the Clintons' fault."

    THAT is why we don't get over it.....nothing has changed.  Not in the media, not on the blogs, and not in the party.

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    to shut up are not the PUMA's but the media....the so called "liberal" media.  Today Matthews, Gene Robinson and some guy from politico went on and on about Bill's "body language" not showing he's enthused; and how Obama is not soothing the Clintons' egos (sneers, snickering from all).  And according to them the Clintons have not been doing anything to help Obama.

    And then there is Clarence Page saying how the Clintons have to do something to mend the anger in the AA community.  SHEESH.....

    If I were Bill or Hillary, I would be packing up and moving out of country.  With the so called liberal press still blaming them in case Obama loses, still implying they are racists....they ought to be looking for an island on which to relax.  They sure as hell don't own the democratic party a damn thing.

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    Yet another middle schooler name caller on the blogs.

  • to describe what those said "far left blogs" really are but have yet to figure out what to call them.
    Seriously I laugh my old, left wing arse off when I hear people describing Huffpo as a "far left wing" blog. Or dkos.  These blogs were "far left" on one issue...the Iraq war vote.  End of story.
    Education, health care, women's rights....they may as well have stayed with the Reagan mentality.
  • Are you in middle school?  Serious, shushing people and name calling is not effective.  Maybe you need some tutoring.

  • You clearly have no paid attention.

    And as well, if he is such a freaking liberal, then why did he sit silent when the likes of Matthews, Carlson and all his teammates, er colleagues, were using sexism to bash Hillary on a regular basis.  Silence condones as well as joining in......
    Olberman is a bully and even worse, he actually believes he is a liberal.


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