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    is not progressive.  She is anti progressive.  If you believe otherwise, you are being duped.  She belongs to and believes in the tenets of one of the most paternalistic religions of all the paternalistic religions.  She puts HIM (clearly her deity is male) before anything and that is dangerous to us all.

    I was and remain a HRC supporters.  Intelligent, hard working women like Hillary is who I want advancing the rights of women.  Palin is an insult to me....in so many ways.

    Cheerlead all you want.  Anti feminist women are NOT good for women and girls.

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    ought to be paying attention, reading more carefully or honing your listening skills.

    This is Obama's election to win or lose, not Bill's.  That said, Bill is playing it smart, something some of you just cannot comprehend.  Bill will be sent by the Obama campaign to the areas where disenfranchised republicans and Reagan democrats dominate.  Neither Bill nor Barack nor Hillary will win any of those trashing a POW.  Did you miss what happened to Wes Clark?  He was thrown under the bus because he dared criticize McCain.....personally.  
    Since then every dem from Barack to Biden to Bill to Hillary to just about every dem on a public show, has prefaced their statements with "I admire John's service to country....his years in Congress..." or something to that effect.

    What will it take for some to get it.  Bill (or even Hillary) attacks POW John McCain and the rovian right gets what they want...
    Bill, the draft dodger attacking McCain, will be the story.

    Do you all have that short of a memory? Did you not see how easily the right turned purple heart winner Kerry into the bad guy and AWOL Bush into the hero of 2004?   The media is always ready to go after a Clinton.  It's how they wash the blood off their hands from 2000.  The minute Bill says something bad about POW John, they will be all over it.  In fact, some of them are trying to get Bill to do so..its their game.

    Bill and the Obama campaign know who it is Bill has to get for Obama.  I guarantee you it is not the people watching anything other than FOX.  Too bad so many here are clueless.

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    representative of the Obama campaign, then I prefer to stay on my fucking arse and do nothing.  You are  a pathetic loser. Many of us here probably worked for dems longer than you have been alive...and probably for more years than the number of your IQ.

    Get over yourself.  Grow up and learn to read the facts.  Sound bytes from the right or threats from people like you do not make for winning democrats.

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    Here's the clue:

    Big Dog's support for Obama is being characterized by the media as lukewarm

    The media hates the Clintons.  Every time they see Bill or Hillary their guilt drives them to CDS.  Many of the media of now made their careers on trashing the Clintons: Russert, Matthews, Williams, almost all of Fox.  These are the same jerks that called Gore an "intellectual bore" and were in love with the notion of W...a beer drinking regular guy.  These are the idiots, like Williams, who sneer at Clinton, but admire Limbaugh.  For all their bluster, especially the NBC guys, about how horrid W is NOW, they put him into office.  They drooled over him, helped hide his AWOL status and record of cheating tax payers.

    So they have blood on their hands.  If they had not so enjoyed hating on Clinton whom many of them (especially the Broder types, the latte liberals of the Northeast)saw as white trailer trash, maybe W would not have had the chance to get into office.

    NOW this same media wants to blame Bill Clinton for everything, Hillary's defeat, Obama not being way ahead.  And the stupids out in American Idol land buy it.  Sadly some here do too.

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    and you're a troll or an idiot or both.

  • and see all, and have the right to tell me how to see the world???

    Uh, no thanks and please do not instruct me where to go post or what to post.  Last I heard free speech was a right for ALL dems.

  • Of course it won't get so much traffic as it actually acknowledges the good Bill Clinton has been trying to do for people in the world....the ones with no voices, the ones starving to death or dying of aids.

    Seemingly on most progressive blogs CDS reigns and only the "DAMN BILL  CLINTON" diaries or diaries where "damning Bill" is popular get traction.

    Me, I like people, warts and all.  Bill is a flawed human being to be sure and one whose flaws were and are broadcast every chance some jealous pundits and bloggers get.  But the truth is, the good Bill has done and continues to do makes me proud to say I supported him, voted for him and would do so again.

  • all the kind of icons progressives believe.....8(

    Here's a clue:  Bill Clinton has been out doing a lot of things: setting up foundations to give people in poor communities a better chance at succeeding; setting up initiatives to save people from dying from aids/starvation or both.

    But, stomp your feet and have a fit along with good old Tweety and friends...and damn that evil Bill Clinton for not worshipping the way you want him to.

  • people who think Senator Obama should be worshipped and idolized.  It's a mentality I do not get and will never get.  
    They are the bitter ones. How dare people not worship "the one"?!  I call it the Oprah mentality, the American Idol mentality, the mentality of Americans that worship fame.....

    I never felt that way about Bill  or Hillary or Al or any politician. I don't feel that way about Brad or Angelina or some singer or rock or anyway.  I outgrew that kind of swooning at about age 16.  

    But apparently lots, even the political junkies have that.  The blind admiration of Olberman, Maddow, and the worship of Senator Obama.


    A jerk on Huffpo literally called out Bill and as said that if Obama loses, it's all Bill's fault.  HUH?  This bozo gets to write a column echoing the sentiments of a 12 year old world view??????
    Why isn't Jimmy Carter being trashed for not doing more?  Or Al Gore?  Or John Kerry?

    Give me a break.  The voters need to freaking grow up.  Bill Clinton is not the reason Obama wins or loses.  Obama is.  Period. End of discussion.

  • the Clintons?  Have you had one on one hours with Bill, enough so anyone should believe you about "his huge ego?"

    I am so sick of this kind of personal crap.  As if you know what makes one person tick....and why he is doing what he is doing.

    The Obama base consistently risks turning off people who are letting go of their anger at the Obama campaign with crap like this.

  • police work, firefighters, teachers, nurses will all be taken over by robots by 2050?  

    I have an MA in ed tech and I have to disagree.  We are no where near that level.  

    But still, what does that have to do with here and now and feeding kids, keeping a roof over your head,  keeping healthy and being able to put gas in your car NOW????

  • accept this?????

    Seriously.....technological fascism is no better than industrial fascism.   If we know it's coming, we should sit back and so oh well.....

    What's your point?  And I am not being nasty or sarcastic?  I seriously need to know.  What is your point?  That we are helpless and unable to stop the oligarchy coming our way?

  • on the backs of the poor to pay.  But it will never happen.

    I also want every idiot who voted for Ronald Reagan, who started us down this crap road, to pay.  I wish there was a "god of voters" who kept track of all the people who voted in the robber barons.  I want those people to learn a hard lesson...and I want the robber barons and those who made mega bucks on robbing the poor to give to the rich to pay and pay big.

    Sadly, for me, this includes people I know. People who inherited from their rich families.  And people who now own multi residents, and even with their millions in stocks and bonds, got the full rebate for Bush while people like me got NOTHING.  WHY? I had to go back to work and make money above my pension income in order to pay medical bills and dental bills off.  My goal has been simple. GET OUT OF DEBT.  Sure, like every person, I made some stupid decisions and allowed myself to get into debt.  I put a couple of thousand into my home, thinking the value would go up. I put a couple of thousand into the hands of doctors and dentists because some things can't be helped and the insurance I have only pays so much (even though I pay out of pocket nearly $5000 a year in premiums).  So I needed extra money and got a job and made about $20,000 above my pension. I WORKED FOR IT.  Because of that I did NOT qualify for the rebate.  My friend on the other hand, INHERITED money, bought a boat, already owns two homes, and has a third residence (a trailer) near a lake for their boat.  But she and her husband (who get the same pensions as me since we retired from the same place), got the full rebate.  They also both voted Reagan back then; and Bush and W......

    So now, I am struggling, hoping the money I borrowed for silly things like a new roof, an addition onto a small home, will not be lost, they go fishing every week.  

    How is it fair?  

    I want rich people, particularly those who inherited wealth made on the backs of poor people, to pay and pay a lot.

    But they won't.  People like me will continue to work to make ends me.  People like them will say nothing and go on.  
    If people wonder why sometimes revolution and change end up being violent, this is why.  These people have no guilt.  They believe they deserve their "inheritance".....like somehow they did something better.  

    I'm angry as hell and I am not even close to being in the financial mess some are.  I will survive this and probably be OK....just like always.  Not rich, just OK.  But what about the people who will not be OK, while robber baron execs walks away not losing a penny?
    Sigh....just venting.

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    add a "thank god for Howard Fineman" who is also out there blaming this on Clinton repeating the GOP attack.  You know, that one blaming that damned "racist" (according to the nuleft) Bill Clinton:

     It was the Clinton administration, obsessed with multiculturalism, that dictated where mortgage lenders could lend, and originally helped create the market for the high-risk subprime loans now infecting like a retrovirus the balance sheets of many of Wall Street's most revered institutions. Tough new regulations forced lenders into high-risk areas where they had no choice but to lower lending standards to make the loans that sound business practices had previously guarded against making. It was either that or face stiff government penalties.

       The untold story in this whole national crisis is that President Clinton put on steroids the Community Redevelopment Act, a well-intended Carter-era law designed to encourage minority homeownership. And in so doing, he helped create the market for the risky subprime loans that he and Democrats now decry as not only greedy but "predatory."

    Because even though the intent was to give opportunity for more home ownership/development in minority communities, the right and the nuleft seems to forget it was the Phil Gramm's and his cronies who gamed the system.  But blame the intent to improve the lives of the poor for the greed of the already rich.

    Sad but true and because people like Fineman and the other millionaire pundit class, who made millions on their CDS and their support of the Bush mentality, the right wing mentality that made them rich for doing nothing but spin and lie, STILL get air time, the ignorant citizens who believe their sound bytes as absolutes will again fall for it.

    It's so sad.  The same democrats that went Reagan by blaming Jimmy Carter for a mess created by the previous right wing administrations and gave Reagan the benefit of the doubt even though he and his cronies lied themselves into office, will believe this; the same people still blaming  Clinton for Somalia when it was Bush I's mess, will blame Clinton for this because after all the pundits say it is so...it must be.  These are the same democrats who went Bush because they believed their heroes, Matthews, Russert et al when they claimed Al Gore said "a, b and c" and was sighing and intellectual, and that W was a "regular guy."

    These are the same pundits who continued to spin and lie that Hillary Clinton was a racist, even implied her words said she wanted Obama assassinated, and who got people to believe she was insulting MLK by saying LBJ had a hand in getting Civil Rights legislation passed.

    I still see red because people are still believing the pundit class.

  • You do not apparently know much about what qualifies one as a genius.  Sarah may and probably is above average, even GT in one or two areas....but I don't see genius at all.  And btw I have worked with children in elementary school for decades and it is a rare thing to see a genius in any area, but not uncommon to see individuals that are above average and particularly gifted in one ares.


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