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    I still feel anger at the accusation that somehow I am racist, or unable to understand anyone young.

    There's was lots of crap on both sides.

    For a lot of people, including the Clintons, who worked and marched for civil rights for four decades, that accusation hurt and was UNFAIR.

    Again, taking out of context, the comments about SC, sends anger and resentment to the depth of my soul. I really wish Obama supporters would get over themselves and their sanctimony.  I have two Obama signs out on my lawn. There was never any option in my mind but to support whomever the candidate of the dems was......and HELLO the 7% of (supposed) Hillary supporters not yet supporting Obama are miniscule and many were never democrats to begin with.. I met a few.  I know what I am talking about.

    But "that Hillary lady" in your title is every bit as obnoxious, demeaning as McCain's "that one".   It angers and hurts....but I blame you, not Obama.
    You need to wake up and stop the condescension and the self righteous preaching.

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    Thanks for sharing.

    I am a retired teacher, just two years older than you.  But I am substituting almost daily.  I am tired but I fear the future and until I make it to Medicare my health care premiums continue to go up, co pays up.  

    I have been a life long democrat.  My parents were somewhat apolitical except they did vote for JFK (he was Catholic and they were immigrants who happen to be catholic too).  

    But I became a democrat when I registered. I never got the republicans. I felt they did not care about poor people.  
    I hope your letter makes an impact on Brooks but I doubt it will.

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    the media pundits start acknowledging that the republican party has been taken over by crazies,  and that it has been going on for a long, long time.

    These buttheads protected George W by not investigating him the way they should of, by cheering the anti intellectualism of the right......
    they are long overdue and we need some mea culpas.

  • Obama better kiss up to Fineman....or he goes after you.

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    In fact, for his entire life McCain has been a petulant frat boy, a spoiled military brat who always got his way and got away with being less than mediocre because he had a granddad and dad who were high ranking military men.

    The media pundits, the right and even some on the left have bought into McCain's Maverick, hero crap for years.  Read the man's history.  He's a tempermental jerk and always has been.  Yes, the Clintons, Biden, and every one else including many democratic leaders have forgiven his nastiness and overlooked his tempermental outbursts.  They have to...at least in public.  Holding a grudge in public never works.

    McCain is a bully with a Napolean complex.  
    He would never drop out or suspend his campaign because he could never put anyone or anything (country) before his overblown ego.

    I truly wish the left and the media would stop spinning this "the McCain of 2000" maverick crap.  McCain vs W were too spoiled frat boys going after each other...but W had more money and connections.

    Time to put these myths to rest.  McCain is just an older and grumpier W and it has nothing to do with age.

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    the "left wing" police??

    Grow up.
    Authoritarianism on the left is just as bad as when it is on the right.  You do not get to tell me, or anyone else, how to think, how to feel, how to react or how to vote. If that is your belief system, if you honestly believe liberals have to "fall in line" you are truly not a liberal or progressive person.
    Open up your mind and get rid of your judgmental, right wing thinking.

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    After you do some studying and learning, come back and maybe you will have something to talk about.

    Hillary did not lose on merit.  She lost because the Howard Dean block is threatened by her.  THAT's the truth.  Hillary is no more centrist than Obama; and in fact their stances on the issues were identical...except for health care and he is to the right of her.

    So please don't stir this again.  Just because some younger women are all about being swayed by the narratives of the right wing, doesn't mean all of them are.

  • Ayers past and worry about the likes of G. Gordon Liddy, the rethugs of the Reagan administration and the assistance they gave to Pinochet, the Nicaraguan Bullies trained in the USA, to kill thousands of innocents......

    and oh, those smart bombs dropped by the forces of Cheyney, Rumsfield and Bush were not so smart and thousands of innocents died.

  • were friends with, supported the founder of the AIP, whose words were quite clear in his willingness to use violence against the government

    People in glass houses.....

  • Ask any Hillary Clinton supporters.  His hatred for her showed up early on.  I predicted he would turn on Obama too and he did....

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    never said it was.  Sometimes it is cultural. Sometimes class.  Sometimes gender.

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    and it's always been there....from tribal times.
    Tribal elitism.....to national elitism.

    Americans on the right and left have always had this national elitism.  So have other countries.  It's why recalling the "fatherland" or the mother country was enough to make some to go to war.

    Ethnic elitism.  My parents had it...as a way to hold on to their Italian heritage.  My friends' parents who were Irish or Polish had the same elitism.  We went to a catholic school which was fed from three ethnic catholic elementary schools.  I had an Aunt who yearly counted how many "Italian" students who won academic awards and compare them to the other two ethnicities.  Telling ethnic jokes about the others was common.
    They tried to instill it in us.  They did but hopefully with the pride in culture as to the need to prove superiority of culture.

    Racist elitism is the same.  

    We all want to self identify with someone or something.....it's a shame some want that identification to make them feel superior.
    But others want to celebrate the diversity.

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    But they seem to be the guys who are into full body waxes too.....sometimes not comfortable with body hair.  Which is Ok is pain if your thing...me, I like evidence of some testerone on a man if it's natural and whatever.....their choice, really.

    I never quite got how being referred to about how much you drink being a complement once someone was out of college or at least out of their twenties.
    Yea, my uncles who were factory workers (all deceased now) used to make stops at the local bar after a shift but as someone said, those factories are mostly all gone and that lifestyle done.
    The six pack abs are mostly actors......and models and I hardly seem them identifying with Palin.

  • sexism to be a tool to elect a most sexist woman, irritates my friends and I beyond belief.  It raised an ire in my soul that could explode on any cutsey, "look at me, look at me" type of woman I see.

  • as a woman, I actually know and understand how politics works.  The VP, especially in the Mondale Ferraro era, has no power, is little more than an icon hanging out in case something happens.  Most people I knew then looked at the top of the ticket...Mondale was not old or infirm and most assumed he had as much of a chance as any to serve a full term in elected.

    Only since Cheney, imo, have people seen the VP as as seat of power and decision making and even now, most do not think the next VP will be another Cheney type.

    Most democratic women I knew back then were happy a woman had finally been chosen to be on the ticket and only whet our appetite more for the day when a woman would be treated fairly and get a shot at the top of the ticket.  We came close this time, but the "treated fairly" part did not happen.  


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