• And you are simply so naive since you believe anything that is said in the MSM.  It is easy to hate and blame the Clintons if you buy into the MSM crap.  The press has hated the Clintons because the Clintons resented their game in the 90s.   The elite press never accepted a poor white trash boy as Arkansas, and he still won.  So their bruised egos went after them in the worst way and as a result Senator Clinton does NOT trust them or k*ss their elite a**es.  But the Obama folks refuse to see it and believe everything the elite press corps feeds them.  But now, it no longer surprises me.

  • Give me a freaking break.  It was Axlerod's rovian plan all along and only a naive voter couldn't get it.  "Hit them in their strong points' is Karl Roves MAIN strategy.
    Bill and Hillary Clinton were respected and embraced in the African American community.  And Axlerod knew that in order to beat Hillary he had to destroy her credibility with that community.  The Obama campaing has been race baiting to achieve that from day 1.  Everything and anything anyone in the Clinton campaign says or does is labeled racist.  Axlerod succeeded and if that makes Obama folks proud, that is sad.  One only had to read and know or have lived history to KNOW that despite their flaws the one thing the Clintons are not is racist.
  • And your continued need to insult and demean people like me is hurting all of us.  I never said I didn't what more people.  You missed the point.  It's the arrogance...it's looking your nose down at people who don't "see the light" as YOU define it.
    It's your superiority attitude and that has nothing to do with age (though I suspect it has something to do with your ego...I have seen it in the dem party where the words of activist women are dismissed by men like you).

    What I said, what I resent is the accusations.  The "you screwed up, the Clintons screwed up" as if the lack of participation by citizens had nothing to do with the inability to pass legistlation.   I suspect the Obama crowd, much like the American Idol crowd, will elect him, and then disappear.  Democracy requires hard work. And without boots on the ground to elect OTHER democrats on a state and local level as well as for Congress, legislation goes nowhere. Instead of you and other Obama folks constantly blaming the Clintons for everything the right wing was able to do, we all might start reminding folks that this is not a temporary process; that the pressure must be kept on.  Everytime I hear Obama folks BLAMING Hillary Clinton for the war, for healthcare failing, I do get angry.  If democrats had been working hard to get legislation passed, if we had shown muscle in the 90s; if the American people had been active participants in their own government, we would never have put idiots like Bush in office.

    Do NOT spin my words, sir.  I am sick of it.  The "new" democrats are welcomed...however it is not a glamor thing to work for change and when they start out by BLAMInG OTHERS, whether people like me or the Clintons, it scares me.  These are people looking for scapegoats for their own lack of participation.  If you don't get that, I don't care how long you have been involved and there....you don't get what it takes to create change.  And if some of you guys don't stop with the arrogance of "we know better" you will indeed split this party.

  • I have said from day one I would vote for whomever the nominee is and I WILL.  But that does not abate my anger at the ugly way in which SOME Obama supporters have talked down to and insulted me because I simply have my own take on things.  But that is part of politics...I accept that and I will get over it.  But THIS is what really, really angers me.  People like me (and like Hillary) have put decades into getting liberal democrats elected.  And what do the kos people do?  They BLAME us...the men and women my age that failed "THEM".  And yet just going back four years, to the caucus for the 2004 election. I was there....with THREE FREAKING Other people.  And at 57 years old I WAS THE YOUNGEST.  
    And most of the people who were willing to get off their arses and work to get rid of that a**hole in the WH were MY age.  Now suddenly my caucus was filled.  And no, it wasn't all young voters.  The majority were thirty and forty somethings...who damn well could have been there four years ago.  
    NOW suddenly and quite ARROGANTLY they were there looking their nose down at me....like I was some old, out of place, not with it woman who didn't have the ability to "understand things on their level."   So I put in four decades of my life supporting democratic candidates, helping to get them elected and NOW I am not good enough.  Ditto for Hillary.  Do you know how many democrats she helped get elected in her decades of supporting liberal causes.

    It is "elitism" that bugs me.  And it has nothing to do with god or guns or gays.  It has to do with people looking their noses down at those of us who protested against the Reagan administration.  It's people like Markos who by his own admission supported Reagan, suddenly are deciding that people like me and Hillary are not democrats????

    We have compromised according to him and his site.... well HELLO, when you barely can get people in your party to vote, when you go to protest Reagan's policies in South American and his stance on Apartheid and his Star Wars and you are part of a group of 10 people every time, then damn straight democrats had to compromise to even win the WH.  All these "anti war" sanctimonious Obama supporters...where the hell were they at the last election.  Why was Bush allowed to get away with sh*t?   Sure we picked up a few seats...but out west, it was the same old, same old people working our asses off to change our red state to blue.  And when we did, NOW you want to crush those of us who were pounding the pavements then?  

    So please, let's end this "Hillary's not a democrat" crap.  That is what it is.  That is as insulting as calling people racists.  That kind of arrogance will turn people away.

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    I did read the post and I know both candidates get some pro and con HERE.  On the other hand dkos and Huffington have been spewing anti Clinton hate for a long time.  I came here for some honest discussions.
    Instead some of the same vitriolic folks from dkos have now come here too.  It's like they cannot stand Hillary supporters having a place to discuss the pros and cons......
    What's really funny is that I found this place on dkos...hearing it described as the Obama hating, militant pro Hillary blog.  I got here and honestly laughed out loud.  The first three diaries I read were pro Obama  (granted they did not contain the vitriol of dkos diarists).  And then I read a pro Hillary diary.  And this is what dkos calls a militantly pro Hillary place.  Give me a break.
    And I had been reading trash attacks on Jerome Armstrong on dkos long before I came here.   I thought for a while Jerome was some neocon troll who was going to left wing blogs to trash democrats.  Lo and behold he is a Hillary supporter.  Amazing
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    And your point is what?  That Jesse Jackson is a terrible person?  That being compared to a man who worked his entire life for the rights of the poor and the disenfranchised is a bad thing?  Only an elitist liberal could see being compared to Jesse as a bad or racist thing.

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    But when you go to HuffingtonPost aka Obamingpost, when you go to daily kos, there is personal vitriol against Hillary as a human being that I have never read against Senator Obama.
    The worst I have hear Senator Obama called was an empty suit, an elitist, or a silvery tongues politician.
    On the other hand, supposedly progressives have called Senator Clinton a lying b*tch, a wh*re, and worst of all, a racist.

    It has literally stunned me.

  • comment on a post Undecideds Give Tonight's Debate To HILLARY over 6 years ago
    Hey Alegre
    Great diary.
    So glad to finally be able to post here.
    I am surprised however.  When does the name caling and attempt to bully from the Obama camp end?
  • comment on a post Post Debate Thread over 6 years ago
    I keep hearing about how horrid the moderators were. And yet some of the same folks cheered on Russert and Matthews.  Lousy is lousy.  Hillary supporters had to watch the "pile on" crap in every MSNBC debate.  Now Obama supporters got a taste.  What goes around comes around with the MSM.  They do NOT like dems.  Hillary was their first target.....now it's Obama.  It has always been clear to me.  They will go after whomever the dem nominee is.  They will use racism or sexism or anything.  The problem was that so many Obama supporters have been defending the tactics of the MSM.  And few of them remember how they did to Gore what they are doing to Clinton and will do to Obama.  
    Maybe this was a wake up call.  Maybe dems will finally get it.....this is NOT American Idol.


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